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  1. Moss Man

    120cm - Harlequins' Haven

    Very nice picture George...
  2. Moss Man

    My new scape named Variance.Sneaky pre-ADA peak.

    Re: My new scape named Variance. Very nice tank.
  3. Moss Man


    Congratulations Peter! Definitely well deserved!
  4. Moss Man

    How/Where did you hear about

    I heard from George and Tom Barr, when the idea of UKAPS was first introduced on TFF.
  5. Moss Man

    Jimbooo's 450L / 100G high tech journal

    That was some very bad algae! But now it looks great, I like the algae which coats the wood, it looks very natural.
  6. Moss Man

    Lilies in a heated conservatory

    Great pics. The lilies are spectacular, if only I had my own heated victorian conservatory...
  7. Moss Man

    Echinodorus latifolius

    When I grew E. latifolius, I simply removed the largest leaves from the plants and then let new smaller leaves grow, if you do this frequently the plant seems to become more compact.
  8. Moss Man

    dkH drops with time?

    Yes, biogenic decalcification I believe, Vallis is a typical plant species which use this.
  9. Moss Man

    Some of my best photos

    Great pictures and a lovely tank you have their. I love the contrast between the pale sand and the black background, I think it enhances the green on the plants. I know what you mean, although really fish stores should be able to tell C. sterbai and C. trillineatus apart, however I can...
  10. Moss Man

    A Few Pics from my Low Tech Tanks

    You have some brilliant tanks, I especially like the 90 litre. You also have a very nice cory collection, can I ask how much the C. weitzmani cost?
  11. Moss Man

    The Gaze of Solemnity.

    Very impressive, I love those rocks, there aren't any good rocks where I live... You seem to have a very similar choice of plants to me, in my next tank, most of the plants you mention I will be keeping.
  12. Moss Man

    James3200s 6.5x2x2' planted tank - UPDATE - 26/06/09

    The growth of the E. tennelus is just amazing, so dense and tall. The whole tank would look better with a group of Altums.
  13. Moss Man

    Sam's now to be high light 20g

    That looks brilliant sam, your best yet IMO. The L. repens is cool too.
  14. Moss Man

    ADA gallery

    I must have seen the ADA gallery all the way through from all the different videos and pictures, but I still never tire of seeing them.
  15. Moss Man

    George's 80cm - final shots

    I agree, surely some algae can look like lichen on mountain rocks, you dont get many rocks in nature which are surrounded by plants but with no life directly on them.
  16. Moss Man

    George's 80cm - final shots

    Those are brilliant pics. The fine detail you have in your tank, makes it so very natural.
  17. Moss Man

    30cm - Little Mountain

    Looks good already, especially the downoi between the rocks which is in a very healthy condition. Should be great to see mature. Hmm, seeing as the space is at the back I'm guessing the mystery plant might be quite a high growing foreground plant, but I know you wont give anything away. I also...
  18. Moss Man

    Scape vote!

    I also agree with Dan, the arrangement in scape 1 looks more natural and the wood and rocks interact with each other and seem to complement each other in my view.
  19. Moss Man

    Marks 120cm Bay Fronted Jungle "A 5 Year Work In Progress"

    Very green and jungle like, it's pretty good. The thing I love about stems is their versatility, if you dont prune for a while you have a jungle, although just after pruning you have a neat dutch or nature aquarium scape. For now though, you can enjoy the jungle.
  20. Moss Man

    120cm - Harlequins' Haven

    Very Nice, it's good to see a low-maintenance layout since the old 125l scape. I love the wood too, do you think it would look be better if you put a bit of moss on the wood? It might give it a more aged appearance, although it wouldn't look as effective if completely covered in moss, just in...
  21. Moss Man

    Welsh Mountains...A Distant Echo.

    I love the way the plants grow around the rocks, it looks very natural. Brilliant.
  22. Moss Man

    30cm - Little Mountain

    I love the glass ware you have in the nano, they fit perfectly. Nice rocks too. I can't wait to see this new plant. If it contends with the likes of HC, UG or downoi then I'll sure be getting my hands on it as soon as it is released.
  23. Moss Man

    My new scape named Variance.Sneaky pre-ADA peak.

