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  1. ghostsword

    Went to look for hardscape

    Been in Cape Town for almost two weeks now.. and decided to go look for hardscape, need some boulders for a new scape.. Found a rock similar to dragon rock but has quartz on it.. and found tons of granite.. Bought three granite rocks.. 24kg.. for 80p a kg.. :) Rocks by Luis Embalo, on Flickr
  2. ghostsword

    Piranha Tank at the London Aquarium

  3. ghostsword

    Aquavitro from Seachem

    I received a box of Aquavitro stuff (thanks Seachem and Dan) ... Had a look at the ferts, and it looks pretty good on paper, highly concentrated, and with easy instructions. I used EI, loved it, and I am now using Elos due to the concentration and ease of use, but the Aquavitro got me...
  4. ghostsword

    Micro iwagumi

    The tank is only 20cm by 10cm by 10cm, moss and dragon stone. Micro Iwagumi 2012 - 003 by GHOSTSWORD, on Flickr
  5. ghostsword

    Emersed play

    Here is a tank that I have been playing for a while. It is a optiwhite 35cm cube. The plants are all emersed: - Hygrophila Corymbosa - Java Fern - Hydrocotyle Tripartita - Weeping moss Rocks are Seryiu and wood is driftwood. Misted daily, but not covered. Substrate is ADA amazonia. Emersed...
  6. ghostsword

    Can I use a old AIS lens with a Nikon D7000

    Hi.. I got a number of Nikon lenses, use them with a old D70. After seing the videos displaying at the UKAPS stand, I think that it may be time to upgrade my camera, only for the video, as the D70 does all I need in terms of photo. However I got a very old 105mm AIS lens, manual focus. The...
  7. ghostsword

    Aquatics Live 2012 - photos and videos

    The Flickr set can be found here.. http://www.flickr.com/photos/ghostsword ... 176517668/ Aquatics Live 2012 - 029 by GHOSTSWORD, on Flickr Aquatics Live 2012 - 030 by GHOSTSWORD, on Flickr Aquatics Live 2012 - 032 by GHOSTSWORD, on Flickr Aquatics Live 2012 - 038 by GHOSTSWORD, on...
  8. ghostsword

    Sintra - Emersed Aquascape on the garden

    Old Juwel 120L repurposed and placed on the garden, to try an emersed aquascape. This was my first proper tank, and have had at two scapes on IAPLC. The tank was going good, until the jbl e1500 stopped working, a close inspection lead me to see that the impeler had broken. I ordered one...
  9. ghostsword

    What Kills Amano Shrimp?

    @ghostsword - what is deadly for amano shrimp? I have a high tech tank, lots of co2, few fish, planted and ferts. 50% water changes a week with half RO. Dropped 10 amano on the tank, 15 minute acclimatization, all dead or dying within 2 hours. Stopped CO2 and raised spray-bar, see two or...
  10. ghostsword

    HC mixed with lileaopsis, has anyone done it?

    I am to try HC, but have a few strands of lileaopsis here and there. I would like to try the contrast in colour with the two. Has anyone tried it? ___________________________ Luis @ghostsword
  11. ghostsword

    Rocky meadow

    @ghostsword -- Rocky Meadow, aquascape on a 60cm optiwhite tank. http://youtu.be/rCcC_hbikWQ The details are: [AQUARIUM SIZE] W: 60 x D: 40 x H: 40 (cm) [WATER PLANTS] Anubias barteri var. nana 'Petite' ; Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Tropica' ; Microsorum pteropus 'Narrow' ; Sagittaria subulata ...
  12. ghostsword

    Emersed Garden cube

    This is a 35cm optiwhite cube. Hardscape is bogwood and some seriyu stone. Plants are pogestemon (downoi), java fern, hygrophila corymbosa and hydrocotyle sp japan. Also got some emersed riccia and moss on the rocks and wood. Easy to take care and low maintenance. Covered to aid with...
  13. ghostsword

