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    Reusing filter media + plants from snail infested tank

    The first pic is a ramshorn, the second is a bladder snail. As SRP3006 says the population depends on the food, so your tank caretaker has probably been overfeeding.
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    Plant doctors to the emergency! Please help

    Yes, more details would be useful. 28 Celsius is rather warm, most tropical fish and plants do better at 22 or 24. What kind of suckermouth? Some can cause problems. Pine cones can release resin, the best cones are Alder, various Alnus species, a very different kind of tree and cone, which are...
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    Advice on Soft vs Hard Water and pH Shock

    I wondered about that as @shangman said South American fish. Maybe Green Neon Tetras?
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    Advice on Soft vs Hard Water and pH Shock

    I think that's it. Did you do any water tests after introducing the fish? It could have been an ammonia or nitrite spike from adding a lot of fish at once.
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    Critique my hardscape First Timer

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    An eventual hello!

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    Summer Tubbing

    No, I'm another one that enjoys this thread. :)
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    Major shrimp deaths, feeling like giving them up :(

    Sounds like another product that does something that would have happened anyway. :)
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    Algae affecting plants

    No problem keeping plants with those sorts of fish. You need to adjust yout ferts to allow for the amout of nitrogen in the fish's waste. I would cut out the macro (NPK) completely to start with and see how the plants get on. You might need to go back to dosing small amounts of P and/or K if and...
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    Algae affecting plants

    You could just have on and off, but I'm assuming you want the gradual increase for your fish; in which case ramping up from off to full over 10 or 15 minutes will be ok.
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    Hello, world

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    Algae affecting plants

    I think Fiske is right, that's a long photoperiod. Also, the dawn and sunset may be giving four hours when the light is enough for algae to grow but too dim for your plants to benefit. I would; Reduce those times to 30mins, or 15 if your controller can do that. Remove as much algae as you can...
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    An introduction from me.

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    German blue ram bullying betaram

    You're right there, I've been to several of their branches and they vary enormously, it must be due to staff. The better branches are very good.
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    Adding a filter

    Hi Hughesy124, it depends on what you're planning for your tank. If you're going to inject CO2 the general rule is that you need the filter's claimed flow to be 10x tank volume per hour, to ensure good distribution of the CO2. If not, you can go for a less powerful filter, or stick with high...