Where to buy in East Anglia.

Discussion in 'Where to buy ...' started by Graeme Edwards, 27 Jun 2007.

  1. Graeme Edwards

    Graeme Edwards Founder Staff Member

    Wirral/Chester Cheshire.

    Please post your shops in East Anglia here ,following the posting format setout in the annaouncemet.

  2. Dave Spencer

    Dave Spencer Member

    N. Wales
    CO2 Supplier: Maidenhead Aquatics.

    Location: Wyevale Garden Centre, Postland Road, Crowland, Peterborough PE6 0JB. Tel: 01733 211956.

    Service: £10 - £15 to refill a 500g JBL cylinder. Phone ahead to make sure they have a cylinder to swap.
  3. StevenA

    StevenA Member

    Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire.
    Shop Name: Japanese Koi Company

    Location: Henlow, Bedfordshire

    Directions: Just off the A507 near Bedford.

    What they Offer: Everything really, Coldwater, Tropical, Marine, Pond, very comprehensive stock list including all dry goods you could ever want.

    Overall Verdict: A great place to go for anything aquatic :D
  4. Egmel

    Egmel Member

    Guildford, Surrey, UK
    Shop Name: Seapets

    Location: Colchester, Essex

    Directions: Just off the A12 near the Tolgate retail park

    What they Offer: Tropical and Coldwater fish, dry supplies, some plants.

    Tropica/Ada Stockist: No

    Overall Verdict: Clean and well kept the focus is on the fish and not on the plants. There are no tank busters and they offer a nice range of basic community fish. Unfortunately no inverts :( At least one of the staff (Paul) is a regular user of TFF and while not into the planted scene himself understands it exists! They have a low tech plant section with a dedicated cascade, if you go in when it's just been stocked then you could find a treat at a low price but most of the time it's standard plants left to their own devices. Unfortunately they do stock non-aquatic plants, but they know this and if talked to will point a novice in the right direction, otherwise it's a case of caveat emptor.
  5. aaronnorth

    aaronnorth Member

    worksop, nottinghamshire
    I had a bad online experience with seapets:

    I ordered a cabinet and they sent the wrong one, they said they didnt have the one i ordered. God knows why they didnt ask me before they sent it, 2 weeks later and no emails explaining anything so i cancelled it.
  6. Paul_MTS

    Paul_MTS Newly Registered

    Thanks Egmel,

    Although we do normally have some shrimp in :p Bamboo shrimp and filter shrimp. Maybe I'll try a batch of 'algae' shrimps in one of the individually filtered tanks soon.

    Sorry to hear that Aaron, unfortunately there's a select few dimwits that are employed as internet staff so stupid mistakes do happen. We're for ever answering calls on the shop floor for internet complaints and problems.
  7. Plantfan101

    Plantfan101 Newly Registered

    The Waterzoo

    439 Lincoln Road Peterborough PE12PE


    My LFS, excellent selection of Dutch plants, hand picked (so im told) every week.
    Prices are excellent most pots are £2.95 4 for £10, this includes stuff like pogostem and Utricularia! I got an absolute bargin this weekend 4 pogo and 4 Utricularia for £20 cant be bad.

    I go there for my dennerle stuff, sulawesi shrimp and CO2 refills. They also do a lot of rock and wood, everything most plant people want.
    They also do pretty much every other aspect of fishkeeping, Tropicals, Africans, Discus, Brackish, Fancy goldfish, Pond fish, Marginal Plants, Marine fish and corals.