    Floresta na Palma da mao. - Forest in the palm of your hand

    A micro emersed scape. Rocks are dragon rock. Plants are weeping moss, myriophyllum brasiliensis, and some HC at the back. The tank is 3 months old. The inspiration is from a great aquascaper called Diego Sandoval, who is in my opinion one of the best micro scapers there is. As I like...
  14. ghostsword

    Colinas verdes (Green hills)

    The tank is a 35cm cube, optiwhite. The light is a TMC Led 200, par 10 at substrate. Substrate is denerlle shrimp gravel. Plants are: - pelia - weeping moss - needle java fern - anubia nana - anubia petite - anubia minima Hardscape are garden rocks and manzanita. It has some guppy fry, 5...
  15. ghostsword

    What I am doing right?

    For the past month I have been pretty busy with work, so the tanks are slightly neglected, yet, I have no algae, apart from some green spot on the glass. No water changes, the CO2 has stopped for a week or so, no ferts, feeding the fish every two days, and lights at the same level as before...
  16. ghostsword

    Which video editing? Adobe Premiere vs Powerdirector

    @ghostsword -- i would like to start editing some of my videos. Got a trial of Adobe Premiere and PowerDirector, Adobe is pretier, but PowerDirector is easier to get things done. Do you use any of them? ___________________________ Luis @ghostsword
  17. ghostsword

    Takashi Amano is redoing his monster Nature Aquarium

    Takashi Amano is redoing his monster Nature Aquarium -- http://www.aquajournal-digital.net/aqua ... dgxbv.gif/ And here as well -- Takashi Amano redoing his large tank... Just awesome.. http://www.aquajournal-digital.net/aqua ... zazmp.gif/
  18. ghostsword

    Underwater footage of aquascape

    @ghostsword - Got a waterproof camcorder and filmed the aquascape underwater. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjYfHSYa ... ture=g-upl First try, need to get better at it, but for nice to see the fish.. :) ___________________________ Luis @ghostsword
  19. ghostsword

    Just entered IAPLC 2012

    My entry ======== Alentejo-IAPLC 201202 by GHOSTSWORD, on Flickr Alentejo-IAPLC 201236 by GHOSTSWORD, on Flickr Alentejo-IAPLC 201237 by GHOSTSWORD, on Flickr
  20. ghostsword

    How to make Ada sand? Crazy...

    Has any of you tried this before? 200 grams of Ada amazonia, a moulinex, one push and instant sand? Just tried it and great result.. :) ___________________________ Luis @ghostsword
  21. ghostsword

    Is it legal to send fish through couriers?

    Couple of guys fined for sending live fish through couriers. I did not know that it was illegal. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... -post.html ___________________________ Luis @ghostsword
  22. ghostsword

    Emersed aquascape - Jagunco do Monte

    Ok, Crazy idea, but it may work. Will be a fight to keep the algae at bay, but I am looking forward to the challenge. The weather is picking up, so it is time to move some scapes to the garden. :) The tank is an acrylic tray of 50cm, by 30cm by 15cm tall, so shallow. I have purchased some...
  23. ghostsword

    Takashi Amano and PFK

    http://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk/c ... p?sid=4873 ___________________________
  24. ghostsword

    Elos Fertilizers, who is using it?

    @ghostsword - Elos Fertilizers, who is using it? I got the Fase2 and the K40 bottles, been reading great reviews about it online. The dosing says 1ml per 100L of water every second day (If I read correctly), now can I mix them, or has to be one day the Fase2, and the other day the K40? At 1ml...
  25. ghostsword

    My emersed plants - Adventures, tries and failures

    I got this Hygrophile sp. growing on wood.. Cannot remember what Hygrophila is. There is also moss, and some Hydrocotyle sp. Japan growing on the wood. At the submerged area there is a Java Fern, my first ever Java Fern, bought it in 2002. It has been hacked, trimmed hard, left emersed, now...
  26. ghostsword

    Iwagumi using UG

    I do not remember seeing a iwagumi using UG.  Is that because it is impossible, or because it would not look natural? I really like hairgrass, but want to try something different. If you were to grow UG, what were the tips you could give me? I got CO2 and light sorted out, but as I live in...
  27. ghostsword


