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Will my buce flower survive a tank change?


26 Oct 2020
Aberdeen, UK
The tank in to picture is due to be torn down and I have been doing bare minimum maintenance to it while cycling my new one. My buce has taken this opportunity to decide it wants to flower and I want to see what happens but I also want to empty this tank at the weekend.

I planned on moving the buce to my other tank but do you think the flower will survive the move?


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27 Oct 2009
My guess would be it would, the majority of "aquatic" plants spend some of the time out of water. Don't quote me on this but wouldn't the beuce flower when it was at its out of water stage anyway? They seem to go through phases when they flower, mine have did it from the very bottom of the aquarium where I keep them in the shade, I dare say they would have preferred to have been nearer the surface when they flowered so it could stick out the water.
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