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  1. sa80mark

    anti condensation treatment ??

    Ive just seen a post by tim t in this thread Aquarium Liquid Glass nano coating from Germany | Page 2 | UK Aquatic Plant Society And just thought id spit ball this idea Im a motorcyclist and I use a product called cat crap, its a wax visor treatment that you rub on then polish off it is...
  2. sa80mark

    under tank mat, what are they and were to buy ?

    Apologies if this is in the wrong section I couldnt find anywhere it fitted Does anyone know what th3 tank mats are made from ? The sort you get with dennerle tanks etc, are they foam, neoprene ? Also does anyone have any idea when I can buy some in white ? Mark
  3. sa80mark

    cant decide which ada tank

    Ive been away working very hard and have decided to treat my to an ada tank but im having a massive problem deciding on which one to go for, its either a 60p or 60f I know the 60p lends itself to a wider choice in scaping and fish etc but the 60f looks superb and seems to be a real chalange with...
  4. sa80mark

    custom aquarium glass thickness

    Im planning on getting a custom tank built im going for an optiwhite possibly 36x18x18 my question is should i go for 8mm or 10mm thick according to possidons aquarium builder 8mm gives a safety factor of 4 im just a bit concerned 8mm is slightly on the thin side Any help would be greatly...
  5. sa80mark

    custom aquarium

    Im looking into getting a custom aquarium and cant decide on optiwhite glass or standard. Ive never seen an optiwhite tank so dont know how much difference it really makes. Is optiwhite really worth the extra money ? Mark