Who are we and why we here?!

Discussion in '101 Aquarium' started by 101Aquarium.com, 9 Aug 2016.

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    9 Aug 2016
    Hi everyone,

    101 Aquarium started as small store in Israel for aquarium supplies for hardcore aquarium lovers.
    In 2012 we open our first internt site in Hebrew and started to grow.

    in 2016 we open this new site 101aqurium.com (we still need to do some work on it) for worldwide and for the UK & EU markets.

    We hope we can help you with the passion to this great hobby of aquriums, fishes and plants.

    For any request od info feel free to contact us via out site www.101Aquarium.com or our forum here on UKAPS.

    We would love to say thank you for UKAPS team for this site and opportunity and thanks to the people on this site for the share and community.

    Hope for all of us "god speed".

    Itzik O.
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