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Recent content by Ady34

  1. Ady34

    Two’s a crowd…..

    Ha yeah, it is really, I’ve got fish art and an image of my previous tank. I’ll be adding to the pictures with more images of my scapes…. Yeah love the rocks, great shape, colour and texture. Haven’t created a journal yet….. thanks Garuf, I think if I were to do that I’d need to add another...
  2. Ady34

    Critique my hardscape Iwagumi's are hard!

    Love the progression through rock collection and swapping the tank out. The final composition is light years ahead of the first iteration and you should be proud. “two frogs humping” unfortunately cannot be unseen and adds a nice humorous element to the scape and perhaps even a journal title...
  3. Ady34

    New Decade, New Decadence...

    Looking great Geoff, wish my tanks were so confused 🤪🤣
  4. Ady34

    ‘Lazarus’...80x40x40, back on track!

    Lovely scape Thierry. Well deserving of the placement and testament to your persistence.
  5. Ady34

    Two’s a crowd…..

    Hi, thanks, it’s an ADA lightscreen with blue to white graded film. cheers, I think the lightscreen helps with that effect.
  6. Ady34

    Two’s a crowd…..

    Hi, thought I would share my most recent scape. I didn’t have a name for it as I haven’t done a journal so thought of one fast…..I guess with only two main stones :eek: it doesn’t conform so in this instance, ‘two’s a crowd’…. This was supposed to be a fill in scape (hence no journal) but it has...
  7. Ady34

    Twenty Seven Thousand.

    Thank you :) I added some chilli rasbora to this little scape, rehomed from my sons tank that was discontinued. They are the perfect fit and add so much to the feel. I’m a real fan of these tiny fish. Here’s an in situ image and a 40 second video of the scape, I love the way the riccardia...
  8. Ady34

    Joining the Aquascaper 900 club!

    Congratulations, it’s a stunning scape and you should be very proud.
  9. Ady34

    River/stream Iwagumi - 90P

  10. Ady34

    ‘Lazarus’...80x40x40, back on track!

    Thanks Thierry, and yes everything can be saved with good care :thumbup:
  11. Ady34

    New and improved Dutch style

    Wow, it has really grown in such a short space of time.
  12. Ady34

    ‘Lazarus’...80x40x40, back on track!

    Beautiful pictures and stunning plant health.
  13. Ady34

    Doreys DOOA Neo glass Terra H36 with wabi-kusa wall

    Looking great. I much prefer the current layout, like you say the wood dominated and now you can see the lovely planted wall.
  14. Ady34

    Twenty Seven Thousand.

    Little update. This tank reached its balance and now there is very little algae. The filamentous algae has all but gone and the tank ticks along nicely with the floating plants shading below and controlling the pace of the tank. The banana lily became too large so I removed it and replaced with...
  15. Ady34

    Water meadow gardening

    Just truly stunning. I bet you spent hours out there enjoying it. An incredible creation, you must be over the moon.