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    How to make my hairgrass carpet, spread and grow quicker?

    Re: How to make my hairgrass carpet, spread and grow quicker How did you plant it ? clumps or did you split the pot/s up ?
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    Myriophyllum sp. recovery

    i`d trim all the dead part off and plant the remaining portion of healthy stem in the substrate.
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    High Tech Aquarium: Advice Needed

    If it were me i`d worry about getting the tank working right first, then once everything is growing niceley with minimal algae i`d look to getting the asethetics sorted, its a matter of prioritising your goals for the moment and deciding what is more important to you for a month or 2 . Obviously...
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    New to EI dosing, algae questions

    You should really base it on tank volume unfilled to start with.
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    Effect of co2 mist on fish

    fault lies with the dropchecker, must not of rinsed it enough when i bleached it , the fresh one is still blue this morning at lights on. Kinda funny tho as i was thinking my growth rates had slowed a bit.
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    Effect of co2 mist on fish

    I'm starting to think that there is something else going on in my tank , just changed over the dropchecker to my spare with fresh 4 dkh water in so I shall see what this looks like in the morning.
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    High Tech Aquarium: Advice Needed

    That's not so bad. I'd suggest moving your other filter and the power heads over to the right side and point them all at the left side glass with the outlets as high as you can get them without causing the flow to break the surface of the water. Then place your co 2 diffuser on the left side...
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    High Tech Aquarium: Advice Needed

    which side is the hardwired filter on ? and which way does it direct your flow ? thirdly, is there anyway of altering which way the outflow nozzle points.
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    Effect of co2 mist on fish

    I don't know the science behind it but it has something to do with how the plant uses the available energy using less to uptake co 2 means it can devote more to other activities There was a thread on barr report last year about it As always the proof is on the pudding and a near doubling of...
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    High Tech Aquarium: Advice Needed

    36 watts by two tubes of t 8 over a distance of two feet would qualify as low light for sure here is a nice read about par vs distance with various lighting options. The best test kit for your tank is always the plants themselves amd the fish whilst your dropchecker is telling you you have...
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    looks like a sword to me possibly Echinodorus amazonicus , but its just a guess :P
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    High Tech Aquarium: Advice Needed

    Sorry , but it is almost 100% certainly a co2 issue and not light (unless i`m misunderstanding and you mean too much ?) carbon makes up the majority of plant mass , and holes etc can usually be attributed to this. for reference dwarf sag grown under 36 watts of t8 light in a 25 inch deep tank...
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    Effect of co2 mist on fish

    No worries :P
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    Effect of co2 mist on fish

    Sorry ? My question was about co2 in mist form vs co2 that has been totally dissolved into the water coloum and the effects (if any) on fauna , which is still unanswered.
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    Effect of co2 mist on fish

    Drop checker is 4dkh water and bromo blue ofc, and as my tank is light limited more co2 = faster growth , via a long process of trial and error over the last year or so i`ve managed to run the tank with much higer levels of c02 than is genrally reccomended via a combination of lowering the...
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    High Tech Aquarium: Advice Needed

    Seem`s your ferts should be ok then , just quoting myself as i`d be looking at the co2 as the culprit if it was my tank. Have you tried arranging all your pumps/filters so the flow is cohesive ? it appears to me that you have flow patterns that would conflict at the moment.Here is a thread i...
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    High Tech Aquarium: Advice Needed

    Ancedotal maybe, but i have crypts and run in the region of 40-50ppm of co2 , and no browning, crypt melt is usually a good indicator of poor co2 and/or distribution If you dont want to lower the light then the answer is to fix your ferts first , what are you using to dose your...
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    High Tech Aquarium: Advice Needed

    Bromo blue is just an indicator reagent , maybe you have a 4DKH + bromo blue combo? AE sells them hereif you don`t it makes the drop checker colour irrelevent , and to me your lighting doesnt seem over the top (but i dont have much experiance so i may be wrong). what you done by using the...
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    Effect of co2 mist on fish

    I purchased an AM100 reactor and installed it yesterday in my trigon 190 , prior to this i was using a needle wheel modded PH to distribute the co2 in the tank via mist. With the mist i could allow the dropchecker to turn yellow 2-3 hours into the photoperiod without any ill effects to the fish...
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    High Tech Aquarium: Advice Needed

    how much flow do you have in total ? from the picture i can only see an internal filter+some koralias and your dosing seem`s a bit topsy turvy to me, plants usaully need more nitrates then they do phosphates. If it were me i`d look at increasing the plant mass as well, appears a bit sparse to my...
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    A very English Spring...The end (tank sold)

    Re: A very English Spring...happy with the wood! purple haze!
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    Holes in Hygrophila

    my guess would be one of three cuplrits, angels, SAE`s or most likely the plecs.
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    Okay to Change?

