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    Another go to planted tank but ... with DSM

    Hey guys, I will begin with : Tank spec : 10US gallons ( All glass ) LxDxH : 20x10-1/2x12 Filtration : Fluval 205 Lights : 15 watts at first, I can bump it up to 30w if needed Substrate : Flora base ( red sea) CO2 : none but will be using seachem flourish excel Fertilizer : I wil be asking...
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    "Seeking stability" Strolgen's tank

    First post here :D I love this journal section so I thought I would participate. I'm still a newby in growing plants (after a year ) and still doing the same errors over and over again ! :roll: Well it does not matter, I'm happy with the result. :wink: This set up was suppose to be low...