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    Building a tank

    thanks for that, I'll have a search on those links. :)
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    Building a tank

    So I have this alcove, which a normal tank just won't fit into properly, so have been thinking about getting one made, or doing it myself, kind of. Anyway, my question would be if I get the glass all cut for me and then I silicone it together, is that all that needs to be done, or do I need a...
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    New Tank - Harware Final Review

    ARGH, that is so annoying. I was looking at getting a couple of the 1200's yesterday but thought I'd wait. Wish I'd got them yesterday now.
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    Pump for water changes ?

    I use a syphon to get the water out of my tank and a standard pond pump (about £20) to get the water back into my tank and that is 240l with a 50% water change every week.