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  1. Konsa

    Stunted Bolbitis and fert dosing tweaks ideas.

    Hi all I am running a mature well planted 120 ish litters low tech tank. Dimensions 80x35x45H in cm. Tank is few years old. Filtration :JBL CrtistalProfi 1501 with sponge prefilter cleaned weekly. Filter clean every 6 ish months .Eheim surface skimmer. CO2 :None Lights.2 x60cm T8 18w 6500K...
  2. Konsa

    Growing and propagating Cryptocoryne sp successfully ideas.

    Hi all There is something that sorts of keeps me up at night and thought I will post a thread to see if I can get some insight on the matter. I have been keeping planted tanks on and off for the best part of 30 years and always had some Cryptocoryne sp in the tanks.Nothing fancy or demanding...
  3. Konsa

    Dither fish recommendations for SAP puffer tank.

    Hi all I am running a well matured 100l planted tank with 3 SAP puffers,some Amanos and 4 Corries in it. The Puffers are very scatty and peaceful in nature and was thinking to add some dither fish to help them feel a little more secure as its often they injure themselves on hardscape when get...
  4. Konsa

    Hardscape feedback

    Hi there About to restart my little nano tank. Desided to go for Dragon stone only hardscape with plants being Monte carlo,Eleocharis mini,Cryptocoryne albida brown, Hygrophila araguaia as background plant and few bits of Riccardia and Buce needle leaf. While Im playing with the hardscape...
  5. Konsa

    Aponogeton crispus red bulbs dormancy.

    Hi all I have some bulbs from the above plant buried in the substrate that have been dormant for over an year.I have checked on them and pretty sure they are alive. I bought the plants back in 2008 and by chance when I had a break from the hobby one small bulb survived packed in moist Aqua soil...
  6. Konsa

    Tree id please

    Hi all Does some of you plant experts know what is that tree with yellow flowers called. @zozo ,@dw1305 ,@foxfish Here are few not very good pics Thank you in advance. Regards Konsa
  7. Konsa

    Advice needed

    Hi all Thinking about rescape again on my little 22l shrimp tank with sump in back . Thinking about full overhaul.New substrate and all. This time willing to go for proper substrate and the choice is Tropica aqua soil. My question is if I rescape and preserve the very mature filter (3+ years)...
  8. Konsa

    Alternative fertiliser addition

    Hi all There was sth that I wanted to share. In my little 25l tank.I used to have Californian black worms in the substrate and was growing plants very well even without CO2. When restarting tried to eliminate the colony. But one or two worms made it trough.All the rooted plants I reused suffered...
  9. Konsa

    Puffers with white spot.

    Hi all. Tank is the 72l one from that thread: https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/my-current-tanks-pic-heavy.50042/ Recently got myself 3 more SAP puffers to add to my original 2 I had.Was not able to quarantine them and on day 15 noticed white spot on all 3 new ones.3 days later started...
  10. Konsa

    Ferts and medicines

    Hi all Chemistry was never my strongest side. Recently got myself some more Asselus puffers for my tank wich are very susceptible to ich when moved in new conditions.On week two all my puffers were riddled with it.Im currently treating them with Esha Exit and increased waterchange regime.Just...
  11. Konsa

    Prefilter sponge opinion

    Hi all Need a larger prefilter sponge for my tanks.And being lazy to cut and drill one to size was wandering can I use an eheim pickup carbon impregnated sponge as is already drilled and the size and density I need.Normal sponges come in white unfortunately .I imagine after a while the carbon...
  12. Konsa

    Jbl e1501 giving me hard time.

    Hi all Recently got myself a second hand jbl e1501 greenline and have trobles with it. First the filter made very loud humming noise that could hear before I went in the room. After very detailed inspection ,reassembly and hose reduction so they not even touching the back panel of my cabinet...
  13. Konsa

    White water after big waterchange

    Hi all From time to time keep getting white water after big 70 ish% waterchange that clears after 24h.I am using the Api declorinator.And the tanks are over an year old. Any thoughts on that? Regards Konsa
  14. Konsa

    Levamisole HLC shrimp treatment

    Hi Have a substrate problem in my dirtied shrimp tank and as a result my shtimp have bacterial Black spot that I want to treat with Levamisole HCL but there is a catch there is a large colony of Californian black worm in the tank.Will they be affected by the wormer drug as if they die the...
  15. Konsa

    Fissidens... yogurt method question?