    My t8s are coming up for 18 months old amd are as bright as ever in photos , but I do give the tubes a wipe every water change
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    Any ideas were i can get a cheap refilable fire extinguisher

    Re: Any ideas were i can get a cheap refilable fire extingui Where are you ?
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    Corner Tanks..... a nightmare to scape?

    The hardest thing i found with my corner tank after getting the flow right was getting the light to penetrate to the substrate (and i`m talking t8`s here, not sure if its the same for t5`s) and getting a good spread of light , i ended up fitting an extra 3 t8 tubes to my trigon about 6 weeks ago...
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    Hare Hill - Reborn

    Re: Hare Hill - the shrimp-scape project Love the look of your hardscape , waiting with baited breath to see what plant`s you choose.
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    Trigon 190-Learning curve

    Just found your question chilled, was hard to spot in the monster quote ! All fauna were fine , i put the mix in a spray bottle and sprayed it straight onto the affected areas while the water was low, and prob only added around 20 ml of easy carbo to the tank in all.
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    Trigon 190-Learning curve

    They are called ""clown" angelfish , and arn`t all that common, and these particular ones also have pearlscale aswell , found them in my LFS and just had to have them !
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    Trigon 190-Learning curve

    Re: Trigon 190-Learning curve *updated 10-11-11* Quick update , changed the layout around a bit , and the plants are actually growing !
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    Too much co2

    Are you using 4DKH water in the drop checker or tank water?
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    From Reef to Planted

    Ph swings/drops from the addition of co2 have no relevence , the old "ph crash" was from the KH dropping , whic caused the ph to drop , with ph being the smoking gun :) My tapwater here has a kh of <2 and my tank runs at a ph of less then 5 with co2 on (cant say exactly what it is because my...
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    White Balance

    i think the last one aswell, but it looks a touch dark to me , might be worth upping the iso to 400.
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    Trigon 190-Learning curve

    Long time without posting due to a promotion at work which ended up with me working a lot of long days to brute force my way thru to make up for my lack of experiance in my new role , subsequently hobbies took a back burner, with me getting my hands burned with the tank due to the co2 running...
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    aquarium stream

    Some good inspiration there.
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    Amazon inspiration or why plants do better with flow.

    It was a while ago (6 years) but i as far as my hazy memory allows i think they did , they were in a 60 gallon tank with a couple of other much larger fish tho, on their own they may not.
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    Amazon inspiration or why plants do better with flow.

    In my experiance they were ok with each other, but not so good with other fish (kept a shoal of 20 for 2 1/2 year`s)
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    Prob A stupid question

    As far as i know they should not up to "normal" levels.
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    Bottom dwellers, carpets & a deep tank

    My Bn`s tend to uproot the odd plant now and again , stems and carpet`s being the worst affected , but its just because of the way they move about rather then a deliberate action
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    Trigon 190-Learning curve

    Re: My first planted tank Trigon 190 corner New pics!! My female BN chilling After a nice discussion on these here forums and playing about with my CO2 and flow i`ve seen a few of my plants pearling now: I`ve added some crypts behind the wood on the far right, but predictably all the...
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    Increasing growth rate without more light?

    Its getting freed slowly! Must say a big thanks for your help :text-+1:
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    Angelfish and flow

    i`ve got 24x turnover in my tank with 5 medium sized juvenile angels (about 3 inch diameter bodys), they actual seem to enjoy swimming in the flow from my korialla. The only time i see them seek out the areas with a bit of protection from the flow is with the lights off , they tend to go down to...
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    Reoccurring Flow Problems = surface scum and algae

    Try your intake next to your out flow ? this should allow the flow to go around the back of the rock then.
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    Increasing growth rate without more light?

