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    Hydor Ext Heater for my Fluval 405

    Hi, I run exactly hte same heater on exactly the same filter with no issues. However, due to the ribbed piping, I have hung the heater from a nail to ensure it doesn't work loose.Changing the pipes however will be a better option! Obviously the flow will be reduced a bit too, but I expect you...
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    Aquarium-safe paint/varnish?

    Thanks for that, I'll look into it!
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    Aquarium-safe paint/varnish?

    Hi all, I am planning to replace the scabby, broken hood of my 60l with a DIY job with some wood we've got lying about indoors (it's a bit of a building site!). I just thought I'd check what would be suitable for waterproofing the interior as I don't want to poison the lot! Any tried and tested...