Where to buy in the South East.

Discussion in 'Where to buy ...' started by Graeme Edwards, 27 Jun 2007.

  1. Graeme Edwards

    Graeme Edwards Founder Staff Member

    21 Jun 2007
    Wirral/Chester Cheshire.

    PLease post your shops in the South West here, following the posting fromat set out in the announcement.

  2. CJ Castle

    CJ Castle Newly Registered

    8 Jul 2007
    Shop Name: Ark Aquatics, Wyevale Centre...

    Location: Wyevale Garden Centre
    Ashford Road
    Kent. CT4 7HJ Telephone: 01227 738209
    Manager: George Swift

    Directions: Location says it all... If you are still unsure, you can phone the shop with the above phone number...

    What they offer or specialise in: Oddballs and uncommonly seen fish (large selection of Puffers and many other interesting fish). African and American Cichlids and small marine department. Discus.

    Over all verdict of the shop: 7 out of 10... (though I would give it a 4 out of 10 for potted plants)...

    Website: http://www.arkaquatic.com
  3. Dave Spencer

    Dave Spencer Member

    3 Jul 2007
    N. Wales
    CO2 Supplier: Wildwoods Water Gardens.

    Location: Theobalds Park Road, Crews Hill, Enfield, Middlesex, EN2 9BP. Tel: 0208 3660243.

    Service: They will refill most cylinders there and then for £10.
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  4. James Flexton

    James Flexton Member

    21 Aug 2007
    Stotfold, Herts/Beds
    Japanese Koi Company - Henlow
    fantastic store
    marine, trop, coldwater and Koi specialist - huge selection of koi (regular in PFK) plenty of other stuff there though. massive dry goods section plus reptiles, birds even a caman! also lots of hand carved oriental furniture.

    plant selection not great normal stuff. usual branded ferts but no clue what EI and High Tech is all about. still well worth a visit

    Phone : 01462 850822
    Fax : 01462 811403
    Address : Hitchin Road
    SG16 6BB

  5. fishgeek

    fishgeek Member

    9 Jul 2007
    west sussex
    Living waters
    28 beddington lane

    020 8680 3533

    a good healthy range of the basic fish

    a great selection of good healthy plants
    not the biggest stor and one that has good knowledgeable people working in it

    for plants they are taking about online sales in the future
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  6. planter

    planter Member

    7 Nov 2007
    Maidenhead Aquatics @ Morden
    Morden Hall Garden centre
    Morden Hall Road
    SM4 5JG

    0208 646 1066

    A HUGE selection of tropical fish always in stock with new arrivals every week.
    Fresh plant deliveries weekly potted and bunched. Recently in stock Pogostemon Helferi and HC! (£3.50 per pot!)
    Also flame moss, Willow moss, Mini Pelia, Mini Xmas etc. not always in stock but often offered for sale.
    Jbl Co2 bottles exchanged. Good range of equipment from the likes of Jbl, Seachem, caribsea etc -
    Nice planted display tank (someone here is into their planted tanks!)

    A Clean well presented store with freindly atmosphere! End of the week best selection of plants and fish!
  7. Luketendo

    Luketendo Member

    25 Feb 2008
    West Sussex, England
    Shop name: Maidenhead Aquatics @ Hickstead

    Location: A23 Slip road, Old London Road, Hickstead Village, West Sussex, RH17 5LZ

    What they offer or specialise in: They have quite a few sorts of things other than bog standard:

    - Lots of Koi and pond stuff
    - Discus
    - African Cichlids
    - American Cichlids
    - Plecos (L numbers, lots of Plecos.)
    - Some oddballs (occasional Arowana, saw a fire eel today, toad fish, rainbowfish.
    - Large catfish are common
    - Some Planted Aquarium equipment, Some Plants. Lots of rock and wood.

