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Well my dirty tank is now on second attempt :)


15 Mar 2011
I'd read Tim Harrisons dirty tank tutorial and I was rearing to go.

I had everything I need, stripped down tank and cleaned it thoroughly (fish are in a temporary tank).

Pinched some of my wifes stockings and filled bits with gravel to make a couple of hills.

Covered with 2cm soil.

Covered that with greenhouse netting.

Covered that with pool filter sand and all looked like it was going great.

I cut up an old thin bit of plastic into 3cm by about 10 - 12cm strips.

I placed the strips at various points on the hills and also the flat bits so that I could easily judge I had 3cm of sand and topped up and spread out.

All was looking great.

I put a plate into the bottom and started poring gently from a bucket.

This went fine for 3 buckets worth.

The 4th bucket, I slipped, next second the entire water was black with bits of soil :(

So I made a coffee, ate a cake, grumbled to myself, then I siphoned all the water back out.

I sponged the sides of the tank and scraped off a thin layer of sand, Had just enough spare sand to top it back up.

I've now 1/2 filled it with water, this time using a small saucepan to do it :)

Looking much better. Calling it a day, having a beer. Will put the plants in and top up the rest tomorrow.

This is my first attempt at aquascaping and is more an experiment (although I'm hoping it works)

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