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Recent content by Angus

  1. Angus

    Get your garden out

    Nice Platycerium @foxfish :thumbup:
  2. Angus

    What are these plant ?

    In-vitro tissue culture is great stuff, i'm definitely a fan.
  3. Angus

    The Used-to-be-a-Biotope-Tank

    does the main unit not hold the water? i wouldn't expose the media completely to air, just open the top so to speak, so you have a better surface area of water to exchange oxygen, because you have no throughput through the filter if you keep it all sealed the oxygen will deplete quite quickly...
  4. Angus

    The Used-to-be-a-Biotope-Tank

    I would recommend taking the pump unit off the top and exposing the filters to the air if possible, you will get better dissolved oxygen levels, the colonies should go a few days like that.
  5. Angus

    What are these plant ?

    I did read recently about some UK suppliers having problems getting their plants wholesale from thailand due to a certain situation with trade and taxes in the UK, but I've not bought imported plants for a few years now, and whenever I did they had all sorts of insects residing in them, and...
  6. Angus

    The Used-to-be-a-Biotope-Tank

    Ahhh if only you had me there with my ms441 i would carve a path for your car bud.... :lol: the problem with getting cutters in to clear the stuff is they have to clear all the windblown on the way to the specific windblown tree that is blocking your access, it takes bloody ages for rural areas.
  7. Angus

    The Used-to-be-a-Biotope-Tank

    Oh my god! i was just enjoying the thread then came down to read this! I'm hoping for you! It didn't seem that bad down here but I know Scotland is another world when it comes to weather. Also a Honda generator not starting? first time I've heard of that.... is the world conspiring against you...
  8. Angus

    Fluval 406

    I noticed the noise with my 206 is related to the inlet outlet quick release, if you fiddle with the 2 levers it gets quieter for sure.
  9. Angus

    What's wrong with my Anubis?

    For me lowering lighting intensity via a dimmer or increasing the distance between the light unit and the substrate is the number one thing that helped greatly with any algae issue i have had in the past, Not in regards to stopping any bloom, but just in regard to slowing the whole problem down...
  10. Angus

    Fidelia squid: Dutch Aquascape 55ltr

    Did you plant front to back? or back to front? or neither? what was the planting order and how did you decide what to plant first? i'm assuming planting stems first is a good bet. :) nice job! :thumbup:
  11. Angus

    Water Circulation

    Are you using a spraybar i find it helps a lot with more thorough flow that seems to travel a longer distance underwater, or like wolf said powerheads are great, you could also use a surface skimmer to skim surface films and increase general flow in the tank, which kills 2 birds with one stone...
  12. Angus

    Smallest & Least Visible Heater

    The Hydor is like the only option when it comes to in-line heaters really, also you can at a push do maintenance on them yourself if you are a handy individual including gasket replacement etc. Other than inlines i use eheim jagers the old faithful but even those don't last that long for me, my...
  13. Angus

    Smallest & Least Visible Heater

    Yes you can, run the diffuser after the heater unit in the outflow, hydors are good, knockof inlines suck and aren't worth the saving you get, hydor all the way.
  14. Angus

    Xmas came early

    That's in the life plan for sure.... now i just need to find a rich wife to fund the fish room.... :lol:
  15. Angus

    Cat litter

    Thanks foxy! :D