    The tank is a optiwhite tank, 60x45x45. For substrate I have used akadama at the back, nothing in front yet, but will be clear sand. The rocks are seiryu rocks, will get some more for the sides. Wood is manzanita For filtration I am using a Eheim Classic 2017 and a hang on filter by aquaone...
  28. ghostsword

    Lisbon Sunrise Revisited

    I have replaced the rocks, some plants and added a large piece of manzanita. The tank was previously like this: IAPLC 2011 by GHOSTSWORD, on Flickr Now it is like this: Lisbon Sunrise revisited by GHOSTSWORD, on Flickr Echinodorus Ocelot by GHOSTSWORD, on Flickr Red by GHOSTSWORD, on...
  29. ghostsword

    Help get Christel Kasselmann book published in English

    Click on the link below and support us. http://www.petitiononline.co.uk/petitio ... 58558/3770 Currently the book Aquarienpflanzen: 450 Arten im Porträt is only available in German and Dutch. We the hobbyists, plant keepers, aquascapers and botanists want to be able to read it in English...
  30. ghostsword

    Amano seminar DVD - Malaysia 2010

    I have purchased the DVD of Amano lecture and demonstration, from his visit to Malaysia in 2010. Received it last night and watched it with the family. It is almost 2 hours of professional footage, with English and Chinese subtitles. From: News ||| ADA Nature Aquarium - Aqua Design Amano...
  31. ghostsword

    Live stream from the 2011 IAPLC-Party

    @ghostsword Live stream from the 2011 IAPLC-Party http://www.aquajournal.ru/video_view.php?id=20 http://www.aquajournal.ru/video_view.php?id=21
  32. ghostsword

    ADA View, the new concept for introducing NA on YouTube

    @ghostsword #aquascaping [ADA View] ADA View, the new concept for introducing NA on YouTube and USTEAM! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New project, ADA View will be started on October 1st. It is to introduce news and know-how of Nature Aquarium...
  33. ghostsword

    The Art of the Planted Aquarium 2012 Hannover, who is going?

    @ghostsword Next live scaping contest in Hannover 2012 is confirmed :celebrate: Hi folks, got some good news from Harald (organizer of the event "The Art of the Planted Aquarium" in Hannover) Special guest Mr.Amano , Mr.Amano lecture Mr.Amano workshop Mr.Amano as a judge Here are...
  34. ghostsword

    Rocky outcrop - 600 ml iwagumi

    After seeing some amazing micro nanos on the forum I had a go myself. The container is an ikea acrylic container, white sand, four black pieces of granite and moss, with a manzanita stick. It has two red ramshorns. 600 ml nano iwagumi by GHOSTSWORD, on Flickr 600 ml nano iwagumi by...
  35. ghostsword

    Issues with Ranunculus Inundatus

    @ghostsword - I have purchased a pot of Ranunculus Inundatus to try it out, but the plant is really struggling on my tank. :( The plant is next to Blixa, and the blixa is doins very well, staying low and compact. Could be that the Ranunculus is adapting to underwater, but it has been two...
  36. ghostsword

    Emersed bowl, room humidity

    @ghostsword - I have a bowl that has had emersed plants for a while now. The list of plants are: - Alternanthera Lilacina (Currently flowering) - Echinodorus sp. (growing very slowly after loosing two leaves to snails) - Hydrocotyle sp japan - Hydrocotyle Sibthorpioides - Hydrocotyle...
  37. ghostsword

    Glass external dropchecker

    I will try to use this as an external co2 dropcheker. External CO2 dropchecker by GHOSTSWORD, on Flickr Rather long piece of glass, but should work, and very cheap. :)
  38. ghostsword

    How many scapes can you submit to #iaplc?

    @ghostsword - How many scapes can a single person submit to the IAPLC? Can you submit more than one?
  39. ghostsword

    For Beta lovers.. :)

    For Beta lovers.. :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0COrjOm ... ploademail
  40. ghostsword

    IAPLC 2011 - Lisbon Sunrise

    :) I reached postion 698. IAPLC 2011 by GHOSTSWORD, on Flickr .
  41. ghostsword

    Have you kept Vampire crabs?

