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  1. Lozbug

    VGA / DVI Swicthbox

    Need some help..... been challenged (from work IT) to find a VGA/DVI Switch Box and i am really struggling to find exactly what is needed....! needs to look something like this: http://www.cdlmicro.co.uk/html/show_product.php/pid/325 basically a box with a switch on! Needs min: Input 1 x VGA...
  2. Lozbug

    Alice Cooper

    Saw Alice Cooper last week, very good! i only knew 2 songs, Poison (which i LOVE!) and Schools Out, but was good show, very theatrical, he died like 5 times lol Only had camera phone, but still - couple pics.
  3. Lozbug

    The kindness of strangers.

    i had a flat tyre tonight on my way home, and 1. i cannot change a tyre, 2. i couldn't even get the spare out as no tools! So, as it's a company car, i called the Distribution Manager who went and found the Transport Manager to help me, and as i was on the phone a guy pulls over to see if i am...
  4. Lozbug

    New Puppy

    We have a new addition to the house! Our 10 week old Akita 'Grace' She was born in Wood Green Animal Rescue, Her mother was rescued from Ireland - being used for puppy farming. She's so cute, happy, fluffy and just EEEE!!!! lol Tia (2 yr old Akita) and Bingo (12 yr old Boxer) have accepted...
  5. Lozbug


    Saw U2 in Cardiff last night, very good! stage was amazing, and crowd loved it all! They did my fave track 'With or Without You' Had The Hours (which we missed due to super heavy traffic!) and Glasvegas (bit rubbish....tbh) as support.
  6. Lozbug

    WWII Weekend - Falmouth

    Went to Pendennis Castle today for a WWII event. Was a scorching day, got sunburned!!! we saw a spitfire display (amazing!) lots of weapons, cars, bikes, talks etc and there was a parachute jump... 4 guys drop on to the green, lol, well this one guy lands, and starts skidding towards us... I...
  7. Lozbug

    Heath Ledger Dead

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/7203797.stm am shocked :( suspected OD on sleeping pills
  8. Lozbug


    i am a big lover of concerts!!! and am so please i just got Gold Circle tickets for Bon Jovi @ Bristol next june. :) :) :) :)
  9. Lozbug

    Live Lounge

    we have Radio One on in the office so we get to here live lounge - dont know if anyone else heard this weeks, Leona Lewis was in, her cover was beautiful!!! listen to it here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/noscript.sht ... iley_leona open the link (a second window will open with radio one live...