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  1. sa80mark

    Entry Level DSLR

    Agree with big tom, I was all set on getting a nikon d5200 but when I went to the shop and had a play with it, it just didnt feel right in my hands so I had a play with the canons and they just felt right so I would advise nipping down to your local camera shop and see which you prefer :)
  2. sa80mark

    A few recent landscapes

    Not been on much lately due to working away but I've nipped on and seen this post and I've just spent half hour drooling at your pics, simply superb mate :)
  3. sa80mark

    which used dslr

    Im really glad you said that as one of the retailers ive got bookmaered is hdew and a quick google searched gave them quite favourable reviews so that definitely puts my mind at ease :) they currently have the Nikon D5100 + 18-55mm + 55-300mm Double Kit at £465 which is a bloody bargin and...
  4. sa80mark

    which used dslr

    Thanks nybraby, Ive not yet bought the camera as a job came up and im working away again but on the plis side ive now got some more pennies in my budget so it now stands at around £500 soim going to wait for the January sales and see if I can pick up a deal on new d5100 After a lot of...
  5. sa80mark


    Garden tiger moth I think ? Arctia cuja
  6. sa80mark

    which used dslr

    Brilliant thanks tom :) Big help as always :)
  7. sa80mark

    which used dslr

    As advised ive been searching and looking into the nikon d5100 and am set on it now :) and am just about to buy one ( body only) so the next thing is lenses, from what ive been able to gather there are 4 main "must have" lenses Sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX Macro Nikon AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 55-200mm...
  8. sa80mark

    which used dslr

    Thanks chaps :) the video isnt important to me but I suppose its a nice handy feature to have, also the flip screen appeals, I can see where that would come in very useful, I take the point on the ageing d80 and think it maybe is just a bit to outdated I also like the idea of cmos sensor on the...
  9. sa80mark

    which used dslr

    Ive spent the last month looking into dslr cameras basically when it comes to photogarphy im a complete beginner, im pretty sure im going to buy a used camera for obvious reasons and I think im fairly set on a nikon, this is from the no end of reviews ive read, from what ive gathered nikons are...
  10. sa80mark

    Members Photos - can I use some?

    Damn fine idea foxfish :)
  11. sa80mark

    A few of my favorite things

    Very impressive, the one of cormorant with the perch is stunning
  12. sa80mark

    Golitha Falls

    Thanks tom, Its another one to look into, I only started properly looking into cameras last night so still a lot to learn all I know is im really interested in learning more and would like to do some astronomy photography as astronomy is a part time hobby of mine so I need a capable but...
  13. sa80mark

    Golitha Falls

    Just out of interest what camera are you using tom ?
  14. sa80mark

    Golitha Falls

    Very very nice tom, one day I will learn how to take proper photos
  15. sa80mark

    Pearl Gourami.

    Very underated fish and a great picture, makes me want to get a proper camera :)