    Moved the additional PH`s around when i done a waterchange yesterday, flow actually appers better then before with every single leaf of evey plant swaying madly , might get away with removing one now. I feel rather stupid for missing the obvious really, one to chalk up to experience :oops...
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    New planted tank algae giving off bubbles

    Easiest way to reduce your light levels is to raise your lights higher away from the substrate.
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    Manzy wood to the UK, new shipment

    Last time it was done as a job lot i think ? with all the people who wanted some sharing the shipping costs?
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    Increasing growth rate without more light?

    I should (from what i`ve read over on your forum and a few others).....if my CO2 is perfect , which i do not think it is yet, nutrients are (hopefully) not an issue as im dosing EI levels for a 225 litre tank. I`m starting to belive light is overrated as some of my e.tennulus has decided to put...
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    Increasing growth rate without more light?

    Now i`ve read this it makes perfect sense :oops: i shall be re doing my powerheads tomorrow.
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    Increasing growth rate without more light?

    The picture isn`t a very good representation of the layout as its 2d. Spray bar is near the surface , pump on the left corner is my needle wheel with the CO2 going in , this is practicly on the substrate , the one on the bottom right corner is mounted up high but aimed down towards the middle...
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    Blue Green Algae and Diatoms?

    That would suggest CO2 i think, no clue as to why this may or may not of caused your BGA to come back tho :(
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    Increasing growth rate without more light?

    Yeah its the corner tank , and your right its a p.i.t.a to get the flow right. Gfish No, i`ve gone from a ceramic disc diffuser to feeding my CO2 into the inlet of a needle wheel modded powerhead, much much smaller bubbles + the added benifit of an extra 1000lph of flow :P ive got my spray bar...
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    Increasing growth rate without more light?

    Its a definite improvment , all my plants seem to be greener today with much larger new growth , and faster , the dwarf sag used to take about 7 days to get a new leaf from just emerging to fully formed but the new ones that were half out yesterday are now full blown leaves. I think the extra...
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    Increasing growth rate without more light?

    I`ve been playing with a needle wheel modded powerhead and raised my spray bar ever so slightly to get a bit more surface movement, and in the last couple of days the dwarf sag has been putting out new leaves that are about 2x the width of the old leaves and they seem to be growing quicker ...
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    CO2 Mister

    Misting usually involves feeding your CO2 into a modified power head, try googling for needle wheel mod.
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    Transitioning from internal to external

    i just stuffed my old juwel sponges into the carbon section in my tt ex1200 , no problems from this at all. When i went to remove the juwel filter i could pull it away by hand (tank itself is about 8 years old tho) so i just left the powerhead running on that with it in the front corner whilst...
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    Increasing growth rate without more light?

    True.... probably easier to just add another 18w t8 tube into my hood/lid , i have a control unit lying about somewhere.
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    Increasing growth rate without more light?

    Cheers , thats the sort of answer i was looking for , but i fear i`m on the limit of how much co2 i can add as far as my fish are concerned , but i`ll double my fert`s from this week and try raising my spray bar for a bit more surface movement to see if i can get some more co2 in. Other then...
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    Increasing growth rate without more light?

    The thing with the plants folding up their leaves is that no stem plants i`ve had in there have closed up until some point in the night .. when im in bed most likley heh
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    Increasing growth rate without more light?

    I`m kinda happy with the way my tank is going so far, no algae that i can see, all my plants are growing steadily, but i would like them to grow a bit faster (at the rate things are going i`ll be waiting 5 months+ for my dwarf hair grass to fill the space i want it to :P ). Tank specs are...
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    may i pick your brains plant guru's

    im about to remove a sword plant from my tank to make room for some crypts, pm if interested (it also produces 1 or 2 plantlets every 6 weeks aswell)
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    Angel fish spawning in my community tank

    I`d be extremley suprised if they make it past the egg stage in a community tank , angels are prone to eating there own eggs at the best of times, they seem to have a "if we cant raise them we won`t let them be caviar for others" mentality :P Does your tank get completley dark when the lights...
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    10l - Gone

    Re: 10 Liter AquaEl Sounds painful tom !
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    CO2 Reactor - Advice/help etc

