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    Clearing plants of a baterial infection

    I I tried two 10 day doses of paragaurd with no success, Then spotted the black spots on the shells of the dead shrimp so after some searching came up with Chitinolytic bacterial disease which on some sites people get rid of it by using Levamisole which as a last resort i just dosed the tank...
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    Clearing plants of a baterial infection

    Was hoping to get going faster than 3 months but it's one way of saving the plants. Will just completely strip the tank and filter and wash the plants and wood under hot water and leave it running. Is there not a broad spectrum bacterial killer lol thats safe for plants that i could leave...
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    Clearing plants of a baterial infection

    Having almost lost all my crs to some form of bacterial disease, How would i go about making the tank,filter and plants safe to use again? I have read on a few sites to leave the tank and filter to dry out or to boil what you can but clearly cant do either to plants and would hate to lose them...
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    Rare plant - Bucephalandra cf. motleyana 'Melawi

    Some on ebay, Drop a pm regards postage.
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    Fluval 405 issues

    Sounds like your motor is over heating and on the way out, I would still try running it with no media to see how it performs. Is the motor hot when its running?
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    Fluval 405 issues

    Have you taken the impeller out and cleaned/inspected it? Do you have a lot of media in the canister and have you cleaned the hoses out recently. As from for priming, I got round that by filling the filter up with tank water after maintenance and shaking it gently to get rid of any air and...
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    Tropica Premium Fertiliser

    I recently bought 2 300ml of this fert recently as it was on offer, Only then to discover it contains no nitrogen (n) or phosphorus (p) Doooh I do have some dry salts, Can i simply add kn03 and po4 in a separate mix to replace the n and p ? Cheers
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    Hello from Scotland

    Hi Fern, Welcome to the forum from sunny Caithness :wave:
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    Shrimp Guard

    I found the same thing, But i just dipped the rubber ring in hot water and it slid on no problems and ended up with a nice snug fit.
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    Used car found and bought

    I know how you feel Darrel, I've just replaced my 02 dti vectra i had for 8 years and done 120,000 miles in, I was gutted, I even took a few pictures of it as the breakers took it away:(
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    Planaria in Shrimp only tank.

    Anybody had a problem with nematodes?
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    Planaria in Shrimp only tank.

    From what i have read, Planaria can come in a range of colours from transparent,brown,white to red but never heard of one with a sucker at one end, Dont like the sound of that one :nailbiting: Its not if i got a lot of them, maybe 5 or 6 could be more, I dont overfeed, I clean the bottom once...
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    Planaria in Shrimp only tank.

    Does any one know if panacur kill's nematodes? As i use no planaria to good effect but it doesn't seem to affect the nematodes.
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    Did anyone get any good fish/plant related presents?

    Mrs billy treated me to a £100 voucher from sharnbrook shrimp :happy:
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    quick starting a sponge filter in mature tank

    I had the same problem last year when my 205 packed in on my shrimp tank i had a spare 105 and just cut the sponges out of the 205 to fit the new filter and then treated the tank with some mosura bt-9. And all was fine, Hope this helps
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    Food advice for Red Cherries

    Sorry for jumping in on the thread, I was looking at getting some astaxanthin, But was trying to justify the £20! Is it really that good?
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    Fluval 406

    Lucky you for being able to afford a rover!!! I have 2 vauxhall's and 4 fluvals :o :lol: Did YOU assume that!! :lol:
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    Fluval 406

    Typical attitude of the big headed merc driver :lol:
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    Could I use this T5 bulb?

    Give this thread a good read. viewtopic.php?f=50&t=555
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    Shrimp disaster

    I think the answer is your nitrite levels, By the time you have 2ppm nitrite i don't think you tank has fully cycled yet, From what i understand that most shrimp cannot take any levels of nitrite :idea:
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    GH test kit.....does not make sense.....

    I can recommend the Tetratest gh kit :lol: :lol: Used it for the past couple of years with no problems.
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    GH test kit.....does not make sense.....

    The first drop will only turn the water a light red, Then the more drops you add the stronger the red get's until it go's green. If it's not turning the water red to start with, I would say get a new test kit.
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    GH test kit.....does not make sense.....

    It means when you add the first drop of the test liquid to 5ml of your tank water, the water then turns red then you keep adding the drops until it go's green, Then you have your reading,Well that's what my tetratest does. If the water doesn't turn red then your test kit may be faulty.
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    cherry red shrimp magically vanishing..