    Great hardscape, this is going to be brilliant.
  24. Moss Man

    Volcanic Slopes... 10G Journal...

    Great tank CJ, when it grows in it should look sweet. I have a load of HC, Corin which I'm growing emersed, I can give you some if you want.
  25. Moss Man

    200 litre Journal...

    Looking good Corin, I'm looking forward to seeing it this weekend.
  26. Moss Man

    emergent plants

    You could try Lilaeopsis macloviana, I have grown these emerged and mine were very thin and stretch up to about 12". I've found them very fast and easy to grow, plus they didn't seem to need any humidity on the emergent leaves at all. Tropica stock it too.
  27. Moss Man

    I won!

    Thanks everyone! Maybe UKAPs is just lucky. Now, they'll be hundreds of people signing onto the UKAPS forum thinking their chances in the lottery have increased. And well done Martin on getting the subscription.
  28. Moss Man

    I won!

    I just recieved an e-mail from Matt Clarke telling me I'd won a Rena Aqualife 100 aquarium from the Goldfish bowl in Oxford! It's worth upto £400 and has a volume of around 240 litres! I have actually won something!! And already I'm planning for it to be a lowish tech planted tank. The great...
  29. Moss Man

    Journal Project Waterfall

    This looks very promising... Grasses and ferns, sounds good.
  30. Moss Man

    Filter media

    You could try peat fibres or peat granules, various companies sell media like this, including Ehiem.
  31. Moss Man

    Last Night`s Snow Storm...

    Great picture Dave, I'd like to go to North Wales again sometime soon, perhaps later this year.
  32. Moss Man

    All hail the nerite snail

    Yes, as far as I know all nerites have pretty much the same algae eating abilities. They definitely are good algae chompers, however keep check of CO2 as if it goes down too much they will easily die, also make sure the water is not too acidic. When I had my 2 (RIP) I actually found them quite...
  33. Moss Man

    Seen anything like this before??

    It might be worth trying to get some help from one of the specialist puffer forums like The Puffer Forum I'm sure there are many people on there who will be willing to help you out, and there are many who keep T. baileyi. Very cool puffer BTW, I hope its condition improves.
  34. Moss Man

    Garden in January...

    He has lots of chickens. Way over 50, and they have such a nice place to live too with lots of space and things to eat. When you drive into his house there are chickens everywhere, its mad, but cool.
  35. Moss Man

    AE have Tropica plants back!

    Aqua essentials never did this when I ordered, I nearly always get one pot of each species (maybe 2 or 3) and then grow them on if I want more. It's great Richard is stocking plants agian, I'll be making an order or 2 soonish.
  36. Moss Man

    Garden in January...

    Very nice Macros Corin, well done, I also love the picture of the sky.
  37. Moss Man

    Sneak preview of my 120cm

    I'm looking forward for these top secret plants, although I guess I'll have to wait for May. George, do you know of any UK tropica stockists which are likely to stock the new plants soon after Tropica release them?
  38. Moss Man

    Money well spent

    If you think your spending too much on the hobby just compare it to reefkeepers, that always makes me feel better.
  39. Moss Man

    World's cruelest planted aquarium!!!

    Poor fish, imagine having to live in a condom... actually don't imagine it...
  40. Moss Man

    Akadama - A cheap substrate

    Perfect! I was just about to ask JamesC where his local bonsai nursery is, as I'm from Kent and into Bonsai trees but have found it pretty difficult to find a decent bonsai nursery. By the looks of the trees in the gallery, this guy knows what he's doing. It's an added bonus that they sell...
  41. Moss Man

    UG - Utricularia graminifolia

    As I've heard so many people complaining about planting UG, when I setup my next tank I'll probably grow it emersed in the substrate before hand. I think it is one of those plants which isn't really meant to be aquatic, so many have great difficulties in growing it.
  42. Moss Man

    George farmer gives up the planted tank hobby!