    @ghostsword - I would like to do a small emersed tank for vampire crabs, has anyone on the forum set one up before? From the web they just need some water, lots of area above the water to burow and stay, and some live food. Any help is appreciated.
  42. ghostsword

    Parado no tempo

    After having a high tech tank with stems and lots of colour I decided to change the plants to something easier to manage and slower. The list of plants are: - Java moss - Hygrophila sp. thailand - Hygrocotyle sp. Japan - Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides - Echinodorus parviflorus - Echinodorus...
  43. ghostsword

    Would Ranunculus inundatus emersed?

    @ghostsword - I found some ranunculus inundatus at @AquaticDesignUK today, and got a pot. Have you seen it growing emersed before? Going to try it.
  44. ghostsword

    #Corydora eating a earth worm.

    @ghostsword - I managed to film one of my corydora eating a earth worm.
  45. ghostsword

    What Zebra Ottos eat? Echinodorus !

    @ghostsword - I have purchased 3 zebra ottos from @AquaticDesignUK , they were kept in perfect form, well fed and on a tank by themselves. Got the home and started to feed them algae wafers, cucumber and potatoes. Did not seen them eating any of the above, but been noticing that the...
  46. ghostsword

    Peruvian #biotope?

    @ghostsword I am planing to do a Peruvian Biotope, but I am stuck for plants. I only got these: - Azolla filiculoides Ranunculus limoselloides - Distichia muscoides - Lilaeopsis - Elodea potamogeton - Juncus arcticus subsp - Myriophyllum quitensis - Ludwigia peruviana - Myriophyllum...
  47. ghostsword

    #Sulawesi #shrimp catch

    @ghostsword See an amazing video of how Sulawesi Shrimp are caught! By #Chrislukhaup http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=up ... E8p4&gl=GB
  48. ghostsword

    Has anyone grown Blixa #emersed?

    @ghostsword - Has any of you grown blixa emersed? What sort of humidity would it require? .
  49. ghostsword

    Zebra Ottos @ ADC London

    The Aquatic Design Center has Zebra Ottos. They are pricy, at about £15 each. I booked 5 for myself. :) They are now on quarantine, and being fed, should be available on the 8th of July. :)
  50. ghostsword

    Cabo Verde - Low tech with Heather bogwood

    I received a couple of weeks ago some amazing dead heather bogwood from Darrel. viewtopic.php?f=23&t=16292&p=168770#p168770 The wood is so amazing, perfect for nanos, and as I had a empty 8L acrylic tank I though that it would be perfect for it. So the specs of the tank are 8L, with a...
  51. ghostsword

    Ghost Town

    My young daughter decided that she wanted a tank. I was keeping this for emersed setup, but she got the better of me. So it has two frogs, and three guppies. A 15L optiwhite.: - Hydrocotyle sp. Japan - Bacopa Carolina emersed - Java moss - Java ferns - Akadama substrate - Manzanita wood -...
  52. ghostsword

    Have you seen the cover of metro? Is the stig's name Clive?

    Hi, have you seen the cover of metro today? http://e-edition.metro.co.uk/2011/06/09/ Could it be that The Stig and Ceg be the same person? :D They both named Clive and masters at their chosen areas. .
  53. ghostsword

    Would you fancy a evening at ADC in London? 30th June

    Hi, I visit often ADC (http://aquaticdesign.co.uk/contact-shop.html) in central london, and buy most of my plants from there. They stock ADA, optiwhite tanks and the shop is spread out over two floors. I was talking to the guy in charge of ordering the plants from Tropica, and he would be...
  54. ghostsword

    Cai o Carmo e trindade

    My dutchungle. :) DSC_2103 by GHOSTSWORD, on Flickr DSC_2101 by GHOSTSWORD, on Flickr DSC_2128 by GHOSTSWORD, on Flickr
  55. ghostsword

    Red Fin corydora?

