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    Women UPDATE 23/4/11

    Re: Women Thats a great story. Just goes to show you can never tell what they are thinking. Cheers Gordon.
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    Which laptop to go for?

    Maybe have a look at UK Laptops too, they sell refurbished dell laptops. Here is a description of what they class as refurbished. What is Refurbished When you purchase a "Refurbished" laptop this does not generally mean it is second-hand, old or repaired. Where do we get our Laptops from...
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    Where do you guys work?

    Im a Electrician, working on industrial and commercial side of things. Cheers Gordon.
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    hahaha cool pic Sam. Hope that little fishy sent you a postcard whilst away from his/her home. :lol: :lol: :lol: Cheers Gordon.
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    Sony Ericsson W760 Mobile Pi (Any one have any reviews on th

    As the title really has any one here got any experience with the Sony Ericsson W760i Black mobile phone. I have always stuck with Nokia's before but like the look of this one. Plus i can get this on a free upgrade. Many Thanks Gordon.
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    Happy Birthday

    Thanks Guys. Maybe a year older, but also a year wiser. :lol: Cheers Gordon.
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    Nothing here neither, has been sunny here too. But very cold out though. Cheers Gordon.
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    Cheap/good deals on broadband and phone. Moving house.

    Hi, Maybe have a look at Virgin they have some good deals. http://allyours.virginmedia.com/html/bundles/index.html Cheers Gordon.
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    Police probe called off after officers spot something fishy

    hahahahaha, had to chuckle to myself at the one. Cheers Gordon.
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    Where are you from?

    Oxford, Oxfordshire