    Re: Aquamedic AM1000 Reactor - Advice? The more you open the by-pass valve the less flow is directed thru the reactor, therefore the impact on your filters flow rate is lower, but the obvious trade off is poorer or slower CO2 dissolution(if thats the correct term) as the bypass is opened...
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    Trigon 190-Learning curve

    Re: My first planted tank Trigon 190 corner I`ll give that a try , currently messing with some powerheads to try and get some better flow to the rear corner anyway ,and yeah theres some moss on the main piece of wood , but barely visible as i`ve just hacked it back to try and encourage it to...
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    Trigon 190-Learning curve

    Re: My first planted tank Trigon 190 corner Co2 is still on so its shed loads of micro bubbles floating around (coupled with my awesome *COUGH* photography skills and reflections makes for a bad picture :P ), no snails! the stick is separate.
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    Trigon 190-Learning curve

    Re: My first planted tank Trigon 190 corner Quick updated photo , all the java moss as been trimmed back hard aswell as the DHG and the camboda had to go as i couldn`t get it to grow nice and compact (tho i wasnt keen on the look anyway) got a few more plants on the way to try sometime this...
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    super glue

    Not entirely true, you just need to put a little bit more glue on as the outer layer that contacts the damp surface cures pretty much instantly, but this then provides a dry surface to glue to (the bond may not be quite as strong but it does work for attaching plants)
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    Trigon 190-Learning curve

    Re: My first planted tank Trigon 190 corner Yeah it got returned and replaced.
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    hair algae

    "Also, reduce the amount of nutrients dosed in the aquarium as too much iron causes this algae to appear" i wouldn`t pay too much attention to that article if it were me.
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    Trigon 190-Learning curve

    Re: My first planted tank Trigon 190 corner External filter added now, old juwel internal is now removed , think i`ll need to rescape soon :P
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    So many problems I don't know where to start!

    i might of missed it , but i can`t see where anyone has mentioned manual removal of as much algae as possible , daily would be best but as often as you can will suffice. If it can be removed from the tank (Hardscape like rocks or wood, and any equipment) get it in some warm water and use an old...
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    Looking for a new external filter.

    On its way , gave me enough spare money to get a koralia nano aswell.
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    Looking for a new external filter.

    quick google search found a ex1200 for 73.95 :)
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    Looking for a new external filter.

    My budget is around £90-£100 and its for a 190l tank , i`ve found an aqua one here at a reasonable price , has anyone any experiance with these or can suggest an alternative?
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    Upgrading lighting on my Fluval Roma 125l

    I`d say leave the lighting and invest in a good pressurised co2 system first (you`ll more then likely need it once you go to t5 lights anyway as they are so much more light then what you have currently), most high light plants are really high CO2 and high fert plants , you`d be suprised atwhat...
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    CO2 & Rummynose

    I dont have rummynose tetras , but my tets go into hiding/stay low for quite some time if i have my hands in the tank for a while (trimming , water changing etc) which i presume is because they are getting spooked. might just be something similar. (also i always train my fish to feed from my...
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    CO2 timing?

    It really depends on how efficient your method of diffusing is , the aim is to have 30 ppm by the time the lights come on, every tank is different :P mines coming on one hour before lights on and off 30 mins before lights off (i have quite a lot of surface movement so my tank out gasses the co2...
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    best time to dose ferts

    Yes :P tho some extra potassium might do me good !
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    Here's My Issue With BBA

    If it was me i`d reduce the lighting (time + intensity)but keep the ferts+CO2 the same whilst nuking the algae daily with EC/excel and manually removing as much as i could each day
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    Looking for shoaling fish that like water current

    The only problem with this is that the majority of LFs (at least the ones i`ve been in ) tend to use quite small holding tanks with a large amount of fish in each which means that you`ll rarely see them behaving as they would once they get into a proper size tank with lots of hiding places etc
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    My venture into my new 760 ltr planted tank .

    Looks awesome :)
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    Trigon 190-Learning curve

    Re: My first planted tank Trigon 190 corner CO2 is now up and running , i`ve been slowly increasing the bubble rate until the drop checker went green, got a good mist of micro bubbles from my AP diffuser all over the water colum :).Going to leave it like this for a week or 10 days and then...
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    A large Wabi kusa

    amazing tanks, would be nice to have one at home :P
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    Crypts deformed ?