    Hi all How long will be the preferred period of time before flooding to ensure I dont wash it all off if using fissidens yogurt method on some wood I want to moss. Regards Konsa
  16. Konsa

    Best way to feed baby ottos.

    Hi all Few days ago noticed my ottos are having some fun and there are eggs here and there in the tank.At first I didnt get very exited as have troubles with breeding cherry shrimp in the that tank (first babys now after over half an year) But this morning saw that the eggs in sight arround 15...
  17. Konsa

    Crepidomanes cf. malabaricum question. .

    Hi all Recently I have developed the bug about slow growing mini plants attached to hardscape.There is very little information on the web regarding this particular plant and just wandered if anyone on here have any experience with it. My idea is to grow it low tech .Is it doable and how the...
  18. Konsa

    My current tanks(pic heavy)

    Hi all Instead of creating multiple treats here is my all in one for the current situation with my tanks.Please excuse my phone quality of the pics. First one is modified Betta duo with the devider removed and spray bar installed. CO2 : none Substrate : Ada Nile sand small leftover from couple...
  19. Konsa

    Introducing scuds ( Hyalella azteca) to snail tank.

    Hello As per title thinking of culturing some scuds for my Asellus puffers to provide some diet variety. Will it be good idea to introduce them to my snail breeding planted tank (modified Betta duo)as I read that they may eat the plants and even the snails. The tank is heavily fed on daily...
  20. Konsa

    Sea weed as shrimp food?

    Hello Came across a website that sells organic sea weed varieties online.Reading trough the description and all the minerals and vitamins it contains, wandered if it will be a good choice as a shrimp food addition to my spinach,kale and nettle mix..It does say is rich in coper with the rest of...
  21. Konsa

    Wild pond snails treatment

    Hello Had a wander with the dog today and came across a small pond with loads of snails in it.Took arround 15 of them and now wandering what steps are needed to make sure they will be aquarium safe and I wont introduce any nasties in my tank.Currently they are in a plastic storage box with an...
  22. Konsa

    Red ramshorn breeding issues.

    Hello Recently converted my modified betta duo tank to a snail farm.Sand substrate. Matured filter lots of plants.No algae unfortunately even with full ei and long bright light period and no CO 2. Stocked it with 80-100 ish medium sized snails and feed heavy on a daily basis.For some reason...
  23. Konsa

    New scape, new beginning

    Hello everyone Due to some mistakes and a bit of laziness had to restart my tank cause all went very bad.Lessons learned and on first of April has started my new setup. Tank specifications are. Dimensions : 60l/40h/30w Filter :Tetratech ex700/700lph.With the original spray bar on the whole...
  24. Konsa

    My first low tech attempt

    Hello everyone The time come to share my first attempt for a low tech setup. Tank Betta Duo from Aqua One modified with fitted spray bar for better circulation. Substrate :Tropica Plant Grow topped with black gravel(2-3mm) Hardscape:Redmoor root and Ada seiryu stone Lighting :Arcadia strech led...
  25. Konsa

    Fertiliser shelf life help.

    Hi everyone Have a mix of ferts.Tropica ,ADA and dry some of them unopened some opened but sealed well from arround 2011.Tried to find use by date on the branded stuff any info about shelf life but no joy.My question is will they be still ok to use after that time. Regards Konsa
  26. Konsa

    Lighting advice for betta duo

    Hello everyone Have a betta duo which I am restarting soon and converting to a low tech setup. Cant decide between Arcadia strech led 11w or Arcadia arc pod 11w.Will use Tropica plant grouth substrate and gravel.Plants will be most of the easy Tropica range plus few medium ones like P. Helferi...
  27. Konsa

    Issues with my planted tank.

    Hello everyone. The setup is started mid December. Tank specifications are. Dimensions : 60l/40h/30w Filter :Tetratech ex700/700lph.With the original spray bar on the short side of the tank. CO2 : pressurised via Fe and inline atomiser on the outflow pipe.A bit over 1 bubble per second to...