    I have bred this type on my tank, gave many away, and kept the more colorful ones, the reddish fin seems to be here to stay. Red Corydora by GHOSTSWORD, on Flickr Red Corydora by GHOSTSWORD, on Flickr
  56. ghostsword

    Why should you grow your own bugs!

    I went yesterday to a local shop, looking for dapnia to setup a small live food tank on the garden. As I bought the bags the guy on the other side o the counter told me to look carefully before I put the critters on the tank, as sometimes there are predators with them. I was puzzled, what...
  57. ghostsword

    Some of my Java Fern leaves have transparent tips

    I am having an issue with my Java Fern. It has transparent tips. No algae, has the CO2 difuser right next to it, close to a Koralia 2 so lots of flow, I dose EI heavily, and do two 50% water changes a week. All other plants are good, the ferns is growing quite fast, but some leaves have...
  58. ghostsword

    Propagate Fissidens

    I am pretty clued up with plants, EI and CO2, but I am useless with mosses. :( Two years ago Paulo gave me a smidge of Fissidens, a 10p size. I have now a 15cm by 5cm stick and it is just under 10cm deep. I trimmed it and placed the stick back on the tank, next to the CO2 and with good light...
  59. ghostsword

    What is on the garden this year - 2011

    The weather is picking up, and from March to September I usually have aquatic plants on the garden, just need to top up with tank water, and let them grow. This is what I got this year. DSC_2014 by GHOSTSWORD, on Flickr DSC_2011 by GHOSTSWORD, on Flickr DSC_2000 by GHOSTSWORD, on Flickr...
  60. ghostsword

    Sao Miguel

    This is my latest nano, named Sao Miguel. São Miguel Island is nicknamed "The Green Island", is the largest and most populous island in the Portuguese Azores archipelago. The tank is a 20cm cube, and it has Java Fern, Hygrophila Polyspherma, Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides, Java Moss and Cabomba...
  61. ghostsword

    Caridina cf. cantonensis ( Bee Shrimp ) Habitat

    From Chris Lukhaup on Tour: Caridina cf. cantonensis ( Bee Shrimp ) Habitat http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nafwnMMM ... r_embedded More info on www.crustahunter.com
  62. ghostsword

    Tranbuco Verdejante

    Small nano tank, Betta Acrylic. The tank has only 8 liters of water, using a TMC CO2 disposable bottle and a 11W Arcadia light, on for 5 hours a day. It is dosed daily with EI ferts and has a 50% water change every second day. No fish or shrimp, only tadpole snails.
  63. ghostsword

    Qube Contest at Vivarium 2011

    The Qube contest entrants:
  64. ghostsword


    Got a new app for the iphone, Hipstamatic, so that I can take Lomography shots. The results are quite good.
  65. ghostsword

    New rocks to hardscape with

    Have some new rocks to hardscape now. Got them lined up and from photographs, they look very similar to Hakkay stones. I choose round ones, but I am sure that there are other shapes to find. From: Road trip to Hakkai mountain! (Search for Hakkai stones!) - Aquascaping - Aquatic Plant...
  66. ghostsword

    Perna torta - Shallow tank and manzanita

    I have a shallow acrylic tray that I am thinking setting up this summer, with pond plants, no fish, maybe some pond snails. :) During winter I will put it back inside and use it as moss and anubias emersed play area, then with some shrimp. See for the hardscape.
  67. ghostsword

    Floresta Amazônica

    Hi, my tank has been now fully scaped and it is now ready to grow. The specs are: - Rekord 120 - 4 x 39W t5's running for 8 hours a day, the lights are 60cm above the tank - 20W of leds, that run from 12 hours - 3bps of CO2, using an Atomic Atomiser and needle valve, connected to a Dupla...
  68. ghostsword

    UK Moss and bog plants on a square tray

    I have been struggling with keeping humidity high enough to setup a Wabi with the usual plants, such as rotalas, etc. Tried with UK moss, and some of the non aquatics sold on most LFS's. It is a month old, and the moss is what I found outside, the plants the usual non aquatics on most shops...
  69. ghostsword

    Do you know what Cory's are these?

