Zebra loach in aquascaped tank

David Proctor

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5 Feb 2019
I'm currently breaking down 2 tanks so the wife allows me to buy a EA aquascaper 900 which I intend to scape in a George Farmer style nature scape. This unfortunately means I have to rehome alot of my fish.

I intend to stock the tank with the 6 honey gourami and 21 cherry barbs I already have. In another tank I have 4 zebra loach which I feel will compliment the asian stocking quite nice, do I keep or rehome them?

I fear their compatibility with an aquascaped tank mainly because I dont see any aquascapers stocking them. Will they be destructive causing massive head aches? Does anyone have experience with them in an aquascaped tank?

I'm pretty sure if I put them in I will never be able to get them out without tanking the tank apart. Please help.:eek:


15 Nov 2015
My brother has a group of these in his tank. I wouldn't describe the tank as aquascaped, well it is but not the manicured kind if you get me. In the couple of years they have been in there I have never seen any damage to plants and no digging. I think the key is enough of them to keep themselves occupied (he only has 5 and they seem happy) plus a dedicated hide hole they can escape to (he has a hollowed out piece of natural bogwood that they love). So I wouldn't hesitate in adding them as long as you don't want snails or shrimp.
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