    You could also start adding some Beta glucan to your tank to help fight any infections, I use Mosura Tonic Pro which is also a food supplement, It's a little bit on the pricey side but worth it. IMO Or you could try beta-G which has some good reports.
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    Fluval 405

    They can be a little awkward, Try putting some vaseline around the rubber seals on the aqua stop which will help it slide into place better also put some on the motor seal ring also as they tend to dry out,
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    Are you serious?

    That PBL sss cost more than i paid for my wife's pug 206 :lol: :lol:
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    Filter or pump?

    If you decide to go with the filter drop me a pm as i have a spare 405 :thumbup:
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    Small water pump

    I was thinking about the same thing and was looking at one of these ... _522wt_780 Could be worth a try at £15 :wink:
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    BBQ Lave rock

    Does anyone know if bbq lava rock safe to use in a tank? Having come across a box of it i thought it would look good in my new nano tank! If it's safe that is :crazy: Would think it would be safe but rather be sure. Cheers
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    Where to buy in Scotland.

    Can anyone recommend a shop in or around Glasgow that keep's freshwater shrimp as heading down that way at the weekend and looking to add to my collection :D Cheers
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    Take a look at this 4 stage unit, I bought this one a few years ago and has served me very well and comes at a excellent price to. I get my spare filters from this guy to with a first class service :thumbup: ... 2630wt_779 Cheers
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    microscopic mystery animal

    Looks like Planaria to me, Check the link out :thumbup: ... arium.html
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    TDS readings

    Thanks for all the information guy's :thumbup:
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    TDS readings

    Just finished setting up a shrimp tank using Colombo Flora Base as a substrate, After filling it with RO water, I tested the water that was in the tank so I could adjust the tds with MOSURA Mineral Plus, Just to find the tds was already at 160 :? I also put some MOSURA Old Sea Mud and MOSURA...
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    A Guide To Crystal Red Shrimp

    Mosura will do. Add the old sea mud on the base of the aquarium then add a layer of substrate, now sprinkle the BT-9 over the substrate then add a thick layer of substrate on top. The problem with mosura is they don't contain as much as some other brands so you might also want to get Mineral...
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    A Guide To Crystal Red Shrimp

    What minerals would you suggest to put under the substrate? Just that I'm about to set up a crs tank and have some mosura bt-9 and mosura some old sea mud, What else would you recommend to put under the substrate? BTW, The substrate I will be using is Colombo Flora Base. Cheers
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    Preventing another stock implosion.

    Sound's like a bacterial infection! But I'm no expert, I would try something like Esha 2000 which treats a wide range of infections something 70 I think. Try Google or Ebay and see what you think.
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    White deposit's in dropchecker

    I did read that somewhere..... but i have no surface scum at all. The dropchecker seems to be working ok, It's blue before the CO2 comes on and lime green when the lights come on :? Was just curious to what it is and could it affect the reading at all, Which it doesn't seem to.
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    White deposit's in dropchecker

    Re: White deposits in drop checker (1) Inside of the bottom where the air inside the dropchecker meets the water, And a small deposit in the chamber. (2)Yes i keep snail's but it's not eggs! (3)Every week at water change. Cheers
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    White deposit's in dropchecker

    Been noticing this last couple of weeks there has been white deposit's/scum around the bottom of my dropchecker, But today when i changed the solution there was a deposit in dropchecker chamber :? Anybody have any ideas what the deposits are and will it be affecting the reading? BTW i'm...
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    recommend a co2 diffuser.

    What like are they to clean? I was just looking at getting one from that site. Cheers
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    what mosura products?

    Hi Basil Where in the uk do you get your mosura? Been trying to find some here with no success :? Cheers
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    Where is ceg4048?

    Maybe his life doesn't revolve around this forum?
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    How to post plants

    Best not to send them with any skid marks lol :lol: :lol: ( sorry couldn't help my self lol)
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    co2 regulator O ring

    Just thought i would post for anybody else looking for seal's, I went with this one's here ... 1064wt_700 They work a treat, well price and a very good service :thumbup: Cheers
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    Faulty CO2 cylinder??

    Just make sure your outside and just give it a little blast, After all it's just C02, That way you will know if it's the valve or not.
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    Faulty CO2 cylinder??

    Did you try taking the (faulty) one outside and give it a wee blast to see if the cylinder valve is stuck/faulty?
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    Cleaning algae on ceramic disk diffusers

    I dont like the sound of that :shock: Maybe that's me being to cautious! I just have 2 diffusers, Once one get's dirty i swap them over and clean the dirty one with bleach, Once clean a wee rinse with water and then soak in dechlorinator and it's all ready for when the other one get's dirty...
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    Tap water pH and Shrimp

    What minerals/supplements would you mix with RO to get the water right for shrimp? Cheers
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    How often do you clean your filter?