    Hi, I got some C. Shultzei to breed, but the offspring do not look like the parents. Do you know what variety of corydora are these? Also, if you are in London and want some please let me know, I got too many now.
  70. ghostsword

    Wabi Kusa farm

    I am starting a emersed setup, and this will be my Wabi Kusa farm. Got the plants from Tony (Planted Tanks) Choose the alive ones: Got the kids busy: Planted the lot:
  71. ghostsword


    The tank is a nano acrylic, named Betta Biotope in the UK. It has a Cryptocorine wenditti that has remained very small, Tenellus, Christmas moss, Lileaopsis Brasiliensis, Marsilea Hirsuta and some Pellia. The tank has a 10% water change/top up from the main tank, so it gets the nutrients and...
  72. ghostsword

    Wave Scissors

    I have ordered two scissors that would make a big impact on trimming plants, especially carpets. Ordered them from http://www.plantedtanks.co.uk/new%20products £35 each..
  73. ghostsword

    Wabi Kusa's meet - London

    The London Mob is meeting to have a go at Wabi Kusa's, Sat 4th Dec 2010 mid day. This is will be a great opportunity to get to grips with a wabi kusa setup from ground up. :) I already purchased clay, some spagnum moss, the tray's and over £50 on a mix of Hygros.. :) Intend to make enough...
  74. ghostsword

    AquaScaping WORLD Competition: Now OPEN!

    Spread the word folks, the AquaScaping WORLD Competition (ASWC) is now open and accepting entries! Please see the competition site for official rules, ASWC Judges Panel, judging criteria, and other competition details. AquaScaping WORLD Competition URL: www.aquascapingworld.com/competition...
  75. ghostsword

    Black Otos - Niger Oto - Hisonotus leucofrenatus

    Hi, I managed to get 10 black otos, their scientific name is Hisonotus leucofrenatus. Has anyone kept them before? http://www.planetcatfish.com/catelog/im ... e_id=11046
  76. ghostsword

    Do you subscribe to the ADA AquaJournals?

    I am thinking about subscribing to the ADA Aquajournals,they will send it from Japan. Does anyone on the forum subscribes to the ADA magazines? What is your experience with it?
  77. ghostsword

    Dupla Armatur and Dupla Solenoid - CO2 Kit

    I have purchased the Dupla Armatur PRO Valve from Planted Tanks about a month ago, and was impressed with the quality of the unit. After taking from the box I was surprised at the quality of the kit, very solid and very easy to use. What is amazing on it is that you can set the exact amount of...
  78. ghostsword

    Candiru Azul, worse than Piranha? Scary!

  79. ghostsword

    Golden Ratio use

    I have read about the Golden ratio, and tried to replicate it on my first aquascape. I am using the manzanita branches to setup the lines at 3/5 of the lenght, so each section is further divided in 3/5. Also each section has it's own plants, with a triangle going from left to right, with the...
  80. ghostsword

    River Slope

    The tank progress: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Leds only #6 Full light
  81. ghostsword

    Planted Aquarium Podcasts...

    http://www.scapefu.com/ Taken from http://www.barrreport.com/showthread.ph ... um-podcast I have listened to the podcast, and it is very good, should be listed on itunes.
  82. ghostsword

    Valis carpet?

    Odd plant to carpet with.. It looks like Valis, but much shorter.. and it turns red.
  83. ghostsword

    Eradicate algae altogether from the tank - Theory

    Following some posts on the forum regarding how algae is ever present on the tank waiting for the right moment to grow, I came up with a theory that may actually create a free algae tank. If we use 1-2-Grow plants that "are free of algae and snails" from Tropica, on water that has been boiled...
  84. ghostsword

    Funny plant sprouting from hairgrass clumps

    Hi, I got these four or three clover plant sprouting up from between the emersed hairgrass. Do you know if the hairgrass has that leaf form? I have not seen it before:
  85. ghostsword

    Do you know how to care for Swamp Cypresses?

