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Recent content by TLH

  1. TLH

    Fish Illness ID needed...

    Curved spine is often associated with old age. It can also be attributed to Vit C deficiency sometimes I've heard, something akin to rickets I suppose.
  2. TLH

    echinodorus tank

    I agree with Mark. Unless you have a huge tank they can soon take over. I have a marbled queen that a1matt gave me that has taken over my 48"x18"x15". I'm kinda loathed to get rid of it but I think it's going to have to go soon as it's shadowing out everything else on one half of the tank.
  3. TLH

    Snail ID

    I have those. Try looking for Physa sp.
  4. TLH

    Getting stems to grow straight up

    Light coloured substrates bouncing light back maybe thereby confusing the plant as to which way is up?
  5. TLH

    Is all CO2 the same?

    There is only one size of thread for disposable cylinders, afaik, in the uk (and maybe the world) for COâ‚‚ which I think is 10mm x 1. I've not got a disposable reg to check it.
  6. TLH

    No bubbles when solenoid cuts on

    I'm no expert but it sounds like you may have some grit or dirt in the solenoid. Can you blast it clear with a compressed air line? You shouldn't really open the valve on your reg all the way, just turn it enough to get 1-2 barr. The valve on the bottle only needs opening as far as to show...
  7. TLH

    TLH's Tank

    TDI-Line's Rummies... Picked 'em up last Saturday along with 10 Oto's. Tested for ammonia daily but not a trace detectable. Kinda surprised me as I was expecting a blip if not a spike with adding so many fish at once, added 44 fish to this tank which only had 6 in before. Fish settled in within...
  8. TLH

    Using chemicals from work?

    Aslong as they are pharmaceutical grade they should be fine. Main ones are KNO₃, MgSO₄, KH₂PO₄ and to a lesser extent K₂SO₄. Then of course you'll still need some form of Trace mix.
  9. TLH

    Would this be a suitable filter?

    One thing to bear in mind is that if a 200w heater malfunctions it'll heat the tank alot quicker than a smaller one. A 50w would still be able to heat your tank more than well enough, maybe even just a 25w would do in a 27 litre tank. External filters need to be below the tank to work best.
  10. TLH

    When to add Shrim/Fish to a new tanks?

    Aslong as the fish aren't ripping the plants up or eating them they won't be bothered at all.
  11. TLH

    When to add Shrim/Fish to a new tanks?

    If you JUST keep plants then no you don't have to cycle the tank but you will have to cycle if keeping fish. Plants don't produce ammonia but fish do. You can add ammonia to do a fishless cycle and then stock to the full load almost immediately or add the fish in small numbers slowly building...
  12. TLH

    TLH's Tank

    Couple of days turned into a month, sorry. :lol: I've been meaning to resize these pics and put them on for a while now. I finally chopped down most of the plants yesterday and had a tidy up in preparation for some new fish at the weekend. The original flower spike from the Ech.Cordifolius...
  13. TLH

    Willow drift wood

    What about acetylsalicylic Acid in the bark ie;aspirin? Not sure I would want my fish swimming around in a bath of that knowing that they use it for thinning the blood to prevent clots
  14. TLH

    Loose Gauge Cover

    The cover is only there to stop the needle and dial getting damaged nothing else.
  15. TLH

    Ice Road Truckers

    They all have bigger cahoonas than I do.....and less sense. :lol: