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Discussion in 'Where to buy ...' started by Graeme Edwards, 26 Jun 2007.

  1. Graeme Edwards

    Graeme Edwards Founder Staff Member

    Wirral/Chester Cheshire.

    Post your shops in the North East here, following the post format set out in the announcement.

  2. englishstgeorge

    englishstgeorge Newly Registered

    Shop name: Gas and Hire Ltd

    http://www.gasandhireltd.com/index.php? ... =cellargas

    Location: Sheffield & Chesterfield

    What they offer or specialise in: CO2 Refills

    I paid £35.25 deposit for a 6.35KG Cylinder and £13.60 for a refill. They also do a 3.15KG Cylinder.

    They do free local delivery which includes Doncaster.

    Friendly & helpful staff.

  3. mfcphil

    mfcphil Member

    Strikes Garden Centre

    Location: Find it on the Stokesley Roundabout

    What they offer or specialise in: They are the only Maidenhead Aquatics supplier in the area.

    Great range of plants and plenty of fish tanks full of healthy fish.

    Tropical Marine and Pond
  4. biffster

    biffster Member

    northeast uk
    aquatic finatic

    1.1/2 miles outside of northallerton
    on the thirsk road
    a proper fish keepers shop
    all thought the have branched
    out in to reptiles and small furrys
  5. biffster

    biffster Member

    northeast uk
    paddock farm water gardens
    on the scorton road just
    past croft circuit

    excellent tropical fish section
    and cold water and pound
    well worth a visit
  6. biffster

    biffster Member

    northeast uk
    tropical house
    birdsall row
    redcar next to the railway station
    another old school fish keepers shop
    good selection of fish tanks and dry goods
  7. biffster

    biffster Member

    northeast uk
    Stockton garden center now as a maidenhead aquatics in it
    haven't been for a while so might be worth a visit
  8. Tamshoe

    Tamshoe Member

    Had my first trip to Paddock Farm the other week , highly recommend it
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  9. I go there a lot :thumbup:
  10. biffster

    biffster Member

    northeast uk
    can any one tell me where i can buy ammonia in the northeast please
    i now have to buy it mail order and its costing about £ 7 a ltr
  11. ian_m

    ian_m Global Moderator Staff Member

    Got my ammonia from Homebase in cleaning section.

    Used for cleaning oven shelves (soak in poly bag overnight, outside !!!!) and cycling tanks.
  12. biffster

    biffster Member

    northeast uk
    sorry they have stopped stocking it thats were i used to get mine
  13. jy_oc_hx

    jy_oc_hx Member

    Shop Name: Ferrybridge Aquatics
    Tropical Fish Marine Fish Aquatic Supplies Aquariums Shop Yorkshire UK

    Location: WF11 8NQ (Lat: 53:42:46N - Lon: 1:16:05W)

    What they offer or specialise in: A bit of everything really. A real Aladdin's cave of fish, plants, tropical and marine fish.

    Had a great range of plants and fish when i went in on Sunday. It is a small shop made up of 6 or 7 sections with a wide and varied variety of fish. Definitely worth a visit if you're in the area. Had quite a variety of shrimp as well. Not much in the way of tanks or recognisable branded equipment but plenty of supplements and sundries.
  14. Andy Thurston

    Andy Thurston Forum Moderator Staff Member

    My favourite fish shop sells tropica plants, ferts and substrate fairly clued up staff and very friendly

  15. Unkillable Cat

    Unkillable Cat Member

    Other than Maidenhead in Stockton garden centre there is:
    Pet Mania
    Cant post the website yet.
    Portrack Lane

    Great range of fish (tropical, marine, cold) and plants, also have axolotls and other amphibians from time to time, staff are a mixed bag, some know loads while others stare blankly at you. They also have a great reptile range if you like that kind of thing.
  16. Nutty

    Nutty Member

    If you're in the Hull region there is a couple

    Shop name: Christal Clear Waters
    Location: Skirlaugh Garden & Aquatic Center, Hull Road, Skirlaugh, HU11 5AH.
    Directions: Head out along Holderness Road past Swine can't miss it on your left.
    What they offer or specialise in: Cheapest Redmoor wood i've found in the region, nothing massive but good Nano+ to pico sizes,
    Over all verdict of the shop: Range of Tropical, Marine and Pond, more choice of Marine than most. Plants not great really.

    Shop name: Ings Lane Garden & Watergarden centre
    Location: Dunswell, Hull, HU6 0AL
    Directions: head North out of Hull towards Beverly a big sign on the main road so you shouldn't miss it, carefull when pulling into the driveway bit blind and narrowish.
    What they offer or specialise in: BIG Pond selection probably beset around, Better than average tropical display with Tropica plants in good condition (seen some moss onsale in there too)
    Over all verdict of the shop: clean and tidy, friendly staff, good range of everything can't go wrong i don't think!

    Shop name: Maidenhead Aquatics Beverly
    Location: Hull Road, Woodmansey, Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire, HU17 0RS (sitting in a Strike Garden Centre)
    Directions: If you missed Ings lane then keep going and you'll find this one
    What they offer or specialise in: its a Maidenhead Aquatics... Lots of Tropicals and marine and a bit of pond... the norm i think?
    Over all verdict of the shop: friendly helpful staff... if a bit expensive on the hardware/hardscape

    Shop name: 4pets
    Location: Coletta & Tyson 324 Hull Road, Woodmansey, Beverley, East Yorkshire HU17 0RU UK Tel. +44(0)1482 865410
    Directions: one the same stretch as Ings and MA,
    What they offer or specialise in: general pet with a largeish Fish section
    Over all verdict of the shop: not my favorite place, could do with a bit of a spruce up, tanks a bit dirty... but you never know if you might find a bargain! so worth a quick look if your going to Ings or MA

    Hope it helps!
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  17. Testsubjec

    Testsubjec Newly Registered

    I called in at Ferrybridge Aquatics this week and was taken back by how friendly the staff were and how well stocked they were. I would definitely advise anyone passing Ferrybridge Junction 33 of the M62 to pop in.
  18. Andy Thurston

    Andy Thurston Forum Moderator Staff Member

    I called in there and thought it looked better on the internet than it did in real life. I'll have to call back next time i'm over that way
  19. Matthew Smith

    Matthew Smith Newly Registered

    Went to ashby aquatics and pet supplies in Scunthorpe today. Amazing for plants, got; tiger lotus, Amazon swords, sagitaria subulata, crypts, anubias nana. He also had some other amazing plants, Madagascar lace, banana plant, some crazy enormous species I'd never heard of. Really helpful and knowledgeable, get yourself there
  20. Lee Sweeting

    Lee Sweeting Member

    I checked ferry bridge aquatics out in passing the other day. The staff are great, and they have a good selection of fish.

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