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Recent content by bazz

  1. bazz

    Algae Identification

    I came to the conclusion from visual comparison that it was Staghorn but it's now been in neat Easycarbo for 48 hours and is still green. Back to the drawing board!
  2. bazz

    Algae Identification

    Hi, Could anyone help make a positive ID on this algae please, I've tried to compare it with lots of photos on here and elsewhere including James 'Planted Tank' Algae Identifier and still can't tell if it's Staghorn, Hair, Thread or what? I've just noticed a couple of tufts have popped up...
  3. bazz

    Aqua One, AquaSys

    Hi, Have you received your aquarium yet, I paid for the 230 over the phone after the guy at Viscum Aquatics told me that it would be 1 or 2 weeks, that was on 25.01.21, and I'm still waiting?
  4. bazz

    Not going so well this time.

    Hi, Jewel lido 70 x 60 x 50cm, 200l. 2 x 600 Ultima growbeam on 50% for 5 hours/day. 1200 XLT filter. 2000 compact+ running a Sera Flore 1000 reactor. Drop checker 4 degree KH water = yellow. 3 Bags of Eco complete and 1 bag of Seachem fluorite black. Dosing EI. I've set up 7 or 8 aquariums...
  5. bazz

    Removing the rim on the Juwel Rio 300

    photo's? enjoying this!
  6. bazz

    plant id please?

    yeah your right lads, it came obviously with no label and tiny round red leaves, it threw me by growing so wide, the crowns are now easily 4 inches across, but it is slow growing in height. thanx, bazz!
  7. bazz

    plant id please?

    hi, i don't think i will have to wait long for somebody to identify this please? cheers and thanx!
  8. bazz

    Kauai - Iwagumi

    haha, i know exactly where this little spot is! cheers!
  9. bazz

    DIY Project DIY Water Changer, No more buckets!!

    hi, i just use one of those hose clips off the back of an old washing machine syphon out more than 50% into the shower cubicle (live in a flat) occasionally taking off the clip to clean the substrate, takes about 40 mins which is just enough time to clean one of the filters and various...
  10. bazz

    N-P-K Help

    hi, read this..... http://www.ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=1211 100 liters = 25.5 us galls, after substrate/hardscape displacement, you can dose for a 20 us gal tank! dose this, eg monday, wednesday and friday..... NPK (Nitrogen+Phosphorus+Potassium) Mixture for 20 Gallon Tank 1...
  11. bazz

    co2 distribution

    hi, definitely more misty (finer), and less bubbly, no joke! cheers, bazz!
  12. bazz

    How long till you give up?

    hi, well i think it looks very nice, but as previous posters have already mentioned, the addition of a focal point would be good, don't be afraid to have a little fiddle or a tweak, you can always put things back if you're unhappy with the results and it should help to expend some of your...
  13. bazz

    Four Seasons 300L Finish

    Re: Untitled Yet 300L optiwhite (Trimmed) very,very nice!!!
  14. bazz

    Hi and some questions

    hi angelah, i personally don't think it is set in concrete that you need to have your spraybars along the back of your tank seeing as you're going low tech. its your tank and you are the one that has to find it aesthetically pleasing. you could toy with the idea of having both inlets at one end...
  15. bazz

    "Prairie Lands"... job done

    Re: "Prairie Lands"... crypts removed keep it up i say! cheers!