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Product Review Wifi Smart Bulb


16 Apr 2015
Ordered a few of these and actualy got pleasently surprised. :)

The opaque bulb is a simple click on plastic cap.. A gentle squeeze and a pull than it's this.

The bulb filters and spreads the light, without it it beams more straight down in the led chips angle specs. (160°) And they are actualy pretty strong in intensity with 4.5w(40w Equivalent). No idea on lumen specs, but without the bulb attached using a number of them is bright enough for a desent low tech aquarium. Clear bulbs are yet not availaable, you need some diy ideas to cover them without the opaque bulb attached. Can easily be created with some wood and acrylic and turn it in the a fixed incased spotlight. And the color rendition in the white spectrum range is pretty good.

They can be managed with the Magic Home Pro App. (Android - IOS)

If you have a windows wireless notebook than take a peak at the free MemuPlay Android Emulator.
This creates a virtual Android phone on your PC and allows you to install Android apps and use them accordingly. I've used MemuPlay for this test.

Anyway the LED control app is pretty complete.. Once mains is powered on and you connected all bulbs over WIFI. It allows you to create groups, rename the bulbs, put all in a group and name it accordingly. You can apply group setting and all bulbs in this group run the same preset simmultaniously.

What interested me wasn't the color play but the white light rendition and the timer function and so a ran some tests. And it works very straight foreward like a charme.

First screen the app wil show is Home. With No. of devices and the groups, with the top right + sign you can add devices and create groups.

Than hit a device or group and it will show this screen

Turn the bulb on at the top right power on icon, next to it is the timer function displayed as a clock.
Turn it on set color hit timer. :)


Hit create timer, a menu pops up where you can choose "Sunrise/Sunset"

obviously it starts with sunrise starting at 0%.. Edit start/end and Duration, check repeat and by default its set to everyday.

Save confirm, Sunrise is set. Hit create timer again, Sunrise/Sunset.

Obviously starting time is 100% end is 0 for sunset. Same procedure, set duration.
Save and confirm.

It can be set per minute PM/AM and use the duration slide to set how long it should to from 0 to 100.

Close the App, the settings are all stored in the eprom in the bulb and it will keep running the setting for as long it aint changed and as long the main power isn't cut. Turn off mains it stops onbviously, turn it back on the last color setting will be remembered. Timer should be activated again. Thus simply do not disconnect from mains.

To factury reset the bulbs, turn on, turn off than turn on wait 2-3 sec. turn of turn on and again wait 2-3 sec. Do this 4 times on/off with 2-3 sec on in between. Than the light turns back on in a white color flashing 3 times. All memory will be deleted and disconnected from the app.

For GPB 5.50 a piece i actualy found very little to complain about.. It's pretty straigh foreward and as plug and play as possible.. Screw it in a E27 lamp base and power it on install the app and set it.

For an open top aquarium easy peasy, click off the opaque bulb and screw it in a reflector hood with a glass cover. Hooded tank, you need to DIY something suficiently closed that fits the base and the lamp.

This can only get beter in the future, i think not the far future, it keeps developing swiftly.
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