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  1. Andy D

    IAPLC 2018

    Hi All, The results are out as I'm sure many of you are aware. The UK entries and rank: 81 - Pavol Kulanda 483 - George Farmer 681 - Konrad Michalski 739 - James Starr-Marshall 805 - Stephen Rhodes 822 - Dorin-Florian Romaniuc 1087 - Piotr Kwiatkowski 1116 - Michael Gittins 1172 - Jay Keegan...
  2. Andy D

    Minnow Island

    Having moved about 8 months ago now I've finally got round to setting up another tank. I pretty much only have one space for it and that is in the fireplace. The space itself has dictated many of my choices like tank, stand and filter. I would like to have got an Aquascaper 600 to benefit from...
  3. Andy D

    Low Tech Kitchen Shrimp Tank

    Hi All, A few months ago I set up a 19l P@H Aquarium to house a few snails for my 3 year old son who is fascinated with them. Back in Feb I had to move so the tank also became home for some RCS and my one remaining CRS from my other shrimp tank. The tank was thrown together with bits and...
  4. Andy D

    My Low Tech Scapers Tanks

    Hi All! I have taken down four of my tanks and replaced them with two Dennerle Scapers tanks. I will also be setting up two Wabi-Kusa shortly. TANK 1 This is purely a shrimp tank. Currently housing about 20 Red Cherry Shrimp. I will add some more (most likely Red Crystal Shrimp) once it is a...
  5. Andy D

    What Stem/s For My Wabi-Kusa

    Hi All, I am looking to set up a couple of really basic Wabi-Kusa using my Do! Aqua plant glass 'cubes'. (For reference they are 15cm x 15cm x 20cm ( l x d x h ). Can someone recommend a couple of stem plants that should grow out of the glass and (hopefully) flower? Would in-vitro plants be...
  6. Andy D

    My Weeds & Moss 'Iwagumi'

    Hi All, My main tanks are plodding along and I am itching to do 'something'. Until I can get a Scapers tank and accessories I decide to throw something together with what I've got. I've not done any kind of journal with this (and was tempted to put it in chit chat) as the only thing aquatic...
  7. Andy D

    How do you pronounce UKAPS?

    Hi All, Just out of interest how do you refer to UKAPS? I have always referred to it as UK APS until a recent George Farmer video where he calls it U KAPS. Over to you... [emoji4]
  8. Andy D

    LUPYLED theONE - thoughts?

    Hi All, Looks like this could be really good:
  9. Andy D

    Alternative to Do!Aqua Branch Light

    Hi All, I love the look of the Do!Aqua branch light but feel the price is pretty steep for something that looks like anyone skilled in basic metal work could fashion. Anyone know of a similar alternative?
  10. Andy D

    Small Stainless Steel Inflow Pipe 13mm

    Hi All, I'm looking for a small (to fit an ADA Mini M) stainless steel inflow pipe. I have Aqua Rebell glass inflow/outflow pipes but I would like steel ones as a back up. I have already bought the Aqua Rebell steel pipes and whilst the outflow is fine the inflow is too long. (I suspected it...
  11. Andy D

    My Crystal Red Shrimp Tank

    Hi All! Here is my Crystal Red Shrimp tank. Tank: ND Aquatics 30cm X 30cm X 36cm Opti-White front. Filtration: Fluval nano internal Lighting: Superfish IQ43 LED Heating: Rena Smart Heater Substrate: Cat litter Hardscape: Lava rock and pear branches Flora: Anubias, Taiwan Moss, Water...
  12. Andy D

    Crypt Melt - Water Change or Ferts?

    Hi All, Just after some options (or definite answer) on why my Crypts have melted. Over this last week I have had Cryptocoryne Wendtii Brown melt in 2 different tanks. Tank 1 has been set up for 2 months. Plant was an established plant from Aquafleur. Tank 2 has been set up for 4 months...
  13. Andy D

    IAPLC 2015

    Let's start with a video:
  14. Andy D

    Where can I buy an ADA poster?

    Hi All, When I look at videos from TGM and pictures at Green Aqua I can see these nice ADA posters. I have found a site that has one - http://www.aquaplante.fr/gamme-ada-amano/ada/9389-poster-ada-the-balance-of-nature-melanotaenia-boesemani.html - but does anybody know where else I might get...
  15. Andy D

    Reducing Light Intensity With Grey Acrylic

    Hi All, Having recently bought an ADA Aquasky I am concerned about how powerful it is and want to give myself a safety net. In this post Clive mentions using grey acrylic to reduce the intensity whilst maintaining colour - http://www.ukaps.org/forum/index.php?posts/205527/ Maybe an easy...
  16. Andy D

    ADA Aquasky - Am I Asking For Trouble?

