WWII Weekend - Falmouth

Discussion in 'Off Topic / Chit-Chat' started by Lozbug, 24 May 2009.

  1. Lozbug

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    Went to Pendennis Castle today for a WWII event. Was a scorching day, got sunburned!!! we saw a spitfire display (amazing!) lots of weapons, cars, bikes, talks etc and there was a parachute jump... 4 guys drop on to the green, lol, well this one guy lands, and starts skidding towards us... I think 'Ahh it'll be ok he'll stop, I'll just take my pictures'

    Well, he didn't stop!!!! came skidding right towards us, my Aunt got out of the way in time, my grandad only just, the guy skidded right thru the barriers (like fabric tape style barriers) right in to my grandads (now luckily vacant) chair... my dad was on the grass and he rolled part way out of the way in time, the paratrooper landed right next to him... then he clips my chair I try and lean and go flying off the chair on to the grass... I get up to see my dad still on the grass with a paratrooper next to him with the fence wrapped round his neck!! and my grandads chair a few feet away.....

    Was very funny, luckily no one got hurt!

    Picture less than a second before it happens....


    Few other pics.






  2. Steve Smith

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    Leamington Spa, UK.
    Wow, awesome! Reminds me of the Wings and Wheels event that used to be on at my local air museum every year! They would have all sorts of war birds and civil aircraft from the era, and lots of army vehicles etc. Really nostalgic :)

    Great pics! Glad your Grandad got out of the way :)

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