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  1. Sentral

    Low Tech / Low Flow Plants for Betta

    Hi all, Hoping someone can give me some advice on what plants will tolerate/thrive in a low tech and low flow tank that currently houses a betta? It would be great if anyone has had experiences with this kind of setup :) Cheers
  2. Sentral

    Cheap 88g C02 setup

    Hi all, I'm looking at getting a regulator for a disposable 88g tank and seen this http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=221779812864&globalID=EBAY-GB would I need a needle valve for this? The seller states that I do not, but not sure how accurate that is. You can get...
  3. Sentral

    LED/Drivers - Advice needed

    Hi all, I've got 6 3w LED's and the driver I'm using is 18w 1.5A, but after wiring it all up they don't power up. I tested them with just the power supply without the driver (for about 2 secs!) and they work fine. Anyone got any ideas? This is the driver; Thanks
  4. Sentral

    Inert versions of Seiryu stone

    Hi guys, My water is pretty hard and using Seiru stone isn't helping. I'm after the same sort of rock but that is completely inert? I've seen these on tgm, anyone used these yet? ADA Manten ADA Yamaya Any other alternatives considered :)
  5. Sentral

    Testing KH - API KH Test not correct?

    Hello chaps, I'm having issues testing my KH... Using the API KH test, following the instructions step my step and doing it a few times, I still don't get any reaction. The instructions say keeping a drop until the orange reagent turns to green, I've got up to 30 drops and it just stays...
  6. Sentral

    Substrates, Cat Litter, shrimp

    Hello guys, I'm currently using akadama in one of my shrimp tanks, but it works out fairly expensive due to shipping, i'm going to set another tank up so I was looking at car litter as an alternative. Does anyone have experience using the popular tesco type; and the buffering capacity of it...
  7. Sentral

    Shorter Vallisneria nana?

    Hi guys, I'm after a plant that I'm not sure exists... Basically I want Vallisneria nana but shorter, 20cm max height ideally. Anybody know if it's possible to keep it down? Or an alternative? Many thanks
  8. Sentral

    'Magic Fish' Instant Killifish in a box!

    Hi guys, I've just come across a post on PFK about a relatively new 'science toy' aimed at the younger generation. It's marketed under the same category as so called 'instant pets' such as Sea Monkeys and Triop sets. I was quite shocked that these kits are being sold in this way, with little...
  9. Sentral

    Eheim 2232 Parts - Tap connector?

    Hi guys, Just received an Eheim 2232 from eBay but it's just the canister. I'm looking for the taps to connect the pip to the cansiter itself; on the Eheim website it gives '7656158 Shut-off tap' as the part needed. I've found this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/EHEIM-SINGLE- ... _885wt_922 Can...
  10. Sentral

    Green thread algae

    Hi guys, my 30l cube has been running 3-4 months and after introducing a plant with a tiny bit of thread algae on it, I now seem to have a problem! I've got an 18w light which I've reduced to 5 hours per day The algae is thing green strains like hair, primarily growing on helferi near the...
  11. Sentral

    Grassy type plant for Nano

    I just received some Cyperus Helferi and I love it, but it's way too long for my 30cm nano. Does anyone know any grassy alternatives that won't grow beyond 20-30cm? Cheers
  12. Sentral

    Aquarium Related Videos On TV

    Just came across the full series of Amazon Abyss on SeeSaw, a small expedition into the Amazon. There's a few decent shots of biotopes and tropical fish, could be better but well worth a watch if you're bored. http://www.seesaw.com/TV/Factual/b-13559-Amazon-Abyss There is also...
  13. Sentral

    The poor quality of LFS's

    Anybody else have this problem or is it just me? Every independent local fish shop I've visited recently has been pretty sub-standard for fish, and for the planted aquarium they are utter useless! Pets at home seem to be the best for quality and selection, with both livestock and plants! I...
  14. Sentral

    Cube Aquascapes

    Hi guys, I've had my humble P@H cube tank cycling for a while now, giving me time to decide what direction I want to go with it. I've read and learnt lots from reading journals on here and also researching plant choice, but I'd like a bit of inspiration for this cube shape as I can't make my...
  15. Sentral

    Jobs; What do you do?

    Hi guys, So seeing as though I'm new here; and would like to get to know you all a bit better, I thought it would be a good idea for a thread to see what line of work we're all in! I'm currently working for Apple; I'm a 'mac specialist' but I have various other roles in the store. Although I...
  16. Sentral

    Liquid Fertiliser - Opinions?

    So I'm trying to get everything sorted so I can finally start planting; and I'm wondering which liquid fertiliser to get. I've heard good things about Tropica, but I've just come across the APF stuff. Anyone used this? Looks pretty good value if it's decent. I'm a little worried though as it...
  17. Sentral

    P@H Cube - Forgotten Realm (Rescape Looming!)

    Hey guys, I just got my hands on the P@H coopet 27 litre cube. Very hard to get hold of, I had to ring around 4 stores before managing to find 1 in stock. i got it after hearing such good things about it on here, and was never happy with my piddly 10 litre tank. I've not decided how I'm going...
  18. Sentral

    Plant Selection for a Nano with low lighting

    Hi guys, I've come with this list for my 10litre nano with DIY LED lighting (about 5 watts). I've got Tetra Complete substrate and waiting on a CO2 kit. Background: Eleocharis Acicularis Lilaeopsis Brasilensis Cryptocoryne petchii Foreground/Carpet: Riccia fluitans Marsilea hirsuta...
  19. Sentral

    Hello from Bristol!

    Hello guys and guys; I've been reading this forum for around a week and I'm pretty impressed, learnt lots of very useful info and has opened my eyes somewhat about aquaculture! I used to keep a Juwel 96l tropical community tank many years ago, but not so much into the aquascaping side of...
  20. Sentral

    10 Litre Nano

    Hi guys, I've recently liberated a tiny old 10 litre tank from my girlfriends parents garage. It came complete with a hood but no lighting, so I ordered a few of those LED strips you see on eBay and wired it all up. I've gone for 2 white, 1 blue, and 1 red. It seems bright enough for viewing...