    Hi All! Apart from a brief stint using CO2 all of my tanks to date have been low energy affairs. I have plans to change that and have taken advantage of the current TGM offer and bought an ADA Mini M. I want a decent light and I really love the look of the Aquasky. Given my inexperience, the...
  17. Andy D

    20% off at TGM

    Hi All! TGM have re-designed their website and currently have an offer of 20% off with promo code NEWSITE.
  18. Andy D

    Epiphyte 'Tree'

    Hi All! I'll start with a little bit of background on the idea for this tank. Many of you may well be in the same position as me in that your other half is as interested in aquascaping and/or fish keeping as they are being tortured using some medieval contraption. Therefore you can imagine my...
  19. Andy D

    Ammonium Nitrate - toxic or not?

    Hi All, I'm sure Mick or others will correct me if I'm wrong but I believe Tropica Specialised used ammonium nitrate as its nitrogen source? Now my understanding of ammonia/ammonium is that both are present and the amount/toxicity of each depends upon pH and temperature. Therefore what makes...
  20. Andy D

    Question about the Dry Start Method

    Hi All, I have a bits and pieces lying around so have decided to give the DSM a go. My set up consists of a battered P@H 19litre tank, desk lamp with a horrible coloured bulb (too orange for my liking), lava rock and cat litter. My question is this - knowing that the substrate I have set up...
  21. Andy D

    Does CO2 injection cause disease? Thoughts?

    Hi All, Just read a blog from Nathan Hill. What are your thoughts / take on this? http://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk/content.php?sid=6769
  22. Andy D

    Dyson LED anyone?

    OK, so it will be super expensive and may not be ideal for our needs but it is Dyson so should be good right? [emoji4] http://www.dyson.co.uk/lighting/ariel.aspx http://www.dyson.co.uk/lighting/csys.aspx
  23. Andy D

    E.O.T.D - The Mechanics

    Hi All! I have been reading up on the dreaded 'end of tank dump' but I am struggling to understand the mechanics behind what actually happens. Can someone explain please?
  24. Andy D

    High-tech & Low-tech - help with the definition please.

    Hi All, I am having a 'debate' elsewhere (PFK) about what defines a tank as high-tech or low-tech. Now my understanding (and I believe that of UKAPS?) is that the addition of carbon via Glute or CO2 puts a tank in the high-tech category. Clive's post explains all this very well -...
  25. Andy D

    Does this count as Emersed growing?

    Hi All, So I know that Mushroom's are common in a marine set-up but what about freshwater? [emoji1] Should I remove it or leave it a bit longer? I know nothing about mushrooms.
  26. Andy D

    Anyone looking for a Nano LED?

    Hi All, Just thought I would post a link to a nano LED I have just bought in case it will help someone in their search for one. It is a Superfish IQ43 LED - http://www.aquariumonline.co.uk/aquarium_lighting/superfish_lighting/superfish_iq_led_43_light_kit_P3170.html For a while now I have...
  27. Andy D

    Does Bromo Blue need replacing?

    Hi All, Just a general enquiry. As the title asks, does Bromo Blue need to be routinely changed? If so, why? Thanks!
  28. Andy D

    Moss + Yoghurt - not just for aquascapes

    I thought this was quite a cool idea: http://www.earthporm.com/moss-graffiti-coolest-diy-project-ever/
  29. Andy D

    Iain Sutherland in PFK

    Just thought I would say it was nice to see Iain's tanks featured in PFK this month. Nice one! :)
  30. Andy D

    Plant ID Please. :)

    Hi all, I am posting this on behalf of someone on PFK. Can anyone ID this plant? Thanks!
  31. Andy D

    Andy D's Splendid Tank

    Hi All! The tank is not here yet so you'll have to be patient (like me!). However I thought I would add a few details as I miss adding to a blog. First of a little background for those that don't know. Up until a few weeks ago I was running 6 tanks plus a bowl. Here is the blog -...
  32. Andy D

    Do I need to acclimatise plants for a Riparium?

    Hi All, I will be setting up a Riparium in about 5 weeks when my new tanks arrive and I have bought some plants for it today. They are: Peace Lily Maidenhair Fern Ficus Calathea Current plans are to stick these in shower caddies with some clay balls capped with cat litter. I may add some...
  33. Andy D

    Anyone looking for Riparium Planters?

    Hi All, After scouring all the £1 stores for some suitable planters I found these in the ASDA £1 section: It measures 15x8x8.5cm Hope this helps! :)
  34. Andy D

    Substrate For Reparium Planter?

    Hi All, I have a new project underway and it will involve a few planters with emersed growth. My question is - does it matter what substrate is used in the planter? I can see lots of people use hydroton capped with gravel/cat litter. Rather than pay out for hydroton could I just use cat...
  35. Andy D

    Andy D's Tanks

    Disclaimer: if you are reading this in the hope of seeing some high-tech masterpieces then look away now. There is not an external filter or lilly pipe in sight.... :) oh, and there are lots of snails and poor photographs. Enjoy! :D First up is a Superfish Home 25. It is currently home to some...
  36. Andy D

    So how about a glass aquarium with no silicone?

    I was just browsing The Green Machine when I came across this: http://www.thegreenmachineonline.com/shop/aquatics/aquariums-stands/ada-cube-garden-superior-no-silicone/ada-cube-garden-superior-60x30x3 Why get a regular 60-P when you can get this! Anyone gonna get one? :eek:
  37. Andy D

    Any idea what is happening to my Staurogyne Repens?

    Hi All, I am wondering if you can help diagnose what is happening to my Staurogyne Repens. I have lost about 4/5 stems of this now. Each one starts off with the leaves going grey and within 24 hours the whole plant has disintegrated. I don't have any pics I am afraid as I remove the plants...
  38. Andy D

    Fishless Cycling and Hobby Grade Test Kits

    Hi All, This subject crops up quite frequently and whilst I have read the many informative posts I still have a couple of queries. 1. Do hobby grade kits measure zero accurately? Now I have read many of Clive's and Darrel's post about the inaccuracy of kits like the API Freshwater test kit...
  39. Andy D

    Andy D - 2nd Proper Attempt - still learning...

    Hi All, Its probably not worth a journal to be fair but I thought I would document it nonetheless. As the title advises, this is my second attempt at a CO2 injected set-up. The first attempt went well and I achieved my main goals of growing healthy plants and keeping algae at bay. The scape...
  40. Andy D

    Why do we need the drop checker to be green by lights on?

    Hi All, I'm sure there is an easy answer for this that I am not thinking about so apologies in advance. :) Drop checkers are said to be 2 hours behind when it comes to the colour change so I take this to be that what the drop checker shows indicates the pH 2 hours before. CO2 concentrations...
  41. Andy D

    Why dose ferts daily if manufactures advise weekly?

    Hi All, Well the title says it all really. What I am wondering is why we dose our ferts daily when just about every ferts manufacturer advises dosing on a weekly basis? Thanks.
  42. Andy D

    Members Photos - can I use some?

    Hi All, Following on from the thread about UKAPS branded products one suggestion was for a calendar. Personally I would love to have a calendar featuring 12 stunning scapes from UKAPS members (I'm sure I could fill one just from George alone! :) ) so I was wondering if some of you kind souls...
  43. Andy D

    When is the best time to complete a water change?

    Hi All! Currently the photoperiod on my tank is from 4pm to 9pm. CO2 is off from 8pm. I assume it is best to avoid doing a water change during the photo-period as CO2 levels will be compromised. I cannot really do it any earlier as I am at work. Would it be best to do the change after lights out?
  44. Andy D

    Andy D - First proper attempt - name to be decided

    Hi All, I have spent many hours reading the many great posts on this site and have now decided to start a journal on my first 'proper' foray into a high-tech planted tank. Hopefully I have got most of the basics right but I will ALWAYS welcome any feedback whether it be good or bad. Let me...
  45. Andy D

    Using a lid/cover - does this inhibit anything?

    Hi All, Just a random thought today. On just about every tank I see on here no-one has a cover or lid on their tank. Is this just an aesthetics thing or does a lid/cover cause problems. I have a 30 litre nano that is my first foray into a 'proper' planted set-up which has a glass cover and I...
  46. Andy D

    ADA Video - WOW!

    Apologies if this has been seen many times on here but just came across this video - Video : comment entretenir les plus grands aquascapings du monde ? | AQUA-BLOG :)
  47. Andy D

    Hard Water or RO, which is better?

    Hi All, First up some tank details (if it matters): Tank is a 30litre nano (Fluval Ebi) that is currently planted with Eleocharis Acicularis in a cat litter substrate. Hard scape is Lava Rock. I have set up a FECO2 system running at about 2bps and drop checker is darkish green. I dose TNC...
  48. Andy D

    Do I need to increase bubble rate or be patient?

    Hi All, I have just set up a FECO2 system and I currently have it set to 1bps. At the moment there is water in the ceramic diffuser and this also runs about 6inches up the tubing. At the moment there is no CO2 coming out of the diffuser. Do I just need to be patient and wait for enough...
  49. Andy D

    Setting up a bubble counter

    Hi All, I am in the process of getting a pressurised CO2 system together and have bought this set from Aqua Essentials - http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/neutro-co2-diffuser-set-100l-p-5434.html I know how to set everything up (I have also ordered the remaining parts - regulator etc) but I am...
  50. Andy D

    Hi All!

    Hi All, My name is Andy (seems obvious right! :)). For those of you that use PFK forum I am Plasticfantastic. I have been back into fishkeeping for just over a year now and I currently have 6 tanks as listed in my signature. For those that cannot see this I have 2 Juwel Rio 125s, 2 Superfish...