    Like Alastair i clean my fx every 3 to 4 months.
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    co2 regulator O ring

    Like these? Will email them to get inner and outer sizes. ... 1113wt_934
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    co2 regulator O ring

    Any idea of size and what there made off? I know the thread size is 22mm so i take it the o ring will be 20mm? The only one i have am using. Cheers
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    co2 regulator O ring

    Hi Can anyone tell me where i can get some o rings for my reg? I read somewhere that it's good practise to change the ring every time you put a new bottle on. I found some in hong kong but would rather closer to home. Cheers
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    Planaria Zero or No Planaria

    The genchem No Planaria didn't work for me :evil: Will have to give the panacur a go now.
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    Repairing a soliniod valve

    Really! Nobody ever fiddled with a soliniod before :? If one of the golden boys posted this it would be on page 3 by now :lol:
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    DIY Project Co2 reactor build for Fluval FX5

    Good write up mate :thumbup: Cheers
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    Repairing a soliniod valve

    Hi My wave reg/soliniod has started to make a very loud buzzing noise, But is still working fine, Has anyone replaced the soliniond part on these reg's before? As the mrs is not happy about the noise, It took all my charm to talk her into letting me keep a 6.2 kg co2 tank in the living room...
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    Co2 diffusion via power head

    Sounds like a good idea :thumbup: Are you going to post the results once you make it? This method seems to be the easiest way, I found this thread on the barr report. ... ifications So i might just go and get a maxi jet and get my snips out :o Cheers
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    Co2 diffusion via power head

    Hi Thanks for your reply, Didn't think anybody was going to bother :lol: How are you going about building your reactor? Are you copying someone else's diy project, If so do you have a link. Could be worth thinking about to see if my diy skills would be good enough :shock: Cheers
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    Co2 diffusion via power head

    Looking for some pointer's on using a power head for co2 diffusion, Currently using a fluval 2 plus with a ceramic diffuser inside the casing. Which seems to do the job but even after being on for 2 hours before the lights come on the drop checker is just about turning green! And that's with...
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    Bromothymol Blue

    Hi Clicked on the padlock and this is what it says, The site uses SSL, but Google Chrome has detected either high-risk insecure content on the page or problems with the site’s certificate. Don’t enter sensitive information on this page. Invalid certificate or other serious https issues could...
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    Bromothymol Blue

    Was going to get the all in one Solution from there but they seem to be having a security problem! When i went to put in my credit card details i noticed that the page had the padlock crossed out in red :? Tried emailing them the last two days but no reply even tried phoning them still no joy...
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    Bromothymol Blue

    Is it possible to buy it on it's own or do you have to buy a low range ph kit? Thanks in advance :D Cheers
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    Amazing Bike Rider

    Check this guy out! Not only his riding skill's but the camera work and the music and the scenery :o :o ... &vq=medium
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    Your Tank vs. Filter Size

    210 Litres- Fx 5- purigen-seachem matrix- floss. 54 litres-fluval 205-purigen-matrix-floss
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    Osmocote Tablets

    I was looking at giving my ageing substrate a wee boost until i have extra money for a new substrate, So was looking at putting some root tabs in there and come across Osmocote Tablets that were quite cheap, I have read of people putting the powdered version under the substrate, So would it be...
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    TMC AquaGro MicroHabitat - PFK Subs Offer

    Thats a shame :( Why do they work it that way when they state in the terms that they reserve the right to reclaim the gift/value of the gift if you cancel your subscription before the end of the agreed term, :? ... 3&id=38883
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    Just a rant!

    Rub it in, Why don't you! :lol:
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    Gutted, my Betta been naughty!

    I think the platys in your community tank will do the same thing :thumbdown: Maybe even the cory's in your betta tank would be looking at your rcs as well.
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    World Cup 2010 Competition & Discussion Thread

    Maybe so, But at least we know were rubbish :P O well, At least you have 1966 to fall back on :lol:
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    spotty snail - what is it?

    Sent you a pm :thumbup:
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    where NOT to buy shrimp............

