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    Anyone know about Arcadia LED ?

    Thanks for the info guys, just came across them for the first time this weekend. I've only used T5 above plants so far but I know what you mean about the TMCs, I've got a pair above each of my non-planted 180g's and those provide more than enough light for them. Guess it'll be a pair of T5s then.
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    Anyone know about Arcadia LED ?

    I'm looking about to see what lighting I can put above my 60litre and came across the Arcadia Eco-Aqua LED tubes. Has anyone come across these ? If so are they any good for planted set-ups?
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    Nick16 signing out....

    Have a good time at Uni but you don't have to have fish to have a scape - what can they say if they look in and only see plants ? :wink:
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    "Prairie Lands"... job done

    Re: "Prairie Lands"...The return Wow - as you say, you don't really get a perspective of how deep the slope is until you see that end shot. Looking good though, and I hate waiting for plants too.
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    Moved House - The Restart

    Thanks all. I was in a quandry as to what to do with the 700 litre tank on it's own. I have a load of C.Moori fry in there just now and was intending in keeping my adults in there with a few fry but I have recently had requests for Syno Mutipunctatus so the dolphins are back in with the cats...
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    Moved House - The Restart

    As requested by Paulo, a couple of updated pic on my tanks. This was the way my planted set-up went, the rocks I just threw in before planting and I kind of like where they anded up once the dust settled so they've stayed there: Mid April: Growing in: And a week ago, got a few plants on the...
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    "Prairie Lands"... job done

    Re: "Prairie Lands"...The return Looking forward to it Mark, you're starting to make that bug itch me again too.... now where did I put that fire extinguisher ?
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    From This to This!!!

    Absolute stunners there and it only seems like yesterday, I was drooling over Paulos tank pics: My first attempt was this: Turning into this: and lately, following the house move and a few disasters: This: Into this:
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    Breeding Celestial Pearl Danio (Danio margaritatus)

    I mainly fed them on Hikari first bites and a crushed golden pearl food but I stopped breeding them almost a year ago so I can't remember where I picked that up from, seemed to do them good though. I also used to put in crushed peas now and again.
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    Breeding Celestial Pearl Danio (Danio margaritatus)

    I used to breed them in a hi-tech planted set-up with lots of Blyxa. I didn't do anything particularly different for them in there I had about 30 in a 180 litre with Amano shrimp. They would constantly be driving each other through the mounds of blyxa and I would just syphon off water after...
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    Cryptocoryne Riparium

    That is an absolutely stunning shot. Must admit - I love the shock of that red but I suppose it does tend to draw your eye in and away from the rest. I should imagine that kept lower it looks much better ?
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    Aquascaping on TV

    I totally forgot this was on TV, thanks for putting the link on George, the tank looked fantastic by the way and what a good plug :clap:
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    My discus tank

    Absolutely stunningas it is, but as said above - something to help the transition from the back to the carpet. Maybe some more Pogostemon or some Staurogyne. Or even wood with fern / mixed anubias
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    Journal 2 . Finaly, 4ft 238l CLOSEING down today 1st May

    Re: Journal 2 . Finaly, 4ft 238l updated 24th April Like the tank Chilled - looking good :thumbup: As for breeding the shrimp, I set up a 60 litre using sea water ready but then was overtaken by events before I could finish the project but I was using this article as a base...
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    Digital Switch timers...

    Those that I want to come on at the same time, I just plug an extension into. Cheaper option if they are all at the same time.