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    Plastic tank corner bracket glass lid holder

    Anyone know where i can get these. These came with the Pets at home tanks. And want some for a clearseal tank i have. Also ordered some straight ones already from the bay but keen on the corner ones which I cannot find. Thanks in advance Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
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    Tesco clay cat litter.

    Hi all. Been a while since ive been on. Moved homes and plant to restart some of my Aquariums. I have 1 or 2 bag of cat litter from years back. But wondered, do tesco still have this. Has packaging changed? I say i bought some 4 years back now. Its a long time and wonder if they no longer...
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    First Ever DSLR - How to take pics of my tank and shrimp

    Hi all, I purchased a Canon 350 DSLR from this board, and have been experimenting, I can take decent pics in Auto mode, but want to get some close ups and decent pics of the tanks. Comes with a 18-55 mm II lens. I have the manual but not really looked at it yet as not sure how much of it is...
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    Carpet plant options

    I am looking ot recape my tank. It is currently 120l, with 90cm T8 30w. And all low tech plants attached to something. I have another lighting unit, to add another T8 (was thinking LED) Anyhow, I am looking to rescape with Tesco Molar. I have Co2 and regs, and can add, along with ferts, but...
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    Nano Gravel Cleaner

    Dennerle Nano Gravel Cleaner http://www.zooplus.co.uk/shop/fish/wate ... ing/184165 vs JBL AquaEx 10-35 Nano Gravel Cleaner http://www.swelluk.com/aquarium/cleanin ... 46642.html Anyone used either? I have one but its pretty big and would take out most water in like 15seconds in a nano. So...
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    HOB with 260lph but Not enough Filteration?

    I have a 14l with a 260lph HOB Filter, its pretty good. I have a 500lph one but it was way to big for the tank and I dumped it for a smaller more proportionate filter. The filteration is pretty good on this, but I dont think the flow isnt very good unfortunately and as I have a large bog wood...
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    Black dots on Anubias

    I seem to be getting some dots on my Anubias, originally thought it was algae but not 100%, as I got some on leaves that am growing emersed? Pics of affected leaves (Phone pics so not the greatest)? Still not 100% but all I can gather is BBA but it doesnt pretude the leaf, seems flat, black...
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    Subtrate cleaning in heavily planted tanks

    One thing i see is recomendations to vacuum and clean subtrate, etc etc. when you have a lightweight subtrate heavily planted surely vacuming would disturb the plants and its roots and make a mess of the whole setup? What if you have a carpet? What if you have soil subtrate? My shrimp nano...
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    Do Snails eat pelia?

    I added a pad of (Monoselenium tenerum) pelia to my tank, within a week the pad is bare :( I have one in another tank, with snails which also looks considerably worn too but with some green still there and am hoping it recovers and see's sme growth? And have one pad on a window which is...
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    Low tech tank - Tips of leaves dark green - Java Fern

    As title really, dont really dose ferts until recently. To avoid deficiencies, I dose API Leaf Contains chelated iron and potassium only I beleive) and Seachem phospherous, but still got dark green tips of leaves on my Java ferns? Am I lacking another fert of some kind? Water change once a...
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    Fissedens tips with filamentous algae strands

    I am not sure but my fissedens is covered in a barely visible thin strand of algae I think, originally thought it was the plant growing as each fillement in on each tip of the fissedens, seems a single strand for every leaf. Its kinda a low tech tank (3.5w LED Light, tank is in sig) I havent...
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    Yellow Shrimp - Or RCS - Sexing

    I am fairly new to shrimp and nearly a month in to having shrimp, I have wondered how they are sexed, I have found some of my shrimp have a area behind the head like a sack, which I read might be for the development of eggs? But they are not berried, noticed they have a deep yellow line along...
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    GADGET - Seneye Home

    http://www.seneye.com/store/devices/sen ... evice.html Anyone used one, as for gadgets go, any good?
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    Unexplained fish deaths

    Came home today to find a dwarf cory dead in my tank, lossed one on weekend. I tested water then Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 5ppm. Ph 7.5, temp 23-24'c, 400 TDS. Gutted. Same result again today. It looked well yesterday. I have 2 guppy fry which are growing fast and looking healthy, along...
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    Rain Water - Who uses it in their tanks

    Do you filter it before use? I was plannng on filtering via carbon and a 1 or 5 micron filter as well. I have 3 cannister filters. Any tips too? Ordered two water butts this weekend, which I should be collecting on Sat or Sun. The weather here predicted suits the setup really, bloody raining...
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    Stained water - tanins + humic acids filtering out???

