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  1. sa80mark


    Im a big believer in if theres no obvious reason for the algae in a pond then leave it and it will clear a few months back I had algae for the first time in about 4 years all I did was manually remove as much as I could reach and see and within in a month it was gone, I dont know anywhere near...
  2. sa80mark

    garden pond coming to life

    Ive got my first lily flower of the year :)
  3. sa80mark

    Goldfish at top of pond

    Sounds like normal behaviour to me, my fish do the same generally when the weather is nicer and the water temp increases
  4. sa80mark

    Blanket weed

    I had a blanket weed problem a few years back and the best method for me was to manually remove as much as possible and then use a product called goodbye blanket weed by nishikoi, it was really effective for me strangely as you say my blanket weed problem came after a filter upgrade to Mark
  5. sa80mark

    garden pond coming to life

    Ive just been out to my pond doing a bit tidying up and ive got 3 frogs and 7 newts all happily swimming around fingers crossed ill soon be finding baby newts :)