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    666 Journals!

    Please can someone start a new Journal - I can't bear seeing 666, the mark of the Beast, on the topic numbers :lol:
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    Replacing tank

    Well, it's been a long time since I've been on here! Both my tanks are ticking along nicely although the 50l is sorely in need of replacing as the lid is broken. As it's my birthday today, my husband has decided I can get a 120l tank to replace it (yay!). However, as I'm transferring the...
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    Very neglected tank...

    It's been a while since I've been on here as my tank had been ticking over ok. However due to a severe shortage of money I have been unable to replenish my TPN+ which ran out some time ago (as well as the CO2 :cry: ) and as the substrate has been in for over a year it is looking very sad in...
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    What do you do with old hardscape?

    I've just been toying with the idea of changing the lava rock in my tank for something else and got to thinking... What on earth do the people that rescape regularly do with all the hardscape they remove? Surely if you keep it all for future use it'd fill a room!!
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    Washing hands before putting them in the tank!

    Hi, this may seem like a stupid question, but here goes... I work as a school caretaker and as such, I have a fair bit of chemical residue on my hands after work. I always wash my hands before doing tank maintenance, but is there any kind of soap that could cause problems in the tank for either...
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    Advice on complete rescape without causing a mini cycle

    Hi, as the title suggests, I am planning on totally gutting my 4' tank adding new substrate and plants etc. All there is at the moment is rocks and sand :( . How can I do this without causing a cycle or will it not do this anyway? Sorry if this is a stupid question and/or in the wrong place!