    Query. I got some cattapa tea bags, added to my 25l nano on water change on Sat. Water did stain, loads actually, water went to a tea brown with one bag. 2nd day it faded a little. Looked black water, and me thinking fish are happier. As the days have gone on water stain has faded and faded...
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    What spec scales - Weighing EI chems

    I need scales to measure up solutions for EL. Seen a few on the bay ranging from 0-200g and 0-1000g. The latter seems more practical, and could have greater use, but just seeing what the verdict is out there? 200g one is far smaller of course which is nice. Wondering if someone has bought a...
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    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/230744514378 Anyone used one of these, tempted to go for one :?:
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    Naidids or other

    Yesterdaday when feeding my shrimp, when the flake was being broken up by the shrimp into small chunks, I noticed what looked like a glass like worm run too one of the small flakes, and looked to be tucking in. Looked to be part of the redmoor root some alive. was 2mm at most. It was...
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    HC Cuba from P@H

    Popped into P@H this evening to see new delivery of HC Tropica range. Anyone bought from them? Now my tank isn't ready yet, but whilst the plants were fresh if I was to buy 3 pots (offer is 3 for 11) and grow in a clear container emersed, on window would I see growth? I have a lid which fits...
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    Do shrimp eat nematodes/copepods?

    As title really, i had some guppy fry in a tank, to try control this, did seem to work, didnt see any, removed them when I added shrimp, and seem to be seeing some nematodes back again, and now bloody copepods to add which I had only see in my other nano. Just wondered if shrimp do take them...
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    cattapa leaves for shrimp

    cattapa leaves, where do folk get them from. Was hoping to possibly add some to my tank
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    ITS FRIDAY: Joke of the Day

    A lttle boy asks his dad "where does poo come from dad?" His day explains "well son, food passes down the Osophagus by peristalsis. It enters into the stomach, where digestive enzymes induce a probiotic reaction in the alimentary canal. This extracts the protein before waste product enter the...
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    Quarentine Pelia showing Fuzz Algae

    Basically I bought some pads with Pelia on it, and I have put into tubs on window, and within days it looks like strands of 4mm hairs on the tip of the very few leaves on pelia. Its pretty new and pretty flat the pelia, so thought stick it on window to get it going, as I heard it can take a...
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    BUG IDENTIFICATION: white dots darting around

    Hey, my other tank suffered Nematodes, my other nano, today during water change noticed little white dots darting around tank on glass. Really fast buggers. Anyone know what they are, are they a worry?
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    Not enough filteration??? P&H 25l Supplied Filter

    I have a P&H 25l and am using the supplied Coopet or something filter that came with, its not bad basically a internal filtter with spraybar. I lost one rasbora to the main inlet plug, so I have modded it with HA6 silicone blocking it up along with the gap power adjuster, on max setting with...
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    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/800-2200LPH-B ... 58941d5fda Anyone used these? Looking for the smallest one EF-800 for a 25l nano :?:
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    Nematodes - where the hell did they come from

    My tank what 3-4 weeks old now. Only snails, and they the only additions I have made of late, but I have never really looked for them. Found some snail eggs in tank, and whilst scoping them out saw these tiny 1-2mm white worm creatures on glass and soon looked like they were gliding through...
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    Shrimp Ghetto - Nano Shrimp & Snail Tank 14l

    EDIT: Latest pics on page 5 Hi All, Ok so i think it was time to start a journal, share my attempts, and hopefully gain some guidence and critique. The tank is 2-3 weeks old now, intially when planted wood went to float so have a rock holding the wood down, will give it another week for it to...
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    Peterborough visit - Maidenhead Aquatics

    Whilst weekend away, went to The Water Zoo, and Madenhead Aquatics in Peterborough seeing I was there and wow, the centrepiece tank was mahoosive. Apparently UKAPS had a hand in developing it? So who was it? I just pondered across it by chance. Worth the visit for the big tank alone. :thumbup:
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    Nitrite & Ammonia of London Tap Water

