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    Definitely weeping moss IME. Mine has started growing up the glass at the back of the tank! Andyh, there is some weeping moss on ebay atm if you're interested...
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    Yes, another riccia question...

    Glad some of the plants survived the trip! I am overwhelmed with riccia, and most of the other plants are doing well too, thanks!
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    Toxic plants

    Thanks, I was thinking of Chlorophytum now I've actually checked! :oops:
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    Toxic plants

    I know this isn't the point of the topic, but aren't Ceratophyllum spider plants and therefore not aquatic plants or is there a type that is aquatic?
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    Yes, another riccia question...

    Fantastic, thanks! :D
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    Yes, another riccia question...

    Hi, a short while ago I got some riccia from hellohefalump (t hanks again!) and I kept it floating to grow for a while. In the meantime I had 'flu so the tank got put on the back burner for a while. Needless to say,the riccia is a substantial mass now and more than I can use at present. Is there...
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    Limnobium Laevigatum (Amazon Frogbit)

    I have them too and the dead leaves are a pain to remove as they get hidden easily! I find that my pencilfish love hiding under them. I did have them in another tank but the surface agitation used to send them zooming around the tank which got a bit annoying after a while!
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    Moss troubles...

    Thanks, I had a lookat the weeping moss in the 60l (no co2 yet) tank and it has just started to root. The Java moss in the other tank hasn't so I retied it, just impatient I guess :roll: :wink:
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    Moss troubles...

    Hi, I am having trouble with getting my mosses (weeping & java) to root. I seem to recall reading somewhere on here (or did I dream it? :lol: ) that mosses aren't all that keen on very hard water. It is tied to lava rock so it shouldn't be to difficult but after 2 months it's still constantly...
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    A Question

    My big tank is less than 1 wpg and no CO2 at the mo and I have Ambulia (Limnophila sessiflora) growing well. In my other tank (abt 1.5 wpg and no CO2 either 'til I set it up!) I have Bacopa australis which is sending out new growth from the base and is reddening where it reaches the surface. I...
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    vallis problems HELP

    Looks like it's being eaten to me! If it was rotting etc, the edges wouldn't still be green. I am having a similar problem - something is eating my vallis about one third up leaving the top two thirds floating on the surface. I bought 3 apple snails frommy local MA, not knowing at the time that...
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    Plant ID quiz

    I'd got as far as an Anubia, but no further on the species...
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    Angels eating my Frogbit!!

    I am trying not to overfeed them, but I do feed them 3 times a day. They are only eating the roots, but there is more than enough green food for them to eat that goes in for the snails/ottos etc. I've removed the frogbit and put it in the other tank where it's safe, but I'll try something...
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    willow / twisted willow branch

    Willows will form aquatic roots and trees grown near lakes/ponds will drink alot of water and have a root system beyond the size of the tree canopy (hence advising against planting near houses as they can demolish your foundations!). I don't know about what it would do to the tank, but all I...
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    Angels eating my Frogbit!!

    Hi, I have Amazon Frogbit in both my tanks. It's doing great in the smaller tank, but in the bigger tank, my angels will not leave it alone - they've eaten nearly all the roots and have started on the leaves now :evil: . It's taken me a while to find the culprits, but I caught them red-finned...
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    How long to leave plants before introducing apple snails?

    Hmmm, one say Yeay and one say Nay! Should I have let the plants establish more before introducing them or will that have made no difference? I put a slice of cucumber in there yesterday and they've not left it alone! Hopefully they'll eat that instead of the plants now!
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    How long to leave plants before introducing apple snails?

    Hi,I wasn't sure where to post this so hope this is OK! My tank is now cycled and yesterday I added 3 otos and 3 apple snails (all doing very nicely :D ). However... I was under the impression that apple snails only ate dead or dying vegetation but my apple snails (from MA) are voraciously...