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21 Feb 2008
The rules did not migrate as they were on a Global Announcement and that did not convert, so here are the UKAPS rules once again for a reminder to old and new members. Cheers.

1. Treat others how you would like to be treated yourself. Remain polite at all times and avoid aggressive styles of communication. Critisisms are often welcome but ensure they are constructive.

2. The written word can be easily misinterpreted so carefully consider your post's content before submitting. Consider how the post may be interpreted by others, especially if the content is directed towards a member, personally.

3. Try to avoid ambiguity and make an effort to use correct spelling and grammar. You will likely receive more constructive replies if you put some effort into your posts.

4. Abusive language, swearing and being aggressive will not be tolerated. See Rule 5.

5. A three strikes rule is in force. Any transgressors to these Rules and Guidelines will receive two warnings via PM. Further inappropriate behavior will result in a ban. Obvious 'spammers' and troublemakers will be banned immediately without warning.

6. Any complaints towards our Sponsors should be dealt with privately with the sponsor via PM, email or telephone, in the first instance. However, in the interest of maintaining transparency, a degree of free speech and to educate other members, you should feel able to leave feedback on products and service. Remember to be constructive in any feedback, as per Rule 1.

7. Any complaints regarding other, non-sponsor suppliers, manufacturers etc. should also be dealt with privately with the relevant party in the first instance. UKAPS do not wish to deal with potential libel cases.

8. The Sponsors are responsible for moderating their own sub-forums but the Moderating Team will take action if seen necessary.

9. The Sponsors are politely requested to post exclusively in their own sub-forums. We recognise that the Sponsors have a wealth of knowledge worth sharing with the UKAPS membership so would encourage the Sponsor to post under a pseudonym username.

10. Employees of aquatic retailers are not to promote or advertise their products and/or services without prior permission granted from the Administrators. However, they are welcome to contribute to the forum as a regular member.

11. Any personal issues with any UKAPS Member, Moderator, Admin or Founder should be dealt with privately via PM. Public displays of aggression and inappropriate comments are not acceptable. Refer to Rule 1 and 5.

12. UKAPS wish to operate under a positive environment for the benefit of its Members and the planted aquarium hobby. The Founders, Admin and Moderating Team reserve the right to edit/move etc. post/threads with this in mind. However, if the above rules and guidelines are followed then this should not be necessary.

Rules for the Sales Forum can be found here: Trading rules for Sale/Swap/Wanted forum | UK Aquatic Plant Society

We thank you for your co-operation.

The UKAPS Founders, Admin and Moderating Team
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