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    Juwel Rio 180L ADA Malaya

    Hi everyone, I am setting up a new tank to replace my 60l tank with a Juwel Rio 180L tank. I have planted the tank straight away to see if the ammonia spike can be avoided and still allow good growth of bacteria in filter as malaya soil leeches little ammonia in comparison to amazonia. I have...
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    Cleaning glassware

    A bristlenose plec will clean up the algae quickly. I have 2 adults and about 12 young and never find any algae on the glass. Sorry didn't read it properly. Weak bleach solutionn with warm water is best as others have stated.
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    Bristlenose Plec Eggs

    I found a clutch of eggs while I was messing with the tank the other day. They are strong orange and can already see small white catfish around the yolk sac with their black eyes, so they are not far from hatching. Here's the best pic I could get of them with my crappy camera. Tried to use a...
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    Plant Name??

    Could someone help me identify the stemed plant that is in the foreground to the right and the one to the left of it. I got the plants in the pic from the LFS who were getting rid of them anyway but forgot to ask about their names.
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    Trapping Pakistani Loaches

    I have been trying to get rid of the 2 pakistani loaches I have in my planted tank but with no luck. I don't want to move the wood and plants about to catch them till last resort. I have tried trapping them in bottle with some algae wafers at the end of the bottle but do not go in the bottle at...
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    Mirror Glass Tank

    My tank is reflective on the inside of the tank and produces a mirror of the tank. This fools all the fish so they wander along the edges of the tank. Is there any way of reducing the reflectiveness of the inside of the tank? Is it reflective to reduce the stress of the fish? Cheers.
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    White Spots

    I have just found white spots all over the bogwood in my tank today. Not sure what they are exactly but I have seen an increasing number of snails on the glass over the last week. I have a pic to show what the white spots look like. Any suggestions on what these white spots are would be...
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    Boraras brigittae

    I am planning to replace my Dwarf Neon Rainbows with a shoal of 15-20 Boraras brigittae. Does anyone know any fish store that stocks them in the midlands? Also would they survive with bengal loaches? They are very active and curious but have yet to eat any of my amano shrimps. Any advice would...
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    Atomic Microscope

    Can this be a real image of a molecule or has it just been created on photoshop? http://gizmodo.com/5346964/crazy+powerf ... s#comments
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    The Future Kitchen Tank

    It 10mins long so skip nearly half way through to see the future. Enjoy.
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    Microsoft's Photosynth

    Hey, I am gonna try and see if I can get my tank in a 3D view using Microsoft Photsynth and see if it is any good. Has anyone tried using it for any purpose?
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    Sunshine's 60lt Tank

    Hey Everyone, Had a tank for ages but never got round to putting it up as a journal. This is my first tank, just been changing it around and finally built to a semi- finished verison. Oke doke, here are some of the specs: Fauna: 5...4...3 Dwarf Neon Blue Rainbowfish 1 Bristlenose Plec 5...
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    Bengal Loaches and Crystal Red Shrimps: Live or Die?

    Hey, I have 3 bengal loaches in my 60l tank and with them are 5 amano shrimps. I would like to get some red crystals (RC) shrimps aswell but feel that they may get eaten or chased to death by the loaches. The loaches have come accustomed to the amano shrimps in the tank but the addition of more...
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    Dwarf Neon Blue Rainbowfish Gasping

    Hi, I had 5 neon blue rainbowfish and lost one yesterday. It had been gasping for about a week and was being to bloat up. Yesterday some scales could be seen protruding off and died later that evening. The water parameters are all within the suitable requirements. What I have now seen this...
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    Has anyone heard about this, maybe, future product?? www.genpets.com I think it sounds amazing and quite crazing how far techno has come
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    Stem Eating Ancistrus??

    I have just finished trimming my plants and doing a water change. I found something had been munching on my L. Aromatica. I know the Ancistrus will destroy leaves of plants as it tries to collect algae of it but will it actually tear apart stems. It has happened to 2 out the 3 stems. There are...
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    Java Fern Decay???

    My Java Fern has leaves that are decomposing. These are old leaves. I have new leaves growing really nice lush green but then after a while of growth they start to go through the same process as the old leaves but not at the same size. Would anyone be able to tell me what is wrong with the plant...
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    Open Top Lighting

    Hi Guys, I need some advice on lighting for my tank. The dimensions are 24inch(w) x 12inch(d) x 12inch(h). I currently have the standard lighting cover unit that came with the tank. I want to make it an open top tank but I can't seem to find any lighting hoods that will fit on my tank. Does...