White spot and liquid dosing


19 Feb 2018
Hi all

Not posted for a while but have a whitespot issue and despite best efforts struggling to get rid of it so looking for some help please.

Tank is 100 litres, heavily planted, few rummy nose, cardinals, couple of cories and a couple of gouramis. Been running for about 4 years. No CO2, just liquid carbon and ferts.

Basically I've had all the fish for at least the last two years and over time lost the odd one here and there, presumably due to age. Anyway 3 weeks ago I added 4 new rummy nose and 4 new cardinals from a local, well respected shop but they were obviously carrying whitespot as a few days later I saw the first signs of it.

Since then I've treated the tank with waterlife protozin but despite this lost about 6 cardinals (mix of old and new ones).

I've now completed the first round of treatment but the remaining cardinals still have spot, some heavily, which I'm confused by. All other fish are fine (rummy nose did show spot but this has cleared up and no losses).

I know carbon strips the treatment out of the water but don't run it and never have but now wondering if liquid carbon might have the same effect?

Alternatively any ideas?

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