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Which external??

Simon D

22 Sep 2008
alip01 said:
The TT EX1200's dimensions are W 22cm x D 22cm x H 38cm. I got mine from Charterhouse Aquatics, £73 with free delivery. :D

Price from Charterhouse is now £92.95 (I got mine from Wearehouseaquatics (last weeks price £80 delivered today's price £90.

Not only have the prices gone up but the size has also increased! I've just taken delivery of an TT EX1200 and dimensions are W260mm x D 260mm didn't bother measuring the height as it's about 20mm too big for my cabinet without making some major structural amendments. Just got to get a bigger tank and cabinet (or hammer and saw)

rocketaquatics quote it as alip01 did, but mine's a bit bigger unfortunately.

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