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  1. glenn

    Plant ID please.

    This came with my riccia and has continued to grow despite being tied to fossalised rock. i think it it glosso :?: (sorry for such a big image, i wasent asked what size i wanted when i uploaded it :s)
  2. glenn

    Aquatic Magic has malicious software???

    hi, just been on Aquatic Magic and my browser bought up a warning message saying its a site that has been reported as an attack site :?: :?: just thought i would let others know incase you dont get warning. :)
  3. glenn

    TTEX1200 flow with equipement?

    hi, how much do you think the flow on a TetraTec EX1200 will be reduced by putting a Hydor external heater on the inflow and a Aquamedic 1000 reactor on the outflow? enought to leave me needing another filter in a 180L even with a korila 1?
  4. glenn

    fissidens and liquid co2

    i have read that when liquid co2 is used with fissidens it has negative effects on it. im particularly interested in the effects on fissidens fontanus? can anyone confirm this? thanks.
  5. glenn

    Glenns 15L Nano Iwagumi Journal (lots of pics)

    hello, this is my first propper fully commited planted tank,(i have kept plants but they were just thrown in) i was tired of waiting to get the stuff i need for my 180L so in the mean time i thought i will set up a nano and i had most of the stuff needed for it any way :mrgreen: specs tank-...
  6. glenn

    how are these plants with liquid co2?

    Marsilea hirsuta Eleocharis parvula i will be using easycarbo? any bad experience between easycarbo and thses plants? :thumbup: thanks for any help
  7. glenn

    Glenn's Propagator.

    so i have had a propagator sitting round for a while, and befor i set my tank up i think its a good idea to see if i can grow my own platns emersed so nearer the time i dont need to buy as many when it comes to planting if i allready have a few. its a normal 40x25x25cm heated propagator. i wont...
  8. glenn

    co2 inline reactor.

    i want to get a inline reactor and was looking on ebay. has any one used one of these and is it a cheaper version of the aquamedic 1000 reactor :arrow...
  9. glenn

    my first time aquascaping!

    well i have had the manzi wood for a day now and all the while i have been dry scaping with it. here are some pics of what i have come up with, bare in mind its my first ever time aquascaping, and some constructive feedback is very welcome. 1 2 3 4 5 6 which one do you think is best as...
  10. glenn

    got my new lights :D

    well they are here! i ordered them on tuesday and they arrived this morning from germany, so quite fast considering the distance. they are 100cm long and 117 watts, can either be held by brackets or hanging from the celing. (both supplied) the reflectors that come with it look half decent also...
  11. glenn

    Cheap Aquasoil

    just thought i would post this site incase any one is after cheap AS. it has the whole aquasoil range.-e.g. ADA aquasoil amozonia 9L for $28 - as a pose to £33! :shock: but i dont know how much the postage would be :)
  12. glenn

    The Green Machine UKAPS visit

    just found this on youtube, maby most of you have seen it , (maby one of you posted it.:?:) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8-WCumOKKQ&feature=related enjoy!
  13. glenn

    got my water report!

    i sent an email to severn trent asking for a few specific chemical meausements...i got 4 pages of about 140 diferent chemicals from my water :| -some i have never heared of-e.g-Hexachlorobutadiene and methabenzthiazuron :shock: -(scrabble eat your hear out :lol: ) i did get some usefull...
  14. glenn

    what lighting do you recomend?

    im looking for new lights for my juwel rio 180. atm i have 2 30W t8's giving me 1.3 WPG i think :roll: and im looking for 2-2.5 WPG. what is good?
  15. glenn

    Extreme fishing-Robson Green

    just finished watching this weeks program and in next weeks it showed him catching a massave (35lb+) red tailed catfish! juat show how big these fish rely get and made me wonder why they are still in the aquarium trade when they get so big and un-keepable. allthough i was reading in pfk about...
  16. glenn

    can i grow HC?

    atm i have a pair of t8's on my juwel rio 180, 60W in total. is this enough to grow HC. i also have a FE co2 set up and good flow. thanks in advance.
  17. glenn

    Manzanita Driftwood

    does any one have a link to where i can buy this, i have recently 'discovered' it and i think its wonderful, it also soud cheaper than redmoor from what i have read but i cant find any where that sells it?
  18. glenn

    what plant is this?

    sorry no pic...just imagination :wink: its a bulb plant. vivid green. max length about 2M (79") at its peak of growth. dies of during winter and grows back again when warmer. leaves/vines are about 2cm acros. its not a demanding plant as i have no co2 and low lighting. thanks in advance :P
  19. glenn

    open top tank condensation

    will an open top tank cause condensation in the room it is in... my mum thinks my tank is the reason for condensation on ALL the window in the whole house :? i suppose some water will evaporate slowly then condense on a cold surface but not to the point where it is noticable round the whole...
  20. glenn

    what does it mean?

    what does the "A-number" mean on the green macnines redmoor root wood eg "A16" :?
  21. glenn

    how much WPG should i have?

    ATM i have 60 watts for 40 gallons-so 1.5WPG and i wanted to know if this is enough to grow plants like:- limnophila bacopa caroliniana echinodorus barthii vesicularia sagitaria subulata and heteranthera zosterifolia thanks in advance :)
  22. glenn

    what is a high-tec aquarium

    hi, i was just wondering what a aquarium needs to be deemed 'high-tec' :?: thanks in advance! :)
  23. glenn

    contrast of colours

    i just wanted people opinions on what they think will look best- in my rio 180 i instaled the juwel 3D stone granit background http://www.juwel-aquarium.de/en/motive_background_stone494.htm and with the tank came the usual natural gravel...
  24. glenn

    t5 or t8

    i bought a juwel rio second hand with a t8 lighting unit...and i want to buy some new lights but dont know if the light unit is t5 or t8.... :( does any one know how i can tell the difference...(if this helps)the circumfrence of the lights on it now are 3" :| thnkas in advance
  25. glenn

    all in one fertilizer

    does any one know a liquid fertilizer that has all the good stuff in it :wink: ...im the sort of person who dosent want loads of bottles in my fish tank cabinet with different dosing quantitys and measurments that could be so easily messed up. :| im just looking for a good bottle of liquid...
  26. glenn

    killer shrimp?

    in my 60litre comunity aquarium i have a freshwater shrimp(one angel,5 glass cats,small plec) given to my by a friend when he broke his tank, and a couple of days ago i found one of my glass catfish dead :cry: ...(could be the angel you say) thats what i thought until i seen that the glass cat...
  27. glenn

    help with circulation

    i have a juwel rio 180 (not yet running) :evil: and have just been reading george farmers article on algae. one of the reasons he says for getting algae is poor circulation. this got me wondering if i had enough circulation. so my question is 'will my standard juwel bio compact (big black box...
  28. glenn

    aquaticmagic mosses/cresses

    hi, can any one explain to me why when aquaticmagic say that (for example) flame moss is extremely hardy, withstands fluctuating water chemistry and no co2 is needed but charege you allmost $10 for 2x2" :shock:...is it just me that finds this very expencive for 2x2 inches of flame moss, or am i...
  29. glenn

    co2 fire extinguisher

    very very roughly (i know it depends on tank size,bubbles per second,and if its on at night ect ect)how long would a 5kg co2 fire extingusher last in a 180 aquarium?