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Discussion in 'Where to buy ...' started by Graeme Edwards, 26 Jun 2007.

  1. Graeme Edwards

    Graeme Edwards Founder Staff Member

    Wirral/Chester Cheshire.

    Post your Scotish shops in here following the posting format set out in the announcement.

  2. Dave Spencer

    Dave Spencer Member

    N. Wales
    CO2 Supplier: Russell Gas.

    Location: 5 Bankhead Crossway North, Edinburgh, EH11 4BZ. Tel: 0131 4536500.

    Service: £12 for 7kg of CO2.
  3. 2pods

    2pods Member

    CO2 and FE supplier: H2O Fire Protection

    Don't think he's still going, or he isn't interested.
    Didn't get back to me the last time I phoned.

    Too dear anyway
  4. Felix

    Felix Newly Registered

    the aquatic centre
    13-15 comely green place

    marine, tropical, plants, coldwater

    good quality fish and ok plants, great dry goods selection
  5. Goodygumdrops

    Goodygumdrops Member

    My bro is a big fan of Riverside Aquaria in Stirling.He's bought loads of fish off them with unbelievably no deaths.
  6. KeithS

    KeithS Newly Registered

    OutsideInside Aquatics in Haddington is a real gem of a place, small but packed
    with a excellent range of fish. Stockes denerle plants and also there dry goods including
    there new nano tanks.(http://www.outsideinsideaquatics.co.uk/)
  7. whimdriven

    whimdriven Newly Registered

    I'll second the recommendation for Outside Inside aquatics - a bit of a trek to get there, but well worth it - the owner really seems to care for his fish, and the quality of his plants. Also, he will order in any plant you want.
  8. louis_last

    louis_last Member

    Edinburgh / Dunbar - Scotland
    Outside inside aquatics is without doubt the best aquatics retailer in Scotland, it's a family business and they are the most friendly helpful people you could ever hope to meet. Nowadays they have a good range of shrimp and several different kinds of moss and liverwort that you wont get anywhere else north of the border, all their fish and plants are of excellent quality and in all the time i have been visiting them since before they moved to Haddington, not once have i ever seen a sickly looking or dead fish / plant in their tanks.
    Unfortunately the same can't be said for the aquatic center / aquacadabra 2 in Edinburgh, no offense to the guy who worked there but if you want anything other than dry goods this place is truly dire, the fat guy he mentioned is a seriously high grade moron and in my experience they will tell you anything in order to 'make the sale' in there, sick animals abound and whenever i have been in they haven't even known what kind of plants they are selling or the correct identification of half their animal stock let alone appropriate care for each species. they are extremely irresponsible.
    Seriously though, no dis-respect to the guy who worked there, i have seen one or two staff who know their blahblahblahblah from their elbow but they're a minority. This place is essentially an extended version of the fish section in 'pets at home', the devils own pet shop.
    Basically if you life in East/Midlothian and need to get some supplies/fish/shrimp/plants, just hit the gas when you get to the aquatic center and keep on going to Haddington.
  9. seawolf

    seawolf Newly Registered

    Outside Inside Aquatics is getting yet another high mark from me.

    Every plant and fish in my tank have come from there.
    Everything is well looked after, and ive yet to see better looked after plants in a shop anywhere in the country.

    Theres another shop between Tranent and Macmerry, where the caravan place is. Dont know what its called but it has a big selection of tanks and accessories. a pretty small plant section ( that i dont rate ) and a big selection of display tanks both marine and freshwater.
    i rate the one in haddinton too much too use this shop for plants or livestock though
  10. Dolly Sprint 16v

    Dolly Sprint 16v Member

  11. Coiln3107

    Coiln3107 Member

    Lanark Scotland
    Hi guys I could not agree more with your findings, OutsideInside Aquatics is the only shop in Scotland worth supporting for our needs and hobby. They are the only shop in Scotland who genuinelly quarintine stock for 24 hours! I have seen others selling from the bag they arrived in 10 minutes ago!!!!!!! :arghh:
    They are really genuine people who I belive love what they do and after making the journey to the shop yesterday for the first time got more solid advice and help in 20 minutes than from the rest of the shops spread over the 3 years I have been at this hobby.
    As said by the others in this thread, different stock from the rest and can get any plant you like and will pass on the bulk purchase discount if you can wait a bit, Can it get better? Regards Colin. :thumbup:
  12. three-fingers

    three-fingers Member


    Hey, just like to add, I've work there full time Tuesday-Saturday and I like to think I know a good bit about planted aquaria ;) .
  13. tomsteer

    tomsteer Member

    Fife, Scotland
    Outside Inside - been a few times, every time is just as good as the last. Great selection of healthy fish. They're reposible too, no tank busters etc.

    Ultimate Aquatics - Cupar, Fife, Good selection of fish, freshwater and marine. Well worth a visit.
  14. Re:


    Just to note, these guys don't do CO2 refills. I justed asked.

    Search so far -

    Forth Fire Protection, Edinburgh - 0131 553 5608 - £14ish + VAT for a 2KG refill. hmm.
  15. Piemonster

    Piemonster Member

    Re: Re:

    Been meaning to get a refill off them for a while now, not exactly cheap though. Can't seem to find anywhere else in the Edinburgh area unfortunately.
  16. Re: Re:

    Seems to be they are the only option left in edinburgh (according to them) on site refill thou so i should have CO2 back by this evening. :D
  17. tomsteer

    tomsteer Member

    Fife, Scotland
    I have been to Ultimate Aquaticsa in Cupar, Fife this evening. There was a note on the door of where to get the keys to gain access. I spoke to a member of staff in the nearby garden centre who said they had ceased trading a couple of weeks ago.

    I cant confirm this but its a great shame if its true. :(
  18. wow. :wideyed:
  19. Derek Tweedie

    Derek Tweedie Member

    Yup Insideoutside for me by far the best in Scotland. The prices of the livestock are higher than other fish shops around but TBH you don't mind paying due to the quality of the stock.
    The shop near Tranent think its called East Lothian Aquatics is a dive. The shop used to be Leith but he moved due to the trams being built. Last time I visited 3/4 of the tanks were empty and the stock that was there was crap. I don't know he was voted runner up in the last PFK poll.
    I too used to work at Aquacadabra when it was in Broughten St. but now I wouldn't buy fish or plants from them. My Father got 20 Cory Panda and 10 emperor tetras for his 6 footer and he has lost all his Pandas due to disease from there all the other fish in his tank were fine. Another reason I wouldn't buy fish is when i went to to buy some shrimp they basically had 4 species in 1 tank which I immediately said to a shop member working there that there was a high chance of hybridization but it fell on deaf ears.
    Water wonders in Edinburgh is a good shop the plants aren't the best but it always has a wide selection corys, dwarf cichlids, killies and unusual live bearers.
    I like Maidenhead in Coatbridge good selection of fish some of which we don't see so much north of the border and are always healthy and well fed. the plants they sell are ok but they have some algae problems.
  20. dw1305

    dw1305 Expert

    nr Bath
    Re: Where to buy in Scotland - Lossiemouth.

    Hi all,
    Just with the quick disclaimer that I've never been to the shop, but the owner of "D & I Tropicals" (Derek) posts on one of the other forums I belong to, and he definitely knows what he is talking about for fish care. I don't know what they are like for the planted hobby, but the shop sells "Tropica" plants etc.
    cheers Darrel

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