White cloud mountain minnows


8 May 2009
Milton Keynes
The original WCM came from White Cloud Mountain streams of southern China that are extinct in the wild due to pollution. But there are no shortage of WCM in the hobby as they are bred by million in fish farms, and some have naturalized in non native habitats. They are subtropical species and prefer cooler temp to thrive. If you are afraid they don’t do well in tropical setting, try Brilliant Rasboras which look and behave like WCM. They school tightly in the upper water column as WCM, peaceful, and slightly larger.
Totally agree. Subtropical and temperate fish often need temperature changes and a colder period. They will live shorter lives if kept warm all year. I keep mine outdoors all year round and their colours dont compare with the ones from an aquarium. The downside of course is you dont really get to see them in a pond :cool: My uncle in the east of Holland had a pond full of them for years and the winters there are colder than here.
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