    Is there any way to vote for both?!
  43. Moss Man

    Fish from my 125litre

    Nice tank and fish Fred. The fish look great with that big Echinodors as a backdrop.
  44. Moss Man

    UKaps Aquascaping Tools

    I'll definitely get a set, I've always been meaning to get a scaping kit, but never have, more the better that the proceeds go to UKAPS.
  45. Moss Man

    Fine White Sand (Rio Negro)

    I just got an e-mail back from them and they said that the sand doesn't buffer the tank at all, in fact Chris told me he had used it with softwater fish. I've never been to STM as I don't really keep marine fish, but maybe I'll go there later on. Cheers, Mike
  46. Moss Man

    Juwel Rio 180

    I would definitely go for a custom made one, mainly as you can make it to whatever your specifications, and a lot of tank setups (if all) aren't entirely suitable for plants without modifying. Obviously the opti-white high clarity, bracelless, rimless, minimalist tanks on ADA stands with hanging...
  47. Moss Man

    Fine White Sand (Rio Negro)

    I've just e-mailed them, so I just have to wait for a reply...
  48. Moss Man

    What South American Plants

    Java moss and Riccia are asian (Java moss comes from Java), I think Tropica label them as cosmopolitan in which case they come up in South america, if you want quite a strict biotope, do not include these in your setup.
  49. Moss Man

    Fine White Sand (Rio Negro)

    Thanks for the link andy, I think the fourth one down on the first link looks quite suitable, although I'm slightly worried that it may have some sort of buffering capacities as it looks as if it is designed for the marine aquarium. It could still be good for atleats 2 of my tanks:- a brackish...
  50. Moss Man

    Fine White Sand (Rio Negro)

    For a few of my aquascapes and biotopes I hope to create in the future I want a very fine white powdery sand. It's meant to be a sort of Rio Negro type sand. The ADA catologue has 'Rio Negro Sand' in the substrate section and this is exactly what I'm looking for. Although Aqua essentials don't...
  51. Moss Man

    Supporting UKAPS?

    Sounds good....[/youtube]
  52. Moss Man

    DIY Project DIY ADA 60cm Tank and Stand Project

    Neat. that's a good cabinet...
  53. Moss Man

    Any skateboarders around here?

    I also live in a rural area, and that is part of the reason I always went to skate parks. It seems a bit stupid travelling far just to go on the street. I also mainly went to the paying skate parks, a lot less dodgy people there, and the ramps are better and you have more space. The only...
  54. Moss Man

    Any skateboarders around here?

    Well actually it was the BMXers that I normally had the problem with even though I go on my BMX from time to time. There is this skatepark near me and there is one part designed for skaters and the other designed for bikes. All the guys on BMX's came into the skate section and a bike takes up a...
  55. Moss Man

    Almost complete 3' ADA

    Very nice, have you had any luck with your galaxies breeding?
  56. Moss Man

    Problems logging in

    This was the same for me, but as soon as I changed to Firefox, it seemed to stop completely.
  57. Moss Man

    Photo available: Hagen Black River Sand and Tropica sizes

    Thanks for that, I've just ordered some Tropica substrate, so it is interesting to see what it'll be like.
  58. Moss Man

    This is my final rescape.. I promise!!

    I like it. Now you just have to watch it grow...
  59. Moss Man

    I just love this - for all cat lovers

    Ha ha, superb video.
  60. Moss Man

    Any skateboarders around here?

    Me and C J Castle used to skate. I was never any good at street skating, I always prefered Skate parks, and dropping in on vert ramps and doing big airs. I also liked halfpipes. Now I snowboard, and it is indescribably fun. It's a lot different to skating, but IMO so much better, the problem is...
  61. Moss Man

    Bamboo shrimp

    I was planning on getting some of these for my specialised river tank. The water gets cycled roughly 20 times per hour. They like a lot of flow I think. They also do better in established tanks as there is enough floating particles in the water to generally sustain them. However you can...
  62. Moss Man

    Who's Entered AGA?

    Ahh the suspense is killing me now. The site says Sunday the 4th and I've been checking up on it throughout the day. Goodluck to those of you who entered.
  63. Moss Man

    Help for a newbie!!!

