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    New Camera On Monday :D

    yeah, mine came with 4gb but bought a 8GB for £11 from Amazon I think. Should suffice. I just need to read and get setting understood, at the moment my flash pops up and blinks constanly which is no good for the tank shots.
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    New Camera On Monday :D

    I am struggling to get decent pics, but I am not sure what setting are set, as I bought it used.
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    New Camera On Monday :D

    It's a good starter. Got the same. Bought from here actually.
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    First Ever DSLR - How to take pics of my tank and shrimp

    I was toold that a The 50mm f1.8 lens is pretty cheap and good results of close ups. I have EF-S 18 - 55 mm F3.5 - F5.6 II lens Apparently the f1.8 is good for indoors over the f3.5. So may opt for one of these.
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    First Ever DSLR - How to take pics of my tank and shrimp

    Hi all, I purchased a Canon 350 DSLR from this board, and have been experimenting, I can take decent pics in Auto mode, but want to get some close ups and decent pics of the tanks. Comes with a 18-55 mm II lens. I have the manual but not really looked at it yet as not sure how much of it is...
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    Which camera?

    I just bought the 350d from Nutmeg off here. For the money, its suits me and is enough for me to get into DSLR. If it suits me well, then can upgrade a year down the line.
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    Poison dart frog and tree frog vivs.

    Would be wicked to test, get some thorns and a straw and rub thorn spikes on frog and blow shoot something Apocolypto stylee. (only joking BTW)
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    Best camera under £150

    Every now and gain, Argos, jessops, Amazon pops up with a entry level DSLR, Around the 200-250 mark. Brand new too. Always nice to have 12 months warrenty (more on some models), hence I would always buy new. I have never needed one (DSLR), and always had point and shoot, but am considering...