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Dec 17, 2012
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Posted by: LondonDragon

New website and forum launched today...


About us

The UK Aquatic Plant Society (UKAPS) was formed in 2007 by a small but passionate group of planted aquarium and aquascaping enthusiasts. 

The UKAPS mission is to promote all aspects of the aquarium plant hobby and art of aquascaping.

The UKAPS Forum is the central hub of  activity where thousands of members enjoy sharing and learning with like-minded hobbyists, no matter their background and experience levels.

Newcomers to the hobby are actively encouraged and will receive expert advice from more experienced plant growers and aquascapers.

UKAPS hosts some of the world’s most respected names in the hobby and is known as one of the most valuable aquarium plant and aquascaping resources worldwide.

UKAPS members host various informal meetings with members across the UK either in homes or at retailers. UKAPS also attends more formal events and exhibitions, nationally and internationally.

  • RHS Chelsea Flower Show
  • Hagen Trade Show
  • Festival of Fishkeeping
  • Aquatics Live (London)
  • The Art of the Planted Aquarium Contest (Germany)
  • Vivariam (Netherlands)
  • Interzoo (Germany)
  • Iberzoo (Spain)
  • Tropica (Denmark)

We invite you to join our growing community for free by joining the UKAPS Forum at 

The Team

George Farmer – Founder

Dan Crawford – Founder

Graeme Edwards – Founder

Paulo Leal – Web/Forum Administator 


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