    Overall a really good shop, They have a g8 deal of free information and a good website with current stocklists, only wish id found there plants sooner as ive payed through the nose for the same plants from 'tropica' stockists.
  8. Hawk

    Hawk Newly Registered

    Hi all.
    I had the unfortunate experience of going to Seapets at Martlesham, Ipswich at the weekend. The place inside was a mess, with undusted goods on the shelves and baskets of random stuff laying around. The plant section at first glance looked ok. However, when I approached the first thing I saw was a fish net with 6-8 dead fish in it hanging inside the planted aquarium section. So, whatever disease the fish might have died from could be happily thriving in the planted section waiting to be taken to a new home. :?
    The staff were the most unhelpful staff I've ever met and seemed rather put out if you asked for any assistance. I know that I will not be visiting this store again for some time. Might even try the Colchester store for comparison.
  9. nayr88

    nayr88 Member


    71 Victoria Road, Romford, Essex RM1 2LT
    01708 744 880

    Great little shop!!

    The staff are very friendly and helpful and are willing to share a lot of there knowledge I've ended up having very good
    conversations in there and learn a lot each time I visit sometimes feeling like I can feel other peoples eyes burning holes in me as they wait in line as one of the guys gets carried away explaining something to me, they stock marine fish and corals, apistos to oscars to some very nice angel fish recently, discus. I'm not to good with cichlid names haha but they do have a variety, plenty or corys and small pretty fish, killifish, loaches plecs and all the usual inc fancy goldfish and shrimp mostly japonica but they do get others in and will order fish in for you I belive. Also I've never seen a dead of half dead fish in there tanks.

    They also have tanks in stock from bowls to huuuuuge tanks. Eheim filters

    Gravels sands woods redmore roots, mini aquascape rocks,

    BUT!! :) they as far as I know only stock jbl manado as a base, and the plant standard/selection is abit poo, they get hc in but most of the time the plants look abit ropey but I've notice a lot of jbl items coming into stock such as Co2 kits and ferts so maybe this will pick up.

    Very pleased I live 5minutes from this gem :)
  10. nayr88

    nayr88 Member

    @plantfan101; ill be sure to drop in when I go to visit my sister and her boyfriends family in the next few weeks :)
  11. fluffycabbage

    fluffycabbage Newly Registered


    Certainly not for plants though - they readily sell non-aquatics without a mention of how detrimental the introduction of such plants could be to your aquarium :crazy:

    Great choice of fish and equipment though!
  12. Arana

    Arana Member

    i aggree this a great little shop, i use it all the time and it was also one of the shops we visited on one of the very first UKAPS get togethers back in the day, Garuf and Sam will remember it i'm sure.
    BTW they have a big new tank in there, that they are going to scape soon as the owner is getting into planted tanks. I reminded him of UKAPS so he might be lurking :)
  13. akwarybka

    akwarybka Member

    HB Aquatics in Norwich
    Unit 1, Neighbourhood Centre
    Heyford Rd, Norwich, Norfolk
    NR6 6GB

    Really nice little shop with outstanding corals :) There are some plants but the most common ones. They also have big variety of tropical and marine fish including discus, apistos and shrimps (including red nose shrimps :D ) and more unusual ones (like new tetras or stiphodon sp.). They also have coldwater fish ;)
    Staff is well trained and they are very helpful. It's possible to buy RO water from them and they have lots of dry goods.
    Eheim filters are everywhere :D

    Unfortunately they don't have many things for planted aquaria so don't expect CO2 fertilisation systems or plant bases.
    Also they don't have redmoor wood or nice stones in offer. I don't know if it's possible to order fish there, but you can always have a try ;)
    I've seen some sick fish in there, but it does not happen often.
  14. sugarz205

    sugarz205 Newly Registered

    Yup, i agree, luvely shop, luvely staff. Made the mistake of looking for products online first though, must be hard for shops like this cos i felt they was a little expensive in comparison to online prices. Found myself looking at staff i wanted but will buy from ebay cheaper!!! which is a shame cos i'd like to go here more offten for a look around!
  15. morefirejules08

