White clear mucus building?


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1 Jul 2019
Hi Guys.

Sorry if this is an obvious thing but am new to planted aquariums.

I've started a new tank (fluval flex 123l) and have planted it all and am currently cycling before introducing our 12 community tropical.

The plants started to suffer a little for first few days which I've read is fairly normal.

I've added Fluval cycle for the last 2 days and its promoted algae growth but I've noticed a white mucus at the base of my bogwood. Does anyone know what this is. If so should I remove it or should I leave it as is good bacteria.

Pic attached

I'm 1 week in and wont add my fish for another week but wondered what it is.

Thanks in advance.



24 Dec 2014
That’s normal wood “slime”
You can remove or ignore, most algae crew seem happy enough to eat it

Fluval Cycle?
unless they’ve radically altered their product (and belief system), you can skip this ;)
(there are alternate branded products that are beneficial but most are meant to be added along with livestock)
If you can obtain a bit of “cycled” media from another aquarium, this is much more effective, though still needs to be combined with regular water changes as initial bacteria etc population will be small

If you’ve “12 community tropical” I’m guessing you have another tank - just move some of this media over :)

If you’re seeing visible algae, increase water changes and mechanical removal of algae, debris