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  1. scottturnbull

    More Journals? discuss.....

    I'm not an aquascaper either. The main reason for doing a journal is so other people can benefit. Rarely does everything go smoothly when setting up a tank. We all run into problems from time to time. If it's a problem you haven't encountered before, the internet is fine. But there's usually too...
  2. scottturnbull

    Whats the life span of your aquascape?

    I do it so I can grow something in the winter months without bankrupting myself with horticultural lighting. It's also easier to keep fish in winter. Up here it's cold and dark from about October to March. So I'd say six months is a good duration for keeping a tank running. In the summer, I'd...
  3. scottturnbull

    Planting for Dummies

    These videos should help get you started: Tropica tips and tricks for handling plants. UKAPS own George Farmer showing how it's done.
  4. scottturnbull

    New Forum Rules and Guidelines

    The italicised part of rule 6 is a welcome addition. A good balance, in my opinion. You don't want to drive off investment, but you don't want the content of the forum to be compromised by vested interests. I look forward to seeing how it operates in practice. As for the italicised part of rule...
  5. scottturnbull

    Christmas present quandry

    Have you seen the PFK Video Blog where George Farmer does Matt Clarke's aquascape? Matt's tank is a different size, but the species of plants, and the overall low-maintenance approach should be relevant nonetheless. You might have to register with PFK to watch it. It doesn't cost anything.
  6. scottturnbull

    Plant Question

    I used to feed plants with aquarium water several times a day. It is called aquaponics. I had an elaborate system of timers, with the aquarium water flooding a large tray of pots filled with clay pebbles. I grew herbs and lettuces and whatnot. There were plants in the aquarium, too. I dosed both...