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Recent content by foxfish

  1. foxfish

    Hi, I'm Ruby and I'm a fish/plant nerd!

    Welcome to the forum, NI .. Northern Ireland ?
  2. foxfish

    Back to T5, mistake ?

    You only need to go back 7-8 years and the majority of planted tanks used T5s. Interestingly, as I remember it, there seemed to be far more pictures of beautiful tanks on this forum and far less post about lighting issues ? The T5 guide lines were simple and accurate as the tubes were long...
  3. foxfish

    Post Your Pics & Videos of the Great Outdoors

    Almost chestnut time, two more weeks I would say…..
  4. foxfish

    CO2 generator kits - any good?

    You may not have to actually buy a new fire extinguisher, it depends on how resourceful you can be as they can often be picked up for fee, The cylinders are date stamped and you might find one near the end of its life for instance. Anyway it is best to do a bit of revision and find out who...
  5. foxfish

    CO2 Reactor UK sellers?

    Ha ha look what you started…its great! A Venturi might restrict flow but that is hardly and issue if you have a successful reactor and still have enough flow.
  6. foxfish

    CO2 Reactor UK sellers?

    Excellent work Zeus, keep up the good work and experimenting. Of course some reactors rely on a build up of gas in the chamber to operate as they are designed to do but I dont like that idear on a C02 reactor. If you could achieve that vortex cyclone effect it might solve that build up, my main...
  7. foxfish

    In Tank vs Inline

    How long is a pice of string or maybe how big is your tank would be a good start? Both have the same sort of ceramic stone so bubble size will be the same. In line is popular in combination with a spray bar especially on larger tanks and in tank seem to be popular with smaller tanks but there is...
  8. foxfish

    Planted tank sump design - need your feedback. :-)

    If you are planning to run a high tec 550l tank then I would assume you have already found a good affordable C02 supply because you are going to use plenty of it. What little more gas that might be consumed, wont be as significant as having a good suppy to start with. There is no disputing...
  9. foxfish

    Show Your Pets

    Sealyham terries are unusual dogs, my friend has a lovely looking Sealyham with a black patch over its eye but he is a bit grumpy with other dogs!
  10. foxfish

    CO2 Reactor UK sellers?

    Thanks for the positive vibes, I have to deal with a six week recovery including the next 10 day of doing virtually nothing! I have always enjoyed making reactors, I absolutely loved messing with protein skimmers but I only have one low tech tank running nowadays so my reactors days may be over…...
  11. foxfish

    CO2 Reactor UK sellers?

    It is probably easier to set up a small tank and get a good even flow but in every case you need to think about the equipment and match it to the tank. Generally speaking you will get more issues with a small reactor on a large tank than a large reactor on a small tank but some of us just like...
  12. foxfish

    CO2 Reactor UK sellers?

    No 1 is something I have done, no 2 would be miles better but I dont know if it would work?
  13. foxfish

    CO2 Reactor UK sellers?

    Yeah pretty serious, I have had my left kidney removed via robotic surgery. That was four days ago and I am due to fly back home tomorrow evening from Southampton. I feel like I have been hit by a train but there are many worse off folk in the ward around me and the surgery went as planed so it...
  14. foxfish

    CO2 Reactor UK sellers?

    Great stuff mate, I did not realise that was your plan at all! I thought you were going to inject the main gas feed into the Venturi and just return any gas build up into the main flow just before the Venturi device. That is how I have done it before, I found that a simple loop of airline from...
  15. foxfish

    Help! overdosed my tank

    if you are at all concerned then yes do a water change.