    As a wild guess probably co2 , when your not dosing the KNO3 this will be the limiting nutrient , soon as you add it again its moving to some other nutrient , but somone with more experiance will be able to give you a better answer :P Excesse's shouldnt cause deformation/curling as you need to...
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    Tropica Aquacube - Lava

    love the look of this tank :)
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    Echinodorus parviflorus 'Tropica' (Compact/Tropica Sword)

    Re: Echinodorus parviflorus 'Tropica' (Compact/Tropica Sword It could still that they were grown emersed as james said , many plants can look totaly different between there two forms, i got a amazon sword a while back that was nearly a foot long in each stem/leaf (that was grown emersed) its...
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    Aquarium Cooling. Fans?

    It will still provide some degree of cooling because of evaporative cooling i used to use a couple of fans on 60 gallon tank a few years ago , they used to drop the temp about 1 degree , but these days i dont bother, most fish can cope with it as long as its not a sudden change in temperture...
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    Trigon 190-Learning curve

    Re: My first planted tank Trigon 190 corner :evil: :evil: :evil: Everything arrived today for my FE co2, after fitting the regulator to the bottle i had a major leak , regulator has a large crack in it where the gauges are connected. Will have to wait a few days now :(
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    A Shady Glen - The Recovery - Photographs

    Such lush growth! If i can get my tank to look 1 tenth of that i`ll be a happy newbie :P
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    best time to dose ferts

    It doesn`t really matter , easycarbo/excel is said to break down after around 24 hours , so as long as its around the same time everyday your plants wont care. For what its worth i always dose first thing in the morning whilst kettle is boiling, best thing is to do whats the most convient for...
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    Trigon 190-Learning curve

    Re: My first planted tank Trigon 190 corner My co2 system should be here and setup by the weekend as just got everything ordered. Need to get my flow sorted out now. I`ve made a DIY spray bar i made for the PH as the flow from this just kept uprooting my hairgrass :twisted: Has anyone got any...
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    Where did all my co2 go

    How did you check for the leak? best way when looking for pressurised air/gas leaks is a little washing up liquid and water in a spray bottle , hard to find the miniscule leaks with hands only. My best guess would be that is something to do with the regulator as it comes across that you changed...
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    Quick question!

    Thanks for confirmation.
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    Trigon 190-Learning curve

    Re: My first planted tank Trigon 190 corner Plants were purchased from javaplants , They arrived in fairly good condition but some of the dwarf sag had gone a bit mushy in places, but nothing a good trim didnt sort out so far. Found time to get rid of that horrible background today and...
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    Quick question!

    I work shifts (alternating weekly) so i`d like to change my timer for the lights weekly between 9 am till 5/6 pm then the following week 12 noon till 8/9 pm so the tank is lit whilst im at home, i presume that the plants wont care , but i`d thought id ask in case it could cause problems?
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    Easycarbo from Ebay?

    Excel is about 2.6% gluteraldehyde irrc, and id agree with lisa , anything thats going into my tank i would want to be 100% sure its what it says on the label. *forgot to answer OP* Excel is a bit cloudy and has a fairly strong smell , its quite unique to me so i couldn`t say if it smells like...
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    EI flow is enough ? Is worth to start ?

    I would start dosing EI straight away if i were you , its already been proven time and time again that excess nutrients do not cause problems, but poor flow/poor co2. The old wpg rule was devised for t8 tubes , and really has very little relevence with t5/MH lights , with the light you have...
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    Please advice with design

    Looks like algae to me, maybe GSA . Would be fairly easy to grow on rocks before you plant the tank or in another tank just for that purpose, One problem with shots of tanks like these is you never know if its a long term tank , or just something set up for the photo.
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    Trigon 190-Learning curve

    Re: My first planted tank Trigon 190 corner Well, my plants finally arrived 2 hours of planting later we have Should hopefully have everything for a FE co2 setup with the next few weeks aswell , and no alage to speak of bar some diatoms yet .
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    lighting issue do i have enough

    The power head on your filter would be 5x turnover but the ratings on these things usually dont translate to reality once you add filter media and what not , the 3000 lph power head will give you 23x turnover alone , so that should suffice (tho it might be a bit fierce so you might want to...