    Seems there are a few members on her from my neck of the woods. Can anyone tell me when they get out of the tap for Ammonia and Nitrite? I tested my tap water today and it was at 10ppm for Nitrite. My ammonia was off the scale, but I think the test kit is dead (its old and I bought it 2 years...
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    Redmoor Root - Waterlogging

    I managed to go shopping and get a nice chunk of red wood for my nano. Had to make a few cuts to get it to fit, which hurt seeing it was expensive to begin with. Anyhow on filling water the root was making for the surface, now I have managed to place a rock on it to hold it down, but wondered...
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    Best/cheapest way to attach moss to something

    Seen a lot of moss that comes on mesh, now I bought some moss, which soon as I put into water split into loads of small pieces, assume it was trimming/cuttings I bought. Wasnt attached to anything. Anyhow, without having to spend loads on buying stuff to stick it too which in counter...
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    Do i need to earth a BC Cap Lamp

    I have a BC 30w Daylight Bulb, and plan was to use this for my nano aquarium light. Now the lamp batten I had found was a 2 point socket and I have an old 2 core main plag wired and bingo, it works. But then wondered, about the earth, in most cases I have seen 3 core wire used, now days in...
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    ideas for hanging light - Nano

    Right, I am doing a bit of DIY for my light, plan was to have a hanging hood/light over tank, made from, :lol: a buscuit tin that is square and attaching light inside (BC Cap). The shiny inside acting as a refelctor. Plan was to have some wire hanging up to something. That something is the...
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    P@H Glass cover/Evaporation Glass Handle

    I got a nano, and some who have the same will have the glass cover that comes with it, now it doesnt have any handles, and is a bit of a pain to take off. Has anyone put handles on, I was thinking of some small stubs sillicon'ed on or 3M sticky pads to stick to glass? Just cant find anything...
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    TDS of London Tap Water

    I ordered a digital TDS meter, on the bay, not sure how accurate they are, but thought it would be a quick indicator of water. Quick and Easy. Arrived this morning, and being my newest gadget i had to test. 2" of tap water, slipped in meter. 344 ppm. http://theaquariumwiki.com/TDS...
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    Advice on P@H 25 ltr Stocking

    Just setting up a planted tank, now the issue is my water is hard ish, I have successfully over the years, keep Peppered, Bronze and Albino Corys, Ancistrus, and Guppies, a gold barb (Gold Barb or Schuberti barb) which I inherited along with a Gourami. I think I had the Gourami for a few years...
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    lake tanganyika shell dwellers

    Anyone keep them? Do they feet well with planted aquaria, as they are knwon to dig up sand. Also whats the smallest tank I could get away with to keep a pair or three in.
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    Thing of Beauty

    Dunno why, it looks real pretty. Now I need a FE. And a Diffuser or Atomiser. Ooooohhh, Happy Happy joy joy.
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    I noticed a lot of powerheads on he bb on peeps tanks. Whats the purpose on top of spray bars say from a external filter? Is it just a case of better co2 distribution, or water flow?
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    New beginning-Re build of tank

    hi folks, been a while since i last posted. Been busy with life, as well as reading on what I should be doing. I am planning to re-jig my setup and a pointer here and there would be lovely. Anyhow, I want to keep budgets low. Plan: Empty my current tank. Dump UGF and gravel. Replace with...
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    Pebble based UGF Tropical

    Right, I have a gravel based aquarium and a UGF which I havest used in a while, stone get clogged up. Now I have tried pond weed, Elodea canadensis, which didnt seem to like the light in the tank, the leaves became bright and narrow, and didnt seem to stay in the depth of the tank, always...
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    Needle Valve

    I bought a CO2 valve on the bay of e many years ago, i dont think it was design for tank dispensing, but was sold onthose grounds. It does have a pipe exit, will post a pic of it up here once I have located it. It has a BSP style screw/bolt type connection. It was just a valve with two dials...
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    New to the forum, Have had a 4ft tropical tank for about 10-11 years, used to be planted, but plants have died out (as tank is more gravel/undergravel filter). It is tropical. Guppys (Many now), have 4 Ancistrus, and 4 Corys. This is a settled tank, fish seem happy, so happy to leave them...