    That looks like a Amano to me! That's got to be false advertising! Surely :?
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    German Red Moss

    Would love a bit of that! :shock:
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    Lowering GH

    I bought my RO unit from vyair and have to say that his service and after care service are second to none :thumbup: As well as being very well priced. I got the 50 gallon a day RO unit,2 spare filters and 3 taps, Posted for just under £70 next day :D It comes with a metre of tubeing on the...
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    Lowering GH

    Thanks for all the advice :lol: Just went and bought a RO unit! Just incase anyone was interested :lol:
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    Lowering GH

    As i live in a hard water area and would like to keep a more sensitive kind of shrimp, What would be the best way of lowering my GH, Would peat in my external work or would i be better going for a RO unit? Cheers
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    Easycarbo can...

    Does anyone else find that easycarbo melts Pogostemon helferi?
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    Inexpensive lighting solution?

    Good find George :thumbup: Iam off to see if my local store have any in! :D Here's a link for the unit. ... 11&nf=True
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    Deal of the Week

    Just got 2 today! And they are massive :shock: Bargain at £2.50 :thumbup:
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    Urgent: Filter For Micro Rasboras

    Why dont you try a pre filter sponge from a fluval edge and put it over the inlet of you hob filter, It worked a treat for me and it cost less than £2 :) ... _500wt_976
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    Arcadia Arcpod Bulbs.

    Sorry must of been half asleep :crazy: He ordered the 865's in for me, As he said he could get most thing's in the next day :thumbup:
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    Arcadia Arcpod Bulbs.

    I got my arc pod bulbs from light bulbs 2 u, Which charge £3.95 for p+p, But they don't seem to have the 865's in! You could email and ask him he was really helpful when I ordered my one's. Cheers james
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    UKAPS Baby!!!

    Congrats :D You both must be very proud! :clap: Dosent seem that long ago my wee one was that size! She's now 8 :o
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    Tiger shrimp

    Sent you a pm :thumbup:
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    Tiger shrimp

    Hi Does any one know the best place to buy tiger shrimps on line?, having tried aqua essentials who are out of stock for the foreseeable future, any help would be much appreciated Cheers James
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    Comp_Nov09: Mossy Stream II

    Sweet :thumbup: And that stand round's it off :D
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    46 different mosses from Swiss ebay seller

    Just a update, That moostruhe are now offering a buy it now or make a offer on selected moss's :thumbup: Here's hopeing that he accepts the 2 offer's i put in :D
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    Metal diffusers

    That's a sweet looking diffuser :thumbup: But do you think the co2 could escape from the threaded part? Or would there be a rubber ring that screw's on with it?
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    Microsorum pteropus "Red"

    Nice one :thumbup: Got some java fern Philippine as well :D Been after that for while to. Cheers james
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    Microsorum pteropus "Red"

    Hi does anyone know if this is available to buy in the uk? I've tried google but no joy! I am just hopeing it is, As i really like the look of this plant. Thanks in advance :thumbup:
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    What us Welshmen do when really bored...

    That's almost unbaaaalievable :lol: :lol:
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    Practical Fishkeeping 'Best Online Shop of 2009'

    Re: 2 PFK Awards for Aqua Essentials Well deserved to :clap: :clap:
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    otl luminaire 4x39w into 3x39w

    Why cant you run it on the 4 bulb setting but take a bulb out, Leaving you with 3 :idea:
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    co2 diffusion

    Thanks for all your suggestions :wave: I just ended up putting it straight into the intake, Cant get the drop checker passed green :? But dosing easycarbo as well, So hopefully between the 2 they will get the job done.
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    co2 diffusion

    I did think of putting a diffuser under the intake but being a shrimp only tank with lots of baby shrimps i have a sponge over the inlet so i dont think the hob would have enough suction to pull that much of the co2 through.
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    co2 diffusion

    Looking for some ideas for the best way to diffuse co2 in my 35 litre cube,Dont think i can use the filter as its a HOB filter, As i have no room for a external, Was thinking of useing a powerhead and putting the co2 in the venturi nossel but unsure if this would work? plus it would be difficult...
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    Water changes (how long it takes)

    Are you serious :o I to drive a lorry for a liveing and i am sooo not offened :lol: :lol:
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    Water changes (how long it takes)

    I have always added hot water to get the temp right! If you fill with cold water only, Thats bound to take in temp way down :?
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    Water changes (how long it takes)

    On my 250 litre takes about 30 min's and thats with useing the fx5 to empty and refill useing a 15 litre bucket :crazy: Was thinking off useing a hose to refill but to unsure of getting the temp wrong And my 35 litre cube takes 5 min's when just doing a water change.