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10 Jul 2019
Hi, Could anyone out there help me diagnose an issue I am having with my Hygrophila siamensis 53B (See pic). My other plants appear to be doing fine.

I live in a very soft water area (https://www.unitedutilities.com/hel...uality-search-results/?postcodeField=SK15+2NN) so I dose 8g of Seachem Equilibrium and 2g of Baking Soda every week during my 50% water change, this brings my GH/KH to 8dKH/4dKH.

I have been dosing 2ml of TNC complete daily but very recently upped this to 3ml per day. co2 is at 20-30PPM. Light duration is 8 hour per day. Tank size: 50L

Any help would be appreciated.


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7 Apr 2008
nr Bath
Hi all,
Plant health looks pretty good. It might be <"nitrogen deficiency"> on the Hygrophila.

If you don't mind using dry salts? You ca buy potassium nitrate (KNO3) and dose it according to the <"Rotala Butterfly"> dosing calculator .
I'd never increase hardness of nearly ideal water from your tap (especially by pouring Na into it).
and 2g of Baking Soda
Yes, stop adding the "baking soda" (NaHCO3), the added sodium isn't any good for planted tanks. You can use potassium bicarbonate (KHCO3) instead, if you feel happier with a bit more carbonate buffering (dKH).

Personally I agree with @freewolny and I wouldn't add the "Seachem equilibrium" either. You can always add a small amount of "Epsom Salts" (MgSO4.7H2O) and calcium chloride (CaCl2.6H2O) if you want to add some dGH, you can get both of these salts cheaply from Ebay etc.

An even cheaper option is <"Oyster shell chick grit" or cuttle "bone"> (CaCO3), which adds both dGH/dKH

Have a look through <"oh Wise ones...."> and <"How do you remineralize your RO water?">.

cheers Darrel

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