    morefirejules08 Member

    amwell aquatics
    A142 Soham ByPass
    Northfield Crossroads
    Cambridge CB7 5UF
    Tel/Fax: 01353 724046
    Happy Grow Garden Centre
    High Road
    Essex CM16 6LX
    Tel/Fax: 01992 570880
    both stores off everything aquatic, pond, cold water, tropical, and marine. a good stock of dry goods and equipment.
    also try
    East Harling Branch
    Harling Road
    East Harling
    NR16 2QW
    Tel : 01953 718184
    they offer a great selection of fish but a bit light on the dry goods in my opinion but the vast number of fish makes up for this, they sell pond, cold water, tropical and marine fish.
  16. geaves

    geaves Member

    Braintree, Essex
    Maidenhead Aquatics
    Wyevale Garden Centre
    Cressing Road
    CM77 8DH

    Maidenhead Aquatics have recently taken this over from what was Fins, early days but looks impressive and staff helpful.

    Wayside Aquatics
    Blackmore Road
    CM15 0HU

    Web address http://www.waysideaquatics.co.uk/ discovered this by googling, have plans to visit if not this weekend next, so I'll post more info. But their facebook page has pictures of planted tanks, so looks promising. Thought I would post their website address to give an initial idea.

    Got there on Saturday (03/03/2012), small shop, about 40 tanks and 2 for plants, all in excellent condition, there are 4 low tech planted tanks to the left of the entrance which gives an impression that the guy is very knowledgeable which he is and is also very helpful doesn't try and sell you something you're not going to need. Will visit again.

  17. dfektor

    dfektor Member


  18. dfektor

    dfektor Member

    Shop Name: Maidenhead Aquatics again! Norwich

    Location: Norwich, Norfolk

    Directions: Daniels Road -A140 (outer Ring road) In Notcutts Garden Centre

    What they Offer: Cichs, Coldwater, Tropical, Marine, Pond, good stock list expanding this summer, lots of JBL, Marina gear

    Overall Verdict: A nice all rounder, very small plants section :Dand understaffed (or is it just when i go in?) and not cheap but well looked after as expected!
  19. Kyle Lambert

    Kyle Lambert Member

    CM77 8YL

    Surprisingly good little shop with a great selection of tropical and marine fish, small section for pond fish but what they had were rather nice.and a great selection of plants (and if you cant be bothered to attach it yourself, plants on driftwood which were about £13 each).

    Overall a really nice little shop with friendly staff in its third year.
  20. Thewindsinger

    Thewindsinger Newly Registered

    Norwich, Norfolk.
    Highways Garden Centre

    Aquatics centre has its own door.


    Highways Garden & Leisure Centre
    Loddon Rd,
    Framingham Pigot, #
    NR14 7PW

    01508 494665

    Location: Norwich, Norfolk

    Directions: Just off the A47 towards Lowestoft.

    What they Offer: Tropical, Coldwater, Marine, dry supplies, plants, tanks, décor. Occasionally some very large pieces of wood, they had a 3-4ft bit of driftwood once.

    Tropica/Ada Stockist: No

    Overall Verdict: Excellent selection of fish, plants and dry goods. Well maintained shop but a little under staffed, and very busy on weekends. VERY good at ordering unusual fish.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -​

    On a side note, the best Tropica stockist I have found is:

    Pets at Home
    Hall Rd,
    NR4 6DH

    01603 767099

    Directions: On a large retail park with Homebase signs from Hall Road.

    What they offer: Standard pets at home fish, dry goods and tanks. A very good selection of Tropica plants, ordering in anything you want quickly. By far the best selection for 'medium' and 'hard' requirement plants from all the Tropica stockists in the area although it is worth ringing and asking to speak to a member of staff who knows their plants and finding out what is in stock. Staff can be very ignorant and really aren't worthy of selling fish/plants but its worth it for the selection.

    Tropica/Ada stockist: Tropica.

    Overall verdict: Staff are rubbish as are the fish on offer, but the plants are excellent.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -​

    On another side note :p

    As mentioned before Maidenhead Aquatics at Notcuts garden centre in Norwich tend to have a fairly good plant selection.

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