    Over all verdict of the shop: I cannot fault this shop, the staff are amazing and friendly. They seem to know loads. One women is mad about catfish, another man does marines + is a member on many internet sites. Just to emphasise again, I cannot fault them.
  8. Egmel

    Egmel Member

    28 Mar 2008
    Guildford, Surrey, UK
    Shop Name:
    Maidenhead Aquatics Guildford
    Squires Garden Centre, Epsom Road,
    West Horsley, Surrey, KT24 6AR
    (tel)01483 281678 (fax)01483 285579

    Directions: once you're on the epsom road you really can't miss them!

    What they offer or specialise in: Accroding to their site - Discus, L Number catfish, African Cichilds, MBU Puffers. I saw all of these while I was there and there were disproportionally more than the other fish but whether they are specialists I can't say as I'm not an expert in any of the areas. I would say that the L Number catfish selection was moderate but I'm guessing they can order specials in.

    Over all verdict of the shop: The layout is good and they have an area dedicated to showing why you can't buy a RBP or a Pangu and expect to keep it in a 2ft tank! Their display tanks are mainly fish dedicated though there was a nice arcadia cube on the counter set up as planted with DIY CO2. They had a good selection of fish and everything was well labelled. The tanks were clean and the livestock alert and healthy. (I think I spotted about 2 slightly off fish in the whole shop) When I spoke to the guy about planted tanks he was aware of the hobby and said they had a couple of regulars who came in for plants and planted bits. They have recently started stocking the tropica plants and whilst they don't have a huge range of plants in store they have more than most and they are kept in a good set of tanks with good lights etc. They have all the pressurised CO2 kit gubbins for sale and the chap I was talking to had obviously been on the net because he also knew about the DIY fire extinguisher method.

    All in all thumbs up. A good sized store which is mainly catering for the generic market but which is aware there is a niche and is keeping its finger in that pie too :)

    Website: http://www.fishkeeper.co.uk/store_details.php?storeid=17
  9. mjw1476

    mjw1476 Member

    24 Dec 2008
    i use a couple of shops, one being swallow aquatics in gravesend, always helpful, well informed and a good stock of standard fish, with preference towards marines but a good basic range of plants. another good shop is wholesale tropicals in bethnal green, very informative with a brilliant diversity of fish always willing to order anything you want. another good one for all the discus fans is essex discus. its a nice bloke run out of his fish house in the back garden but i was astonished to see the quality of the fish and his willingness to order in anything that i wanted. i got some beautiful 3.5"/4" discus for £20. you need to phone prior to arrange a time or get them delivered, but i always prefer to hand pick fish with that much range!
  10. Nick16

    Nick16 Member

    13 Aug 2008
    Surrey, UK
    MA at west horsley

    thats me :lol: , there is one guy who is really knowledgable about plants and he can talk for years about them. he has a folder behind the counter with pics of all his various set ups and they are pretty good.
  11. Tony Swinney

    Tony Swinney Member

    14 Dec 2008
    Cobham, Surrey
    MA at West Horsley

    I use this place too. They have been really helpful over the last couple of years, in setting up my Discus tank, and the guy mentioned above (Richard) is the new manager and, as you said, is really into planted tanks - he set up the planted tank at MA Ascot, and MA Farnham before moving to this one. He's trying to get time to do a display tank at this store, and hopes to stock more and more Tropica as demand and interest increases - he can get any of the Tropica plants in to order, and will discount if ordering lots.

    They usually have some nice bits of Redmoor root, and they are stored in the large fish tanks, so they're pre-soaked too!

  12. Egmel

    Egmel Member

    28 Mar 2008
    Guildford, Surrey, UK
    I've just got a 3.9kg CO2 cannister from Calor Gas on Slyfield Industrial estate, £15.99 :) All the details are in the Where to get CO2 refills thread
  13. Acrantophis

    Acrantophis Member

    31 Jan 2009

    Just purchased some new lamps from here and they were happy for me to collect in person, so if anyone is in or near to Tolworth, KT6 7EW, and looking for replacement lamps give them a look.
  14. zoon

    zoon Member

    25 Jul 2010
    I use Aylesford aquatics for my livestock. Not a great selection of plants as they are a marine specialist, but have a massive selection of freshwater tropical fish and inverts in a back room. Stock fish that aren't usually seen in shops as well - lots of differnt killifish, large selection of shrimp, loads of dwarf cichlids. The staff are very knowledgable, but grumpy as hell! If you can put up with their bad tempers, then its a good little shop for fish
  15. Luketendo

    Luketendo Member

    25 Feb 2008
    West Sussex, England
    I work at Maidenhead Aquatics Brighton and we have Aquafleur plants, at very good prices and for some species you get a hell of a lot in a pot, mostly all the same prices too. We also do various aquascaping items such as rocks and redmoor wood etc and have a large selection of fish if anybody fancies a look.
  16. Bartash

    Bartash Member

    17 Mar 2011
    Broadstairs, Kent
    Canterbury Koi and Aquatics

    CT1 1DX

    Tel: (44)1227 471772

    Taken from their website:

    For tropical freshwater aquaria there is a vast selection of community,
    oddball and cichlid species 300 tanks in all! Plus there is a 140 gallon
    tiered aquatic plant display system.

    Come and see our new shop over 4000 sq feet on two floors
  17. manikmonk

    manikmonk Newly Registered

    16 Mar 2012
    Maidstone, Kent

    +1 for Living Waters, paid a visit today while being dragged to Ikea round the corner. Really nice little shop, I loved the fish room set up with plants growing over the walls and ceiling, felt like a green house. Really well maintained tanks, good stock of the basics and some more unusual stuff like the glass humphead fish which I'd never even heard of before. Nice selection of plants including mosses which my LFS don't tend to stock. Overall well worth a visit!

    I also paid a visit to CED Natural Stone in Thurrock last week, they have other sites around the country too. Really great source of rocks/stones/cobbles/etc. if you know what you're looking for. Well worth doing some research on their website that lists all of the products they tend to stock and making sure it's aquarium safe before you go. The staff were very friendly and helpful. Very reasonably priced, I walked away with about 140kg of stone and paid £40! Highly recommended.

    Website: http://www.ced.ltd.uk/

    While it's not a fish shop, or indeed a shop you'd expect to buy aquatic products from, they were quite happy to let me wander around their huge yard, find what I wanted and then drive in to load the car up to then be weighed in on a bridge designed to weigh stuff by the lorry load. Lots of fun :thumbup:
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  18. jonnysutton11

    jonnysutton11 Member

    25 Dec 2012
    Reading, England
    Shop : Maidenhead Aquatics @ Bracknell


    • Wyevale Garden Centre
    • Forest Rd
    • Binfield
    • Bracknell
    • Berkshire
    • RG42 4HA
    • telephone :01344 453 666
    i work at this shop and have been for last 3 years . recently got some new planted tanks to hold are stock 2 x 6 foot tank with 4 x T5 over each . good range of plants and changed every wednesday . im currently doing the plant orders for this shop and am using aquafleur for are plants .
    we have a massive tropical system which houses all your bread and butter fish and some more rare to see, lots of odd balls on the system to and malawi cichlids.there is also a good sized discus system and a 650 l diplay tank with some larger ones on show .
    A good sized fancy goldfish system and marine is also here and for the summer months we have alot of koi and goldfish .
    One of the biggest stockists for tanks and dry stock items in the area as many customers have told all of us.
  19. ~firefly~

    ~firefly~ Guest

    Sadly, the Maidenhead Aquatics @ Morden store has closed. A real shame.
  20. Richard Dowling

    Richard Dowling Member

    6 Nov 2010
    Kings Hill, Kent
    Shop Name: Aylesford Aquatics

    Location: Holtwood Farm Shop 365 London Road Aylesford, Kent ME20 7QA
    01622 882 264

    What they offer or specialise in: Very good selection of fish (marine and fresh), Nice plant selection and equipment (including pond and pond fish). Very good shrimp selection. All it lacks is stuff suitable for Aquascaping, notably natural looking rocks and substrates (its all very goldfish bowl in that respect)

    Over all verdict of the shop: 8 out of 10... (A year ago it was a 3/10 store for me so the 2013 renovation has done them a lot of favours)..

    Website: Aquatics Maidstone | Aylesford Aquatics | Aquatics Shop | Fish Keeping Experts

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