    Hello. I purchased a Swamp Cypress on ebay, the tree arrived in good condition, rather bare, but it will allow me to grow it and learn with it. I am going away for one month, what would be the best way to keep it watered while I am away? The small tree is about 20cm tall, but very wiry and...
  86. ghostsword

    Macro lens for Nikon D70

    Hi, I am starting on photography and got a second hand Nikon D70. Great camera, great photos and cheap to buy. I am now looking for a lens to use for macro shots. Would you have any recommendation? I would like to spend no more than £200, if possible. :)
  87. ghostsword

    Looking for shoaling fish that like water current

    Hi.. I am looking for a shoaling fish that would be able to be kept at: - Moderate to strong water current - ph > 7 - open swiming areas - 24C to 26C - be kept on a 120L tank I checked rummy noses and amber tetras.. Anything else?
  88. ghostsword

    Betta Nano Cube from J&K

    The tank now, with only four Fresh Water spotted Nerites on it: It has Crypto parva, hairgrass, Marsilea H, some strands of Lileaopsis B and Fontinalis.
  89. ghostsword

    Deserted island journal

    I have seen a photo online by a designer called Frederico Felix (http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs37/f/2008/ ... oFelix.png) I am trying to replicate the pic on a tank, so I have requested a quotation for this: A London acrylic tank builder should get back to me with a price, and I will use a...
  90. ghostsword

    Emmersed Hygrophila Corymbosa

    I managed to get Hygrophila Corymbosa to grow emmersed on the office, on a bed of Tropica aquasoil always wet.
  91. ghostsword

    The missing kuhli loaches were on the java fern hotel

    I had bought about a year or so ago 4 kuhli loaches, 2 strippy and 2 brown ones. As the tank was changed, more plants added, I stopped seeing them, I thought that they had kaput long time ago and the shrimps had a party on them. I was wrong. :) Yesterday I took all plants out, inclusive the...
  92. ghostsword

    Looking for a shoal of small fish for my 120L tank

    Hello, After almost a year growing plants, and with the basis of plant maintenance sorted out, I am now moving to scapes. I have a Rekord 120, which is 100cm long, 36cm wide and 50cm tall. I would like to have on one corner a java fern on wood, and the rest carpeted, with a mound of red...
  93. ghostsword

    Hydrocotyle verticillata outside on the garden

    I got a old eco tank, the ones for reptiles, and placed some soil on the bottom, 10cm of water and dropped H Verticillata on it with some grass and Staurogyne. Staurogyne died out. This is on the nice London weather.. :)
  94. ghostsword

    Using moss as substrate for floating island

    I have spare moss and I am thinking about using it as substrate for HC or UG, on a floating island above the java fern, to provide some shade. Has any one tried it before?
  95. ghostsword

    When to prune lilaeopsis brasiliensis?

    Hi, I got a pot of lilaeopsis brasiliensis at ADC in London about two months ago. As their local "plant expert" couldn't get it to grow, it was melting on his tank, I decided to have a go. Now, the plant has taken over my 70cm by 20cm substrate, it over run the Staurogyne, hairgrass and...
  96. ghostsword

    When to change the 4dhk solution on the dropcheker?

    Hi, When should we change the 4dhk on the dropcheker? Should we do it at water change? Or not at all?
  97. ghostsword

    Oto replacement? Parotocinclus sp.

    http://www.planetcatfish.com/catelog/sp ... ies_id=808
  98. ghostsword

    Ikea is selling water plants.. :)

    http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/40049844 Height: 20 cm Care instructions Placement Must always stay in water. Fertiliser Fertilising not required. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  99. ghostsword

    Green hair algae only on Rotala Wallichii

    Hello, I got a small issue on my tank, it is only affecting the Rotala Wallichii. Got hair algae strands growing in between the stems, gluing them together. It is odd. The Rotala Wallichii is not growing as fast as the other plants I got, but not dying either, just in limbo. I dose...
  100. ghostsword

    Hydro clay balls

    Hi, has anyone used Hydro clay balls on the tank? I have a bunch of hanging planters for my tank and a couple of pots and I am looking for a substrate for it. Currently I am using rockwool and the results are good, but would like something more natural. Thanks,...