Would anyone like to help me to get some Manzanita?

Discussion in 'Where to buy ...' started by Bradas, 27 Dec 2009.

  1. Bradas

    Bradas Newly Registered

    13 Sep 2009
    Hi, looks like I can't go into marines so I'm gonna start a nice planted most likly.

    Anyone wanna order some Manzanita with or for me as my parents wont let myself fuss about with international ect...would pay of course for the wood and postage. :D

    Plzzzzzzz, er...consider it a late christmas pressie?
  2. mr. luke

    mr. luke Member

    7 Dec 2008
    If a few people go for this i think id be up for it.
    Its gonna cost a fair ammount though (all hail christmas money :lol: )

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