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Recent content by Ady34

  1. Ady34

    Tidy Jungle II

    Looking great with the height and colour from the lily. The melt may be due to the temp increase, this will have an impact on co2 dissolving so could be a small co2 deficiency. I’m experiencing a similar thing currently and that’s what I put it down to. Either that or increased plant mass in my...
  2. Ady34

    Always room for just one more....

    Thanks Tim.
  3. Ady34

    Tidy Jungle II

    Lovely looking scape. I think the lotus and nymphoides will fill the space left by the evicted plants nicely. Cheerio,
  4. Ady34

    Aquascaper 900 - Comeback Lockdown Tank :)

    Beautiful top down view Paulo Growth has hidden the hardscape, it’s amazing how the stones are completely covering the rocks now.
  5. Ady34

    Always room for just one more....

    Hi, this scape has now been taken down. Thank you to everyone that has contributed to the journal. On to the next…… Cheerio Ady.
  6. Ady34

    Lily pipes for a shallow tank?

    Hi, Forum sponsors Horizon Aquatics do a range of cal aqua pipes and one set is the X1s nano short inflow pipe with an immersion depth of 80mm. That should do the trick. Cheerio.
  7. Ady34

    Something... Something... Shallow Tank

    It’s made me consider using it in my next ‘rivergumi’ set up. Stripped the plants from my 600 last night ready to empty tonight for rescape. Going to be utilising some wild rhino stone and was considering a single species plant….maybe UG could be the one. Im going to utilise new Tropica soil so...
  8. Ady34

    Always room for just one more....

    No extra fish so not successfully. I did lose a few to jumping unfortunately in the early days, however once a heirarchy formed I haven’t lost any more in over 6 months. I believe it was due to excessive sparring and chasing. I would recommend a covered tank ideally especially for larger groups.
  9. Ady34

    Post Your Pics & Videos of the Great Outdoors

    Me and the Mrs went for a much overdue short break to Bowness, Lake Windermere Lake District. The area seemingly utilising some of Adam Paszczelas finest frodo stones……:lol: And more from Bowness and Windermere…. More recently walking the dog in our local town, Newton Aycliffe. Put...
  10. Ady34

    River life photos

    Perhaps a native scape? :D
  11. Ady34

    DOOA Maru Slice Of Nature

    Hi Dean. If your not going to utilise a powered light source I would definitely opt for a bright location near but perhaps not in a window. I found the dooa spray very inexpensive as you use so little. I bought two bottles originally and don’t think I even used half a bottle whilst I had my...
  12. Ady34

    Messing about

    Love it 🤣
  13. Ady34

    Always room for just one more....

    Thanks Killi.
  14. Ady34

    Always room for just one more....

    Thanks Tim, this 600 is ready for a rescape now though….. bba is unfortunately hanging on and I feel now the time is right to do a rescape :) Thanks, I have loved this little scape, probably my favourite ever due to loving the plants, but also more significantly I love the way the fish...
  15. Ady34

    New member

    Welcome Jan.