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    script error

    If you email Richard about it, I'm sure he'll sort it as soon as possible unless he already isn't - you might get a quicker response.
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    Peely's 55cm Cube

    This has the makings of a good triangular composition. I like the tank size too, I'd quite like a tank this shape.
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    saintly's "Prairie Lands"

    I still think Rummies are the fish for this scape. ;) My Nerites have never laid eggs, and even if they do I'm sure it won't post that much of a problem.
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    Nick's Journal

    I do :lol: that's a minor issue in the scape, though. You'll sort it out. Like the other guys are saying, it's best to trim it down. Maybe not to the substrate, but about 5mm above.
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    Superman's Replant - 180l - Crypt's Causeway

    Cool, I can recommend TGM's graded gravel - very nice stuff and cheap too. Keep us posted! :D
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    Nick's Journal

    This has the makings of a nice-looking jungle scape, nice one. ;)
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    Superman's Replant - 180l - Crypt's Causeway

    Any update on this? ;)
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    Shrimp Tank - Juwel Rekord 60

    Glad to hear you sorted it - that's a good catching technique too! Post some pics when it's all set up again ;)
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    Britain's Got Talent 2009

    :lol: I know what you mean. It really annoys me when singers go on Britain's Got Talent. Why? WHY? Go on the X Factor if you're a singer.
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    Britain's Got Talent 2009

    I can't be the only one who watches this - anyone else? Come on Andy, I can count on you - me and you were X Factor buddies. :lol: I know a lot hasn't happened so far, but I'll be supporting these guys this year. Is that good or is that good? ;)
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    Apple Snails

    Ah, great :D so these guys won't touch my plants, right?
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    Mark 1st Journal

    No.4 for me too, it's very different but works well - which is good, you want to be different.
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    Inspiration thread - Post your sources of inspiration!

    Don't forget Cau-aqua guys! I'm being lazy and can't remember the URL :|
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    C. Adolfi

    I don't think anyone can predict fish behaviour, it depends on the fish. Having said that, at 6cm they aren't large fish and small Rainbowfish aren't known for eating shrimp. I think you'll be ok, but you can only try it and see what happens. I've never kept them though.
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    Testing 3giphone

    The two main pros to getting a mac IMO is the great design, and the fact that there aren't many viruses for Mac's around, they tend to last a lot longer than Windows.