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  1. jorge_pt

    Nature 40

    Nature 40 Ecosystem with 40cm, extra clear glass aquarium, with invisible finishing, hang on filter and led lighting system of 10w 6500k. The ecosystem was created with Frodo stone, selected roots and Aquaflora aquatic plants; carpet plants (Micranthemum species 'Monte Carlo' and Eleocharis...
  2. jorge_pt

    White Clean

    Title: White Clean Dimensions:60/40/40
  3. jorge_pt

    Clod of earth

    Clod of earth Setup:60/40/45 Fishes guppies; Boraras merah Invertebrates red and wild cherries Plants: Ludwigia Arcuata; Ludwigia sp Mini Super Red; Hygrophila Araguaia; Hidrocotyle verticillata; hydrocotyle leucocephala; Higrophyla pinnatifidia; anubia nana; Vesicularia montagnei and...
  4. jorge_pt


    Setup are: tank: 60/40/40 light: 3x24w Filter: classic 2213 Flora: Eleocharis mini parvula, Eleocharis parvula,Eleocharis vivipara, Hemianthus micranthemoides and Hydrocotyle sp."Japan" R8zYzhryHMg The Material Opinions pls...
  5. jorge_pt

    Rivage from Portugal

    Hello I m from Portugal! I have 16 years old, and I m love to shape my aquarium! sorry for my bad and poor english! now my aquarium! setup: Aquarium: 120©x40(l)x46(a) ½ water change per week Lighting :DIy 4 x 54w t5 warming: 1x 300w Filters 1 external filter: Fluval 404 Hardscape: 2 red...