What size glass diffuser for Rio 180?

Discussion in 'Carbon Dioxide (CO2)' started by Ed Seeley, 1 Jan 2008.

  1. Ed Seeley

    Ed Seeley Member

    Simple question!

    What size glass diffuser would I need for a 40g tank? I'm planning to put it underneath the outlet from the Juwel filter to distribute the bubbles.

    I'm looking at either a Rhinox 3000 or 5000; or a Dazs Spiro. If the Sprio's up to the job I might try one of those as I will be able to see the bubble rate in the coiled section, right? As the CO2 pipe is going to be tucked down the back of the tank my conventional bubble counter will be stuck in the cabinet and I thought a way of quickly checking in the tank would be handy too - I understand the coil doesn't really help with diffusion, right?
  2. George Farmer

    George Farmer Founder Staff Member

    I'd go Rhinox 5000. Are those JAP models the same?

    I got mine from AE. It comes with suckers, the 2000 doesn't (not sure about 3000).

    I'm not sure how effective those spirals bubble counters are. The one diffuser I've used with them is crap.

    You will get getter results by upgrading the Juwel powerhead to 1200lph.

    If you place the diffuser on the opposite side to the filter, the CO2 mist get blown about nicely. Experiment with different positions.

    Removing the Juwel pipes from the powerhead works well too, as the increased water velocity assists current/CO2 mist distribution.

    You'll go through more CO2 due to higher surface agitation, but the better gaseous exchange gives piece of mind for fish.

    Happy New Year, Ed!
  3. Ed Seeley

    Ed Seeley Member

    Cheers George and Happy New Year too mate.

    I believe they're the same and, as I'm planning to get some plants from them, thought I'd give them a go! If they're no good, I'll get one from Richard.

    What I might do is get the 5000 and maybe the Spiro too to try it out. If it's no good I can just keep it for when I'm cleaning the Rhinox.

    Was going to run the pump without pipes for that very reason. I like the slight surface agitation too.
    Juwel say on the pdfs for the filter that you can just swap the impellors to up the flow - I'm slightly sceptical about that but it's there on their recomendation...
    However, if I think the flow needs upping, I might put a Hydor Koralia into the tank and leave the filter as is for now. The smallest is rated at 400gph and it's a wider, spread flow rather than a narrow jet.

    I will certainly try out a number of different spots for the diffuser; thanks for that tip.
    Just a shame I can't add a CO2 reactor without adding lots of extra gear - my only current regret going for the Rio - Juwel ought to have a CO2 reactor that slots into the filter! (Although I am wondering if I can get a nano diffuser into the filter return before the pump somehow...)

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