    HC will grow on courser substrates, but it will take more time and will be far harder to plant.
  64. Moss Man

    Hardscape Help

    That's exactly what I thought... I really like the scape, it will be interesting to see it transform with the addition of plants. I try not get too carried away with moss, if you have too much I don't think it works as well, a few areas with some moss is good. Cheers, Mike
  65. Moss Man

    What do you think?

    Nice scape, but like the others it just needs a little tinkering. I also like the rocks very much. How are you going to find a peice of redmoore wood small enough for this tank?
  66. Moss Man

    Growing plants like HC and glosso without adding nutrients

    Is it possible to have a 'high-tech' setup which you are able to grow demanding plants such as HC, Glossostigma and C. helferi with only supplying nutrients from tap water and a nutritious substrate.? Whenever people grow plants like HC, although sometimes we don't add macro nutrients (like...
  67. Moss Man

    Probably the best toy in the world...

    Guess who else has got one of these as well... They are great fun, but I managed to break the tail propellor straight away and used the replacement.
  68. Moss Man

    120cm NA

    I sooo want that plant...
  69. Moss Man

    Supporting UKAPS?

    This all sounds very good, I'd certainly be interested in the scaping tools as well as some stickers.
  70. Moss Man

    Filters and pumps

    I'm looking forward to seeing this pond, Corin... :)
  71. Moss Man

    Zebra danios

    Zebra Danios are nice fish, I have Danio Kyathit which is my favourite danio, although it ends to grow a bit larger. I also have the vietnamese minnow, Tanichthys micagammae, the advantage I can see with this fish is its small size, but maybe Zebra Danios would be a better option as they are...
  72. Moss Man

    master soli

    It would be very interesting to see this...
  73. Moss Man

    Where to get Aquasoil (9l)

    I have also been tring to get ADA amazonia aquasoil, I have contacted Aqua essentilas, so hopefully he'll get some in.
  74. Moss Man

    Vallisneria nana - any experience

    V. nana has much thiner, slender leaves than V. spiralis.
  75. Moss Man

    Vallisneria nana - any experience

    I've found that my leaves are about 20". I grow it in hardwater with no CO2 and no ferts with less than 1WPG, it grows well in Onyx sand.
  76. Moss Man

    Nick's ADA 90 cm

    Looks brilliant, it already looks like it has grown. Who knows how great it will look when it has matured.
  77. Moss Man

    ADA 2007 party event from Japan

    I'll just order one now...
  78. Moss Man

    Neil's 60cm Nature Aquarium on YouTube

    Really good video, it shows your tank very well.
  79. Moss Man

    Hemianthus micranthemoides growth rate....

    Yeah, that was me, and it did grow slowly. Takashi Amano uses it in a lot of his scapes and they normally grow fast :roll: Cheers, Mike
  80. Moss Man

    Discus EGGS!

    Congratulations, you must feel great. As far as I know most Discus discard of their eggs on their first few spawnings so it should be soon that they'll get it right, perhaps it would be better to separate them. Cheers, Mike
  81. Moss Man


    Hopefully me (Michael Lawson) and Corin Castle should come along. Sounds good...
  82. Moss Man

    Probably the best toy in the world...

    I got to get me one of those!
  83. Moss Man

    cryptocoryne wendtii

    My Crypt Wendtii also started off with green leaves, I think the greener leaves are new growth, as the leaves mature they seem to turn different shades of brown.
  84. Moss Man


    I had 5 Amano shrimp, and they seemed to be doing well, they shed their skin frequently (which is a good sign), but sadly they all died within a few days. Later I realsised it was the Flourish excel I was dosing, which kills them. A while ago I bought 2 more (and stopped dosing excel), they seem...
  85. Moss Man

    In praise of Otos!

    They are great litlle characters, my otos (RIP) never seemed to eat filamentous algae, maybe they were just lazy.
  86. Moss Man

    Aquarium Plant Paradise

    I need to start getting some aquajournals. I will look into your recommendations Graeme.
  87. Moss Man


    I will have to try this stuff, it sounds great!
  88. Moss Man

    Weeping moss

    I have also just got this moss. Did you attach it so that there was only one layer without the moss from overlapping? This causes the moss underneath to die as it doesn't